To be the best you need to be with the best

8.3 /10

Remarks :

The best medical institution in the's a privilege to study in this college. as I titled to be best you need to be with the best. faculty here are the best among the best. guiding us for a brighter future and to be the community also.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Course curriculum is similar to the John Hopkins school of public Health in USA. We are affiliated to Sri chitra University in trivandrum Kerala. the course runs through various modules. after every module you have an exam which you have to madatorily pass to qualify. Second year you need to do a research work and.submit a thesis based on your research.

Placement Experience :

It's a medical profession. there's no campus interview kind of stuffs. you have a two month internship which college helps to get you through. following that most of the seniors are currently working in various projects.

College Events :

Intercollege fests , Pegasus , intra batch events, Christmas celebrations ,hostel days , carnival 2020 ,various sports events , championships , open mic performances , department wise carols and Christmas events , research symposiums , academic events ,quiz etc

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Very feasible compared to any other private college. currently the fee for mph is 140000. All details regarding fee structure are clearly published in the admission brochure which is released before examinations.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

college has various scholarships available for the financially needed students. There are few Aids for the academically bright students also. there's is an application process for all these facilities

Campus Life :

indoor badminton court , basketball courts , tennis court , volleyball court , football and cricket ground, all sports equipments , physical director and supporting staff , student associations. this is a college where students from almost all parts of India come to learn and spends an good time of brotherhood.

Hostel Facilities :

I am staying outside in a pg. college has excellent infrastructure for hostel facilities. independent men's and women's hostels with mess. facilities like TV room , sports room , gym , play area etc are provided. well furnished and has all required amenities. 24 hour security available.

Alumni/Alumna :

Strong alumni network which constantly supports the works of the college. very helpful and guiding seniors to help you in all your academic needs and also encourage in the co curricular activities.also they help us wherever we go if they live nearby.

Admission :

There's an entrance test for the course which is a multiple choice examination conducted in various centers across India after which a merit list is published. an interview follows which further shortlists the eligible candidates.

Faculty :

Highly qualified faculty. Most of them are trained abroad after post graduation which increases their experience from colleges worldwide and also gives us a global.perspective on every topic we learn. always helpful. they moulds us to be independent and confident in the subject rather than spoon feeding.

8.3 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
10.0/10Campus Life
6.0/10Hostel Life

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Course Curriculum Overview :

consider all factors while rating such as infrastructure, campus life, placement etc consider all factors while rating such as infrastructure, campus life, placement etc consider all factors while rating such as infrastructure, campus life, placement etc

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Course Curriculum Overview :

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