College review

9.7 /10

Remarks :

It is one of the best colleges in India and it transforms you and makes you a better and bolder person.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I am from education department, and thus we study child psychology as a part of our course, we visit schools, different kind of schools slum schools affluent schools and much more. We have story telling practicum and much more. Putting everything in a nutshell our courses are designed to make us a professional.

Placement Experience :

The placements are fantastic in our college, it makes it?s students so professional that everybody find their ways in life.

College Events :

We celebrate a lot of festivals first and the most important is Tarang which is the annual festival of our college and is celebrated around February. Various celebrities come increase the beauty of it. It lasts for three days. Second major event is Noor which is kind of Diwali celebration, it is no less than Tarang. And our college conducts an annual sports meet, various colleges take part in it. Also, every department and society conduct their own annual meet.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee of our college is very reasonable as it comes under a Govt University. And freeships are available for the economically weak students. More than 50% of the fee is provided by college for those who are eligible for freeships. Complete breakdown of fee is shown to the students and it?s absolutely transparent.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Our college provides various scholarships and freeships for economically weak students. They?re supposed to submit the income certificates proving that their family? income is less than Rs 60,000/- p.a.

Campus Life :

It?s a women?s college and each and every woman in this college is so supportive and kind. We have so many societies that everyone is able to find a society according to their interest. All of these societies are very active and keep on conducting various workshops and much more. We have all types of sports in our college and our teams take part various competitions from time to time.

Alumni/Alumna :

They?re amazing and help a lot, they?d inspiration for the current students. students of our college are placed at various desirable companies and they do come and inspire us to achieve our dreams.

Admission :

I got admission in this college by clearing an entrance exam as it is required for taking admission in my course. For this we have to fill the form on official website of DU ( Delhi University ). It?s forms are generally out by May/ June and new sessions begin from the end of July every year.

Faculty :

Faculty of our college are good, I won?t say anything about other departments but in my department all the teachers are very supportive and approachable. They?re always there for us and they take classes very properly just as expected form a teacher. They?re very transparent in case of marking us in our internals.

9.7 out of 10
9.0/10Social Life

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Admission :


7 /10 placement
9 /10 college
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7 /10 hostel
6 /10 internship
10 /10 campus life
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Placement Experience :

Campus placements are available for commerce students. Life Sciences does not have any campus placements. Commerce students get good placements from big companies at the very high package. We have a separate Placement Cell for this and also a Placement fair is held every year in which every student can take part. Life Sciences students prefer going for masters or for any government job after their graduation. Also, there are many jobs available for life science students in the private sector. We have jobs in chemical industries, medicinal fields, and research jobs. Life Science students always get an opportunity in science-related jobs. Most of my seniors went for them post-graduation. I am also planning for a government job after my graduation. Life Science students are also very active in internships.

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Placement Experience :

IGNOU offers its placement drive to the students of final year and passes out students. Even I receive a message for campus placement with handsome salary up to 60000 k.

10 /10 placement
10 /10 college
9 /10 course
10 /10 campus life
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Admission :

If any student want admission in jims there is certain entrance exam through which they can get enrolled.

9 /10 college
8 /10 course
10 /10 campus life

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