Mumbai University students to use the smartphone for first online exam: Report

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October 3, 2020: For the first time, a total of 69% of final-year students will appear for Mumbai University exams from their homes using their smartphones, a report suggests. 

The final year examinations of Mumbai University are scheduled to be held on Thursday, October 8, 2020. Meanwhile, a survey was conducted to track the entire process of online exams to be held for Mumbai University. 

The question format will generate instantaneous results and will submit it to their respective Mumbai colleges for final processing. It is recorded to be the first time when students will be giving examinations from their homes in Mumbai. 

45% of the institutes and colleges of Mumbai will use video monitoring during the examination to ensure the smooth commencement of the exam. The examination will consist of multiple-choice questions. 

The principal of Mumbai University affiliated college said," We have outsourced the conduct of the examination to Biyani Technologies Solutions and they are taking care of the proctoring part while the institution is monitoring". 

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The survey also captured the type of technologies used by the institute and whether or not they will provide a video proctor for the commencement of the examination.

The desktop Computers will be used by 23% of registered students for the examination. According to the Principal of an affiliated college, "We are using Google Forms for taking the exam and proctoring via Google Meet and Google Classroom." 

Serval colleges in Mumbai will be using Google Forms and Applications for the commencement of the examination. Among all other application, Google forms will be used by the institutes the most.

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The university dean of a college said, "These findings are representative of all MU colleges. We do feel that despite the fact that MU did not insist on web proctoring, as data connectivity varies for the entire landscape of college, many that are in the city are video proctoring the exam".

As per the engineering colleges, they will be using one particular software for the examination. 

The freedom of choice has been given to the universities. They can choose from the respective learning management system or any other technology of their choice.

The principal of a Mumbai engineering college said, "On Tuesday night, engineering college principals were called for an urgent meeting and informed they were free to use any technology for conducting the exam. Money paid to mUni Pariksha would be refunded to the colleges".

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