Which one is better to do an MA in English, Chandigarh University or Amity University, Noida?

1 Answer

Anil Tigga Apr 15, 2021

My friend is currently pursuing her Master’s in English at Chandigarh University. It is better because it provides more choices and has an education system that is well-equipped for students who want to do major in English.

  • The English Department has excelled in a wide variety of activities. There are various seminars arranged here every week.
  • With media being so popular among students nowadays, literary quizzes are held once a month to keep students informed about current events based on literature.
  • The teaching approach is very up-to-date and pays attention to each and every student in order to assist them in choosing the required specialization.
  • Term papers, research papers, and dissertations are all part of this area, which helps students to gain interest in their future programs and presentations. It is particularly beneficial to students who are pursuing a Ph.D.
  • The environment is very student-centric. You can easily share your views with faculty and students very conveniently.
  • You will be provided with specialized courses to enhance your skills as per your interests.

Considering all the above, MA in English is best offered by Chandigarh University.