Punjab Technical University Conducts Student Survey on Online Exam

The I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University has started a survey to collect feedback from students on the mode of examination. The university will choose the mode of semester exams, online or offline, supported students’ responses.

Over 280 technical colleges within the state are affiliated to PTU, offering around 75,000 engineering, management and other technical courses. As per the circular issued by the university, students are asked to submit their responses by June 10, 2020 supported which the PTU will choose the mode of exam.
The coronavirus outbreak has thrown academic schedules off-track across universities. Institutions are struggling to conduct exams and assessments that have traditionally marked the top of semesters and academic years.

Consequently, many universities including Delhi University, Delhi Technological University and Aligarh Muslim University have opted for the controversial decision to carry exams online for college kids in their final semester or year. This decision has been vehemently opposed by students and teachers who demand an equivalent solution as Maharashtra which isn't holding any university exam in the least. Several universities, including DU, have cancelled first and second-year exams.

Offline And Online Exams

As per the circular issued by the university, final semester students will have two options – online or offline exams, in July 2020. Students of other semesters have also been given an equivalent two options – to either appear for the offline exam in July 2020 or write the July 2020 exam alongside that of subsequent semester’s exam, likely to be held in January 2021.

The PTU circular states that the examination department is taking maximum measures to serve the students within the “best possible manner” consistent with feedback received from many corners.

PTU Semester Exams and Students

The PTU circular has riled the student community of the university as an outsized number of students enrolled in various programmes are from other states and have moved to their respective states during the lockdown.

The university is planning to create an ‘Examination Centre’ for students in their respective states who have been living in their home and won’t be able to make it to the college for the exam.

Sumit Tyagi, am an engineering student of an affiliated college of PTU said: “Giving exams immediately isn't an option for us, life is more important immediately and preparing for 2 semesters at a time isn't possible or practical. is that this a choice or a death note? Cancelling exams won't earn the profit they crave. they're twiddling with our lives.”



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