How was your AIIMS Delhi freshers party 2021?

1 Answer

Aaditya Hari Nair Oct 13, 2021

Freshers' party is the best party you will ever witness at AIIMS Delhi. It has a lot of fun, and the entire day and night are full of energy.

The program usually begins with everyone wearing formals and going in batches to watch videos of their time at AIIMS up to this point.

One of my friends is presently studying at the institute. For his Fresher’s party, the institute organized dinner which was very delicious. Following that, there was a couple of dance in which the couples were chosen at random using chits. Other activities include a ramp walk and talent round. You will be surprised to see the hidden talents of your classmates. 

In the end, a normal award ceremony will be there to announce Ms. and Mr. Freshers.