Why is VTU called the worst university?

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Komal Chawla Posted On - Nov 9, 2021

Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) is not considered the worst university but surely has many flaws. These include the following:

  • The syllabus is more than a decade old and the rate at which technology and science are growing, VTU is failing to catch up. 
  • The evaluation process is very poor. There is a very high chance that your marks will increase every time you apply for revaluation. 
  • VTU is one of the largest universities in India with 212 colleges affiliated with it. Most of the colleges have below-average laboratories, campus facilities, research centers, and poor placements.
  • Students graduating from these institutes score less marks and thus lose placement opportunities.
  • VTU’s standard of faculty is really low.

One of the things that bother aspirants is the reservation system. If you are an SC/ST belonging to the state of Karnataka then you have no problem in getting a good college with little effort through CET. If you are a general candidate then everything depends on your work.



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