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    Once a student has completed his degree in Sweden, he can either go back to his home country or stay back in Sweden and upgrade his skills. Sweden prides in calling itself research focused. This is why working in Sweden is preferred by many international students.

    As of 2017, more than 9000 students were enrolled in universities in Sweden for international students, out of which more than 400 students applied for work permits.

    Why should an international student work in Sweden?

    • Workers union are extremely powerful in Sweden. For them, the safety and health of employees is of utmost importance.
    • Anti-discrimination legislation in Sweden makes sure that each individual in Sweden is treated with equal respect regardless of gender, religion, age and sexual orientation.
    • Students can bring their closest family members (for example, spouse) as they too get a residence permit to work in Sweden
    • Jobs in Sweden for international students give many comprehensive social benefits like cost of healthcare for a child, 18 months parental leave and sick leave benefits.

    Sweden work permit: How to apply, costs, documents required

    After completing their study in Sweden, students from the European Economic Area (EEA) and European Union (EU) can directly apply to work in Sweden.

    Students from non-EU/EEA countries need to apply for a Sweden work permit.

    Post degree completion: Working in Sweden for EU/EEA citizens

    • Students from European Union countries can live and work in Sweden without a residence permit.
    • Students from Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Norway can live in Sweden without residence permit. Although registration with the Swedish Tax Agency is a mandate.

    Post degree completion: Working in Sweden for non-EU/EEA citizens

    After completing their study in Sweden, if a student wishes to stay in the country to work the he or she needs to:

    • Extend residence permit and hunt jobs
    • Apply for work permit before residence permit expires

    Extension of the residence permit to work in Sweden

    • Students from non-EU/EEA countries can extend their residence permit for 6 months and look for jobs
    • Eligibility: Completion of two full-time semesters of study in Sweden
    • Students should be able to support themselves financially during the extension period
    • When to apply: 6 months before the previous permit expires
    • If family members are living with students, their permit needs to be extended too
    • Residence permit extension fees: USD 111.79 (Adult) and USD 55.90 (child below 18 years)

    Requirements to extend residence permit to work in Sweden:

    • Passport having all the important details
    • Proof to be obtained from university stating that two terms have been completed in Sweden
    • Academic certificates from previous school/college
    • Financial ability proof
    • Healthcare insurance certificate

    How to apply for Sweden work permit for non-EU/EEA citizens?

    Students wanting to work in Sweden from non-EU/EEA countries, should apply for a Sweden work permit before their residence permit expires. Students do not have to leave Sweden to apply for work permits, instead they can do so staying in Sweden itself.

    Students should make a note of the following mandates before applying for Sweden work permit.

    • Residence permit is a must
    • Application needs to be given before the residence permit expires
    • Students should have completed at least one semester of studies in Sweden
    • The pre-tax salary offered to student must be USD 1449 (minimum)
    • Students must have a valid passport

    Upon rejection of a Sweden work permit, students will have 3 weeks to re-apply for the same. 

    Steps to apply for Sweden work permit

    • Get offer of employment: Students can apply for work permit, once they have been offered a job by the employer. Job advertisement must be put up 10 days prior to the offer was made.
    • Initiate work permit process: The employer will initiate work permit application process for each student. They will get an email where all the details will be asked.

    Documents needed to get work permit:

    • A valid passport having all the significant information
    • A power of attorney if the student is being represented by someone else
    • Fee payment: Students need to pay a specific fee to get their Sweden work permit. Details of the fee are mentioned below.

    Application fees to get Sweden work permit

    Work permit USD 222.65
    Work permit extension (same employer, same occupation) USD 111.32
    Work permit extension (Different employer, different occupation) USD 222.65
    • Application processing by migration agency: The Swedish Migration agency will process the application. Students can check here as to how much time it will take to process the application.
    • Get a residence permit card: If student gets a work permit for more than 3 months, then he or she will get a residence permit card having all the important information.
    • Get result: Students will get an email as to whether their application has been accepted or not.

    How to find jobs in Sweden for international students?

    The best ways to look for jobs in Sweden are:

    • EURES (European Job Mobility Portal): If a student wishes to navigate all national job market agencies throughout Europe, then this is the best place to be. Students have the option to convert the interface into English if they are not comfortable enough with Swedish. 
    • Arbetsförmedlingen (Swedish Public Employment Service): Here students can find important links pertaining to job opportunities in Sweden. Students are not allowed to use some of their services, though important information can still be obtained.

    Top Companies in Sweden for international students

    The major cause behind rapid influx of students in Sweden is its excellence in research and innovation. As a result, many big industry giants have come out from this country. Some of the biggest companies’ students should watch out for before looking for jobs in Sweden are:

    • Skype
    • H&M
    • Spotify
    • Ericsson
    • Electrolux
    • AstraZeneca
    • Wrapp

    Work in Sweden: Highest Paying Jobs and Eligibility (H2)

    Job Eligibility Salary Per Annum
    Mathematician Bachelors degree in math’s, relevant work experience, doctorate (if applying for academic positions) USD 77,653
    Aviation Manager Piloting license USD 85,000
    Project Manager (Executive and management) Hands-on experience as a project manager USD 82,000
    Managing Director Bachelors degree in business related subject USD 89,033
    Enterprise Architecture Manager Work in relevant field of study USD 93,719
    Physician Degree in medicine USD 99,074
    Creative director (Advertising) Bachelors degree in graphic design or fine arts USD 1,00,710

    To study in Sweden and then work over there is not difficult for international students. All that they need to be aware of is the work permit requirements. Getting a job is not tricky, unless a student understands the requirements thoroughly.


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