How is CMR University?

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Shivani Tiwari May 7, 2021

CMR University does not have good reviews. I have a few friends at the institute and the institute has not lived up to their expectations. 

  • The whole college gives you lazy vibes and the faculty members are mostly not available. Instead of taking classes, they will ask you to write essays on random topics just for the sake of attendance.
  • The infrastructure is also not up-to-date. You won’t find the books you need at the library. 
  • There are no extracurricular activities, fests, or any events. My friend changed institute after 6 months, once he got to know the institute keeps the original documents for the entire period of the degree.

My friend wanted to pursue a triple major in Psychology, Literature, and Journalism. He was told it is a good option by the counselor and placement officer. But just within a week, he was informed that Journalism is just a side subject. 

Here’s a statistical insight of the institute.

Highest CTC

18 LPA

Major Recruiters 

State Street, Urban Ladder, EY, Amazon, HP, TCS, etc. 

Fee Range

75,000-2.25 lakhs

Comparably it is better to pursue a degree from Mumbai University, the quality of education there will be similar to that of CMR University but the course fee is a lot less. It will be better if you reach out to the alumni and the current students of the university to know the real scenario and make a decision based on that.