6.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

NID has a good curriculum for design education.The curriculum itself is constantly revised and modernised each year. As the kind of learning differed according to each faculty and student, there is no strict syllabus but a course abstract for an overall guideline of what the course should be. The curriculum comprises of modules of different subjects relevant to design education of current times. There are no exams. The evaluation is continues and cumulative. The semester is concluded with a Jury to evaluate overall learning. The jury evaluates your overall work in the semester along with your learning. It is also a platform to learn to showcase and present your work which is useful in future working areas.

Placement Experience :

The placements have not yet started. The college doesn't as such provide internships. It just aids in you finding one. However it is compulsory for you toNgo to an internship after third year, hence the college helps you in getting placed into one. NID promotes paid internships however one can chose to apprentice if they value the learning more.

College Events :

Currently there are no events of the college itself. It is planned to celebrate a college fest in the coming fall, but it is yet in the working. Students try to celebrate their local festivals like Lohri or onam.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee structure is feasible as far as design colleges are concerned. But expensive if you think of it as a government college. There are no scholarships, hence one should really consider all sides.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The college currently does not offer any scholarships. But it is possible to get a loan from a national bank using the college admit card. The college has got approval of the central government, hence it is relatively easy to get.

Campus Life :

There aren't a lot of extra curricular activities at present. Neither are there any arts or sports days. This is in the making and college has arts and sports goods and infrastructure available. Very few students make use of it currently, but this just a matter of spirit.

Hostel Facilities :

The hostel is a little claustrophobic and has restricting rules. But has other facilities like water and electricity. It is a little small as a workspace for design students. The hostel is also not fully functional yet as the college has just started out.

Alumni/Alumna :

There aren't any current alumni for the college. the college first batch is yet to come.out in 2020. The seniors try to help as they can. But they are also struggling as they lacked mentors. Alumni from the parent institute helps however they can

Admission :

The entrance exam for NID is a two step process. The first stage comprises of CAT and DAT exams. The next level has a studio test and then a merit list is made. People get admission to various NIDs according to their rank and preference.

6.0 out of 10
2.0/10Social Life
8.0/10Campus Life
2.0/10Hostel Life