Is there any good pg or hostel for Miranda house students?

1 Answer

Aaditya Hari Nair Oct 20, 2021

The hostel at Miranda House has both its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that they provide spacious rooms with a green environment. The disadvantage includes non-AC rooms which don't even have the facility of a cooler. 

The hostel's mess food is better than the ones provided by the PG but it's difficult to get the hostel at Miranda House. The fees of the hostel provided by the Miranda House are INR 5000 per month whereas PG or a private hostel would be approx INR 8000 per month. 

Another option can be to grab a room in PG and opt for the tiffin services but they don't provide food in the early morning and can be problematic because of the timing issues. 

The best option would be to grab a seat in the UG hostel under Delhi University. Its food quality is better than the Miranda House's hostel or the private hostel but it's difficult to get a seat there.