NEET UG 2020: NTA Releases Question Papers; Read How to Download and Get Direct Link Here

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NEET UG 2020 question paper PDFs have been released by NTA on their official website. Read the article to know which question papers have been released and get the direct link to check here.

When OMR and recorded replies are published, this will help students match their responses.

So far, the National Testing Agency ( NTA) has published the NEET UG 2020 question papers in all languages at

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Today, the NEET exam organising body has published 21 PDF files on, i.e. October 01, 2020.

This release of question papers is a strong indicator that the OMR sheets and recorded answers will soon be released by NTA as well.

This is because students will need to match the question papers with recorded responses, so papers have been first published.

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Although students are permitted after the exam to carry the question papers out of the exam hall, they are often misplaced or damaged during travel or at home afterwards.

Even those learners who have their papers safely in hand are intrigued by the publication of today's paper as it brings them one step closer to getting the OMR sheets and responses.

And that also means that the NEET UG 2020 Result is near as well.

Candidates should refer to the code provided in their question paper at the time of matching responses with official response keys.

There are the same questions in all the question papers, but in a different order.

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NEET UG 2020 Question Papers

NTA has published the following question paper PDFs on

  1. NEET QP 2020 KANHA English E1F1G1H1
  2. NEET QP 2020 ANKHA English E2F2G2H2
  3. NEET QP 2020 NAKHA English E3F3G3H3
  4. NEET QP 2020 HAKAN English E4F4G4H4
  5. NEET QP 2020 AKANH English E5F5G5H5
  6. NEET QP 2020 KHANA English E6F6G6H6
  7. NEET Qp 2020 KANHA English & Hindi E1F1G1H1
  8. NEET QP 2020 ANKHA English & Hindi E2F2G2H2
  9. NEET QP 2020 NAKHA English & Hindi E3F3G3H3
  10. NEET QP 2020 HAKAN English & Hindi E4F4G4H4
  11. NEET QP 2020 HAKAN English & Hindi E4F4G4H4
  12. NEET QP 2020 Telugu E2F2G2H2
  13. NEET QP 2020 Gujarati E6F6G6H6
  14. NEET QP 2020 Marathi E3F3G3H3
  15. NEET QP 2020 Tamil E4F4G4H4
  16. NEET QP 2020 Bengali E5F5G5H5
  17. NEET QP 2020 Kannada E1F1G1H1
  18. NEET QP 2020 Odia E3F3G3H3
  19. NEET QP 2020 AKANH Urdu E5
  20. NEET QP 2020 AKANH Urdu F5
  21. NEET QP 2020 AKANH Urdu G5

How to Get NEET UG 2020 Question Papers?

Candidates should follow the following steps in order to get NEET UG 2020  question papers from the official website:

Step 1: Visit the official website of NEET UG 2020

Step 2: Click on the desired question [paper you wish to download from the table on the left side of the page

Step 3: A PDF File of the question paper will appear in a new tab

Step 4: Download the question paper for future reference

Predict Marks While Waiting for NEET UG 2020 Result

With the answer keys available in the question papers, as soon as the OMR and recorded responses are released, one can easily predict their results.

Or, those who in their question papers have marked the answers can also use this to predict marks right now.

To do so, in the official response key, one has to match the responses they have marked against the correct answer reference.

Add 4 marks for every correct answer; Deduct 1 mark for every incorrect answer, as that is the negative marking.

Note that negative marking also applies to various marked responses.

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