Which institute is better for M.Sc. Physics IIT Kanpur or IIT Madras?

1 Answer

Kiran Chugh Jul 30, 2021
Both IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras are excellent institutes for M.Sc in Physics, considering the student is actually interested in learning the subject to the core.
The points below give a brief overview of IIT Madras, stating some of the advantages of choosing it over IIT Kanpur.
? Professors will help you to get involved in challenging projects during your course, with specializations in complex topics like cosmology, etc.
? The main motto of the faculties of IIT Madras is to build their students to at least a certain limit of knowledge, over anything else.
? Most of the professors have a solid foundation in advanced concepts of theoretical physics, for example, Prof. M V Satyanarayana, Prof. M Pattabiraman, Prof. V Balakrishnan, Prof. A Lakshminarayan, etc.
? Although the level of questions set during the exams at IIT Madras is always up to the mark, almost no students fail in the institute due to the teaching facilities offered throughout the year.
? Talking about the campus of IIT Madras, it is extremely beautiful, being close to the sea as well.
Therefore, although both the institutes are equally excellent, IIT Madras can be a better option for students interested in Physics, considering the points listed above.