What is it like to attend Miranda House College at the University of Delhi?

1 Answer

Aaditya Hari Nair Oct 20, 2021

Initially, girls don’t feel good studying in an all-girls college especially the ones who have previously studied in a girls school but then after some time, they get an idea of how good the college is. 

Miranda College itself is such an opportunity to speak up, putting the opinions forward, and deal with the situation.

The hostel life is amazing. People would go on the terrace and enjoy their hostel life. There are many incidents such as pouring cold water on someone who is getting ready or making Maggi using emulsion rods in plastic buckets. There used to be a rush entering into the hostel seconds before the curfew time. 

The faculty at Miranda college is best, friendly, and interactive. They will guide a student whenever required and will be a helping hand in difficult times. There were girls every time in the hostel be it day or night. No one can feel lonely there.

It's a good college and there are many things one can learn there. So, all the best for your future.