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    The lineage of the National University of Singapore can be traced back to 1905 when it started as a medical school with only 23 students. The university gained the present status only in the year 1980 and has emerged as one of the most renowned universities to study in Singapore. With a legacy of over 100 years, the National University of Singapore has been offering holistic education to develop career-ready graduates.

    Courses at the National University of Singapore are quite innovative and challenging and offered through 17 faculties and schools across 3 campuses. The National University of Singapore (NUS) boasts a diverse student community of  38,000 students hailing from over 100 countries, allowing students to grow and learn in a culturally diverse environment. Thus, the National University of Singapore can be a great study destination for MS in Singapore.

    NUS has collaborations with many government agencies, academic institutions in Singapore and outside, and industries to promote comprehensive research that can address the issues pertaining to Asia and the world. Presently, it houses 30 research centers that carry intensive research work catering to various fields of study, such as environmental and urban sustainability, risk management, data sciences, and cybersecurity. For students considering to study in Singapore, or at one of the best institutions in Asia, the National University of Singapore should be the first choice.

    National University of Singapore Top Courses

    The National University of Singapore offers a plethora of undergraduate, graduate, and adult learning programs across 17 faculties and schools, which includes 2,000 modules being offered each semester.

    • NUS offers nearly 70 double, joint, and concurrent degree programs in collaboration with the most high-ranked universities across the world.
    • Also, NUS holds a partnership with more than 300 universities from over 40 countries for Student Exchange Programs.
    • Some of the popular among students studying at NUS are MBA, Computing, Engineering & Science, Hotel Management, Creative Arts, Architecture and Medicine.
    Programs Annual Tuition Fee (SGD) Deadlines
    MBA $47,450 Semester 1: March 31
    M.Sc Mechanical Engineering $27,119 Semester 1: February 20; Semester 2: August 27
    M.Sc Financial Engineering $37,960 Semester 1: March 31
    M.Sc Supply Chain Management $28,287 Semester 1: February 20; Semester2: August 27
    M.Sc Civil Engineering $27,119 Semester 1: February 20; Semester 2: August 27
    M.Sc Materials Science & Engineering $27,119 Semester 1: February 20; Semester 2: August 27
    M.Sc Environmental Engineering $27,119 Semester 1: February 20; Semester 2: August 27
    Master Urban Planning $26,024 Semester 1: January 15
    M.Sc Geotechnical Engineering $27,119 Semester1: February 20
    Master of Business Administration [E.M.B.A] $61,320 Semester1: April 15
    M.Sc Business Analytics $28,287 Semester 1: January 31
    M.Sc Marketing Analytics and Insights 28,287 Semester 1: February 28
    Master of Computing Computer Science 27,119 Semester1: March 15; Semester2: September 15
    B.B.A 23,542 Semester 1: March 31
    B.A English Language 21,790 Semester 1: March 31
    B.A Economics 21,790 Semester 1: March 31

    National University of Singapore Ranking 2021

    The National University of Singapore rankings by some of  most coveted ranking agencies are mentioned below:

    • QS World University Rankings 2021
      • #11 in the World Rankings
      • #1 by WUR Subject Ranking
      • #1 Asian University Rankings
      • #24 Graduate Employability Rankings
    • Times Higher Education Rankings 2021
      • #25 in the World University Rankings
      • #24 World Reputation Rankings
      • #3 in Asia University Rankings
    • US News Rankings 2021
      • #34 in Best Global Universities (tie)
      • #1 in Best Global Universities in Asia
      • #1 in Best Global Universities in Singapore
    • ARWU Rankings 2020: #1 in Singapore

    National University of Singapore Campus

    • NUS Campus is spread across 3 locations in Singapore and 11 colleges at various international locations.
    • The main campus of the university is located in Kent Ridge, spanning across an area of 150 hectares and includes the majority of the University’s academic, research, and administrative facilities.
    • Furthermore, the Kent Ridge campus comprises student residence halls, sports facilities, and hosts arts and cultural activities.
    • University Town (UTown), an extension of the main campus, is a residential college offering academic and recreational facilities allowing the overall development of students.
    •  The second one is the Bukit Timah campus that is home to the law faculty and Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.
    • The third one is the Outram campus which encompasses the Duke-NUS Medical School (Duke-NUS) offering medical education that can shape future medical practitioners.
    • NUS hosts a plethora of activities within the campus with the help of over 200 student clubs to promote student engagement. A few such events include Academic events like symposiums, talks, and forums featuring prominent speakers; Bazaars, carnivals, and fairs with stalls offering a range of items, from clothing and accessories to food and electronic items.
    • Additionally, students can look forward to a wide range of exhibitions, performances, concerts, and recitals conducted by NUS Centre For the Arts and NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

    National University of Singapore Residence

    At NUS, students can seek on-campus accommodation through residence halls, student residences, and residential colleges. There are in total 17 types of accommodation options available as per the preferences of students.

    • While staying on-campus, students get to access over 70 food and retail outlets and 7 modern libraries equipped with a plethora of learning materials and study facilities. 
    • One can choose between the following residence halls:
      • Eusoff Hall
      • Kent Ridge Hall
      • King Edward VII Hall
      • Prince George’s Park (PGP) House
      • Raffles Hall
      • Sheares Hall
      • Temasek Hall
    • As per student reviews of NUS by being at residence halls, students can engage themselves in various extracurricular activities, develop new interests and share various experiences.
    • Every residence hall is headed by a Hall Master, a team of Resident Fellows, and an elected student committee who take care of the overall activities happening in the respective residence halls.
    • Apart from residence halls, students may seek accommodation at one of the following student residences:
      • Prince George’s Park Residences
      • UTown Residence
    • These residences are managed by the respective team of resident advisors and resident assistants who look after the wellbeing of students.
    • Furthermore, students may choose to enroll themselves at the residential colleges which offer a conducive environment for academics and also allow students to stay with their peers and attain overall development.

    For a more independent stay and enjoying the city life, students may look for off-campus accommodation options in Singapore.

    National University of Singapore Application Process

    Applications for admission at the National University of Singapore are accepted between October and March. While making an application, international students are required to take a note of the following:

    Application Portal: UG: NUS UG Aplication Portal, PG: NUS Gradaute Admission System

    Application Fee: 14.81 SGD

    • Transcripts
    • Test Score

              Undergraduate – ACT or SAT score and University Entrance Exam(UEE)

              Graduate – GRE or GMAT score and Placement Test

    • Language Proficiency Test - IELTS or TOEFL score
    • Exam Fee – 38.5 SGD
    • Additional Requirement - Passport/Birth Certificate, Medical Report, Criminal Record (if any)

    All the international applicants have to apply for the program by visiting the university website and filling the form.

    Check Admission Requirements to study in Singapore

    National University of Singapore Cost of Attendance

    The cost of attendance primarily includes the tuition fee and living expenses.

    National University of Singapore Tuition Fee

    Expenditure Tuition Fee (SGD)
    Research Program 19,250 – 29,100
    Coursework Program 18,950 – 50,100
    Art Program 20,200

    National University of Singapore Cost of Living

    The estimated cost of living for international students enrolled at the National University of Singapore are tabulated below:

    Expenditure Tuition Fee (SGD)

    On-Campus (Single): 325-605
    On-Campus (Double): 215

    Food Residence Halls only (meal plans): 90-112
    University Canteen: 250-350
    Books & Stationery 100-200
    Transport With concession: 45-97
    Without concession: 150-200
    Personal Expenses 150-200

    Scholarships by National University of Singapore 

    The National University of Singapore (NUS) offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships and awards in recognition of outstanding academic achievements, leadership qualities and special talents. The NUS Scholarships are provided to identify and support outstanding students who demonstrate academic excellence, high intellectual capacity, sound character, strong leadership potential, and a passion for creativity and innovation.

    Scholarship Eligibility Benefits

    ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship (AUS)

    Citizens of an ASEAN member country, excluding Singapore Tuition fees and 5,800 SGD annual living allowance

    Science & Technology (S&T) Undergraduate Scholarship

    Citizens of an Asian country, excluding Singapore Tuition fees, 6,000 SGD annual living allowance and 200 SGD one-time settling-in allowance upon enrolment

    Check Scholarships Offered by External Organisations in Singapore 

    National University of Singapore Placements

    Programs offered at NUS have been tailored especially to meet the career demands of students and make them ready for the best future prospects. In the months of January and February, a career fest is organized to enable the students to interact and connect with potential employers. Centre For Future-ready Graduates’ is an initiative of NUS for offering career-readiness programs, career and internship opportunities, professional career advisory, and valuable industry insights.

    The career-readiness programs are executed with the help of the following modules along with the advancement of academic years:

    • Module I: Career Catalyst
      • Prepares students for internship opportunities, offered during year 1 and focuses primarily on local internship and volunteer ships
    • Module II: Industry Insights
      • Helps students to explore emerging trends across industries, Offered during year 2 and majorly focuses on global internship and mentorship opportunities
    • Module III: Career Booster
      • Prepares students for interviews and also helps them to gain competencies required for sustaining in a competitive work environment, offered during year 2 and 3 and includes faculty-administered semester internships and CFG-administered vacation internships
    • Module IV: Career Advancement
      • Prepares students for an unpredictable job market and aids them in establishing their careers, offered during year 3 and 4 and includes career fairs, industry talks, and company visits

    Check Job opportunities after MBA from NSU

    NUS Graduate Salary by Job Sector

    NUS graduates can be found in all the top job sectors. Tabulated below are the average salaries of NUS graduates by top job sectors. 

    Job Sector Salary (SGD)
    Legal Department 120,000
    Legal & Paralegal 90,000
    Airline 86,000
    Insurance Jobs 79,000
    Healthcare & Alternative Medicine 78,000
    Financial Services 76,000

    NUS Graduate Salary by Degree

    Upon completing a degree, NUS graduates earn an average salary of 95,000 SGD. Tabulated below are the average salaries of NUS students upon graduating from top programs offered at the university. 

    Degree Average Salary (SGD)
    Masters in Finance 137,000
    LLM 108,000
    MBA 106,000
    Executive MBA 103,000
    Masters in Management 100,000
    Executive Masters 91,000

    Furthermore, students may seek career guidance from trained career coaches who provide guidance based on their career objectives and interests. Students can get their skills assessed at NUS-ISS Jobs and Skills Portal and understand themselves better, and also view job postings by various employers. Also, students may enroll themselves into Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) and work closely with employers and seek the opportunity to convert themselves into permanent employees. However, in order to continue to stay and work in Singapore, students will be required to apply for a Singapore work visa depending on the nature of the job and duration of stay.

    Important Dates

    ProgramApplication DeadlineFees
    Round 1 (27th Jan 2022)
    Round 2 (31st Mar 2022)
    $42,920 /Yr
    M.Sc Data Science and Machine Learning
    Semester1 (31st Jan 2022)
    $17,023 /Yr
    Semester1 (1st Nov 2020)
    $15,207 /Yr
    B.Sc Applied Mathematics
    Semester1 (1st Nov 2021)
    $12,987 /Yr
    Ph.D Public Policy
    Semester1 (31st Dec 2021)
    $11,285 /Yr
    Ph.D Chemistry
    Semester1 (15th Nov 2021)
    Semester2 (15th May 2022)
    $15,836 /Yr

    Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]

    17 months
    On Campus
    Full Time
    USD 42,920/Yr
    Ranked #21 out of 1200 by THE Global Ranking 2022
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS6.5|GRE320|GMAT670
    Application Deadline: 27 Jan, 2022
    USD 17,023/Yr
    Exam Scores: TOEFL85|IELTS6|GRE320
    Application Deadline: 31 Jan, 2022
    USD 38,598/Yr
    Ranked #21 out of 1200 by THE Global Ranking 2022
    Exam Scores: IELTS6|TOEFL85|GRE320
    Application Deadline: 15 Feb, 2022
    USD 37,000/Yr
    Ranked #21 out of 1200 by THE Global Ranking 2022
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS7|GRE320|GMAT700
    Application Deadline: 15 Apr, 2022

    Master of Science [M.Sc] Management

    1 year
    On Campus
    Full Time
    USD 25,900/Yr
    Ranked #21 out of 1200 by THE Global Ranking 2022
    Exam Scores: TOEFL100|IELTS7|GRE320|GMAT700
    Application Deadline: 15 Jul, 2021


    Times Higher Education logo

    Overall #21 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

    Engineering #21 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Medicine #21 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Law #21 out of 1200 in Global Ranking
    Agriculture #21 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

    View More >>

    Nearest Ranked Colleges

    QS World University logo

    Overall #11 out of 1200 in Global Ranking

    Management #28 out of 252 in Global Ranking

    Nearest Ranked Colleges

    College Rating

    Based on 1 Students Rating

    6.3 out of 10
    6.0/10Social Life

    National University of Singapore Reviews

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    1 Reviews Found

    6.3 /10

    Known as the most reputable college in my country. It is also referred to as the best college for the degree I chose to pursue, under the Department of Science. Felt more attached to this college than others in Singapore too.

    Fees :

    Tuition fee based on the faculty we are enrolled in, goods and service tax on tuition fee, miscellaneous fees for student services and health service.

    6 /10 academic/food
    6 /10 faculty
    6 /10 infrastructure
    7 /10 accomodation
    7 /10 placement
    6 /10 extracurricular

    National University of Singapore - NUS, Singapore, singapore: 1 answered questions


    Ques. Which is better: IISc, Bangalore or NUS, Singapore?

    ● Top Answer By Ayush Gupta on 14 Aug 20

    Ans. In terms of the world ranking, IISc is way behind from NUS. In QS world ranking IISc is ranked at 185th position whereas NUS is at 11th position. NUS covers a wide variety of courses like Business, Arts and Social Sciences, Computing, Dentistry, Design and environment, Duke-NUS Medical School, Engineering, Integrative Sciences and Engineering, Law, Music, Public Health, Public Policy, etc. Whereas in IISC there are two centers- Science and Engineering. Both of them provide undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs. IISC mainly focuses on research work and provides only BS degrees at the bachelor level. NTU also has limited courses at bachelor level like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc. NTU has good professors and has much better infrastructure, facilities, and global exposure. Because of this, the fee is very high in NUS if compared with IISc. The students are expected to deliver rather than understanding the basics. They have to study advanced subjects in the first semester itself at NUT. IISc is best if you want to stay in India. But if you want global exposure then go for NUS.Read more
    1 Answer

    National University of Singapore comparison

    National University of SingaporeImperial College LondonMcGill UniversityAnderson School of ManagementNanyang Technological UniversitySingapore Management University
    collegedunia score6.8 Out of 107.6 Out of 106.6 Out of 10- Out of 107 Out of 104.1 Out of 10
    ranking (overall)# 11 QS World University 2022
    # 21 Times Higher Education 2022
    # 11 QS World University 2021
    # 7 QS World University 2022
    # 12 Times Higher Education 2022
    # 8 QS World University 2021
    # 27 QS World University 2022
    # 44 Times Higher Education 2022
    # 27 Center for World University Rankings 2021
    -# 12 QS World University 2022
    # 46 Times Higher Education 2022
    # 13 QS World University 2021
    # 511 QS World University 2022
    # 511 QS World University 2021
    # 769 US News 2021
    subject strength# 21 for Business by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 21 for Communication Studies by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 21 for Aerospace Engineering by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 12 for Chemical Engineering by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 12 for Medicine by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 12 for Statistics by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 44 for Computer Science by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 44 for Archaeology by Times Higher Education 2022
    # 44 for Accounting by Times Higher Education 2022
    programsUG Programs -59
    PG Programs -54
    Doctorate Programs -20
    UG Programs -37
    PG Programs -98
    Doctorate Programs -1
    UG Programs -54
    PG Programs -77
    Doctorate Programs -2
    PG Programs -2
    Doctorate Programs -2
    UG Programs -46
    PG Programs -32
    Doctorate Programs -1
    UG Programs -7
    PG Programs -19
    Doctorate Programs -1
    acceptance rate25.0 %16.0 %45.0 %- %- %- %
    exam scoreGRE - 330
    IELTS - 6.5
    TOEFL - 90
    GMAT - 664
    GRE - 327
    GMAT - 642
    TOEFL - 106
    PTE - 68
    IELTS - 7.5
    GMAT - 660
    IELTS - 7
    PTE - 70
    TOEFL - 105
    cost to studyAverage Tuition Fees   USD 12987
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 15836
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - USD 5068 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 47265
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 46580
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - USD 22780 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 36068
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 14368
    [For PG Program]
    Hostel + Meal - USD 29142 Per Year
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 26544
    [For PG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 13869
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 13843.1
    [For PG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 18130
    [For UG Program]
    Average Tuition Fees   USD 34047
    [For PG Program]
    placement (average package)

    Graduate Employability Rankings (QS): #24
    MBA: $167,000
    Masters in Finance: $128,000
    Graduates from executive masters, masters in management, and masters in law are among the highest paid

    Graduate Employability Ranking 2020: 30; Top paying degrees with annual salary are: Executive Masters – 130,000 USD; Executive MBA – 118,000 USD; MBA – 110,000 USD; Masters in Finance – 96,000 USD

    The placement rate observed was 93% in 4 months of graduation. Base salaris offered (mean) are around 87,000 CAD. Top recruiters include EY, KPMG, McKinsey Consulting, Adidas, Loreal, etc
    MBA Graduates: $108,000
    MS Graduates: $100,000

    application requirements

    Indian students must have good scores in all 5 subjects.SAT and ACT are not required.

    BMAT score for MBBS and BSc medicine; MAT for BS and MS in Mathematics; at least 2 recommendation letters

    campuses and b schoolsNational University of Singapore Business School
    Imperial College Business School
    Desautels Faculty of Management
    collegedunia reviews6.3/10 Read 1 reviews9.5/10 Read 2 reviews7.6/10 Read 24 reviews---
    -Read Full ComparisonRead Full ComparisonRead Full ComparisonRead Full ComparisonRead Full Comparison

    National University of Singapore Admissions

    Indonesian and Vietnam Graduation Exam Deadlines

    January 1

    Application deadline

    May 31

    Application results

    Indian Standard Exam Deadlines

    February 28

    Application deadline

    May 31

    Application results

    Test Scores For International Applicants

    ExamsAvg. ScoreMin ScoreMax. Score%Submitted
    Language Proficiency

    National University of Singapore Acceptance Rate

    25.0 %

    acceptance rate


    total applicants


    total enrolled






    National University of Singapore enrollment

    National University of Singapore Enrollment
    Undergraduate Enrollment
    Graduate Enrollment

    Attendance Cost


    attendance cost

    The table shows average yearly cost of attendance for international students. Amount may vary with the course opted, nature of accommodation, and personal spending habits of a candidate. Check Program wise Fees

    Tuition fees
    Undergraduate Programs
    $12,987 / Year
    Post Graduate Program
    $15,836 / Year
    On Campus
    Double Sharing Room
    $2,062 / Year
    Single Room
    $3,006 / Year

    Schools, Faculties & Campuses



    total facultyfull timepart timegraduate assistants
    21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd

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