How is KSOM Bhubaneswar?

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Rupali Samal Apr 22, 2021

One of my friends was a student of this institute, and he told me that it is one of the worst institutes he has ever seen in his life. 

The college administration is always focused on the NIRF ranking, which is 30, and how the Indian Ranking System is known to all. The teachers are fierce and don’t have a basic sense to behave with the student. 

  • My friend told me that there was a teacher, namely Abhishek Kumar, and if the student doesn’t call me Dr, then the student is gone. He demanded respect and wanted everyone to respect him anyhow. Even the staff were also talked behind him.
  • He gave me another example of Mr. Jitendra Mohanty. He was one of this institute's unassuming people; he did not have a basic sense to respect his fellow students. He was the placement head, but he did not do anything to bring proper placement in this institute.
  • Another one is Mrs. Gargi Banerjee, and she was the most biased teacher of this institute. 
  • Lastly, Mrs. Saptorshi Das was known as “The Oxford Women”. She always judged the student’s English, as she thought that she knows everything from the dictionary.

KSOM is one of the worst institutes, but if you are interested in doing MBA from this institute, then it still worth it, as college administration charges only 12LPA for MBA studied, including tuition fees and hostel (AC). But if you want to do BBA, then it is better to choose some other institute rather than KSOM because they charge 16 LPA for BBA studies, which is seriously worthless. Apart from this food, canteen, hostel, infrastructure and campus are pretty good.