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    University of Oxford admission is offered to international students from over 155 nations across the world. Being one of the best universities in the world, Oxford manifests an extremely competitive acceptance rate of 15%. UCAS application deadline for the university is October 15 for the undergraduate programs. However, the graduate programs at the University of Oxford have variable application deadlines. The university guarantees college accommodation for the first year of undergraduate programs. Graduate students can contact Graduate Accommodation Office for information on accommodation availability and cost.

    University of Oxford charges 150 GBP (~15,400 INR) to the students seeking admission to MBA in UK. For all other programs, international applicants need to pay an application fee of 75 GBP (~7,700 INR). The admission requirements for international students are country-specific. Generally, a 2:1 honours degree or an equivalent (60-70% for Indian students) and proficiency in English are the basic prerequisites for admission to University of Oxford.

    The university is globally recognized for the research-oriented programs across science and management and hence required outstanding GRE or GMAT scores for admission to specific graduate programs. The additional admission requirements include official transcripts, proof of fund availability, updated CV and academic or professional LOR. Although interviews are not mandatory for University of Oxford admissions, however, the university encourages the students to appear in the online interview sessions to increase their chance of getting picked in the selection process. 

    University of Oxford Admission Deadlines

    Following are the deadlines for applying to the programs at University of Oxford:

    • Undergraduate:
      • UCAS: October 15
      • Written work: November 10
      • Portfolio: November 2
    • Graduate: Variable and program specific.

    University of Oxford Admission to Top Programs

    As a modern, research-driven university with an international character, Oxford provides strong education in all the programs. However, the university cites particular prowess in the sciences and Management disciplines. Some of the top programs and their respective admission details are tabulated below:

    Programs Fees Per Annum (USD) Deadlines Scores Accepted
    M.Sc in Advanced Computer Science 33,000 September 1 Undergraduate honors in computer science or mathematics
    No Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or GMAT scores are sought.
    M.B.A  65,489 September 1 2 Years Full-Time Work Experience
    Median GMAT score of 690
    Median GRE score of 160 verbal & quantitative
    M.Sc Financial Economics 56,200 Starting on August 2021 GMAT/GRE: 85th Percentile & Verbal Scores in 80th Percentile
    MSc Software Engineering Registration: 20,515
    Per Module: 2,900
    January 8 Undergraduate in computer science, informatics, or engineering
    No GMAT or GRE Scores Required
    MSc Social Data Science 35,246 November 13 and January 22 First-class undergraduate degree with honors in any subject
    No GMAT or GRE Scores Required
    Programming Skills in Python
    M.Phil International Relations 37,651 January 8 Research or working experience
    Peer Reviewed Publication
    BA English Language and Literature 40,480 October 15 English Literature 
    B.Sc Medicine 45,411 October 15 BMAT
    Chemistry with either Maths, Further Maths, Biology or Physics
    Bachelor Engineering Science 48,155 October 15 Physics and Mathematics
    BA Biological Sciences 38,211 October 15 Two from Biology, Chemistry, Maths or Physics
    BA Human Sciences 38,020 October 15 Biology or Mathematics

    Acceptance Rate at University of Oxford

    University of Oxford has accepted around 3,300 undergraduate students from over 23,000 applications in 2020. This indicates an extremely selective admission policy with an undergraduate acceptance rate of 14%. On the other hand, from over 34,000 applications, only around 5,500 students were accepted by the university for graduate programs, demonstrating the graduate acceptance rate of 16%.

    University of Oxford International Admission

    The Oxford student body comprises of 32% international students. Candidates from over 155+ countries and territories contribute to the cultural diversity of the university. International applicants require the submission of a 75 GBP (~7,700 INR) application fee for any program in the university. 

    Admission requirements: Following are the basic requirements for international students to apply to the University of Oxford:

    • Details about previous qualifications and education submitted through UCAS application (for undergraduate admission)
    • Submission of University of Oxford Graduate application (for graduate admission)
    • Official transcripts along with certified English translation (for graduate admission)
    • Country-specific academic requirement
    • Evidence of financial support for at least a year
    • SOP to study in UK
    • Proof of proficiency in English

    English Proficiency Requirements for International Students

    For applying to University of Oxford, international applicants from a country where English is not the primary language should provide evidence of proficiency in English. Following are some of the popular exams and required scores for applying to the university:

    Test Standard Level Score Higher Level Score
    - Overall Per Section Overall Per Section
    IELTS 7.0 6.5 7.5 7.0
    TOEFL 100 Listening: 22
    Reading: 24
    Speaking: 25
    Writing: 24
    110 Listening: 22
    Reading: 24
    Speaking: 25
    Writing: 24
    Cambridge Certificate (CAE and CPE) 185 176 191 185
    Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in Engish 185 176 191 185
    PTE 66 56 76 66

    Note: The university accepts various other English proficiency tests. Standard level scores are accepted for admission in Computer Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics. Higher-level scores are accepted for all other programs.

    English Language Test Score Exemptions

    University of Oxford also accepts the below-mentioned scores of the following programs as proof of test required to study in UK, in lieu of the aforementioned test scores:

    Program Minimum Score Required
    English level GCSE Grade B or Grade 6
    English level O-level Grade B
    International Baccalaureate Standard Level Score of 5 in English (as Language A or B)
    European Baccalaureate Score of 70% in English

    Students who studied the last two academic years with English as a language of instruction, International Baccalaureate Program, or Singapore Integrated Programme (SIPCAL) are not required to submit English proficiency scores.

    University of Oxford Undergraduate Admission

    Oxford is recognized as offering one of the best educations in the world at the undergraduate level. On average six to seven international applicants apply for one seat making it a tough competition. Admission to some of the University of Oxford’s undergraduate programs requires submission of test scores and written work. Written work can be submitted electronically or in hard-copy directly to the college. Students must get their test candidate entry number by 15 October as proof of entry to be eligible for admission.

    Where to Apply: UCAS Application

    Application Fee: £75

    UCAS requirements: Following are the basic requirements for UCAS application:

    • Academic details
    • A personal statement describing the reason for choosing an applied course
    • LOR

    Admission requirements: The basic requirements for applying to an  undergraduate program at the University of Oxford are listed below:

    • Completed UCAS application before the deadline
    • Written work and test scores (for elective courses)
    • An interview (for shortlisted candidates)
    Course Subject Requirement Test Additional Requirements
    Engineering Mathematics; Physics PAT Not Required
    Economics and Management Mathematics TSA Not Required
    Fine Arts Not Required Not Required Portfolio
    Computer Science Mathematics MAT Not Required
    English Latin, Greek or English Language; English Literature ELAT Two Essays upto 2000 words

    Note: Students can refer to the individual department’s guidelines for submitting written work.

    University of Oxford Undergraduate Admission Tests

    The University of Oxford has specified test scores required to be submitted for admission in a particular course. These tests are conducted under the administration of Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT). Applicants must register for the required tests through a nearby test center (school, college, or open test center).

    Registration Deadline: October 15

    Test Fee: Varies with Test Centre

    Detailed information on some of the tests is provided below:

    Test Question Type Time Section Required for
    Thinking Skill Assessment (TSA) MCQ, Long Answer 90 minutes
    30 minutes
    Thinking Skill Assessment Writing test Economics and Management, Experimental Psychology, Human Sciences,
    Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Psychology,
    Philosophy and Linguistics, Chemistry, History and Economics
    Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) MCQ 2 hrs. Physics, Maths Engineering, Materials Science, Physics, Physics and Philosophy
    Classics Admission Test (CAT) Long Answer 1 hr/section Latin Translation, Greek Translation,
    Classics Language Aptitude Test
    Classics, Classics and English, Classics and
    Modern Languages, Classics and Oriental Studies.
    Mathematics Admission Test (MAT) MCQ, Long Answer 2 hrs 30 minutes Mathematics Computer Science, Computer Science and Philosophy, Mathematics,
    Mathematics and Computer Science,
    Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics
    History Aptitude Test (HAT) Long Answer 1 hr Based on a paragraph History, History (Ancient and Modern), History and Economics,
    History and English, History and Modern Languages, History and Politics
    Modern Language Admission Test (MLAT) MCQ, Long Answer 30 minutes
    60 minutes
    Czech, French, German, Italian, Modern Greek,
    Portuguese, Russian and Spanish, Linguistics,
    Language Aptitude Test, Philosophy
    European and Middle Eastern Languages, Classics and
    Modern Languages, English and Modern Languages,
    History and Modern Languages, Philosophy and Modern Languages
    English Literature Admission Test (ELAT) Long Answer 90 minutes English English Language and Literature, Classics and English, English and Modern Languages

    University of Oxford Graduate Admission

    University of Oxford offers various masters, diploma, and doctoral courses under the research and teaching category. Talking about just the graduate students, Oxford receives over 26,500 graduate applications from worldwide each year. Making it to:

    • 37% of Graduate students – UK
    • 63% of Graduate students – Outside UK

    Where to Apply: Graduate Application

    Application Fee: £150 (for MBA) and £75 (for other programs)

    Academic Requirements: Here are the basic graduate program requirements for University of Oxford admission:

    • Official transcripts of institutes last attended
    • An updated CV
    • An interview (for shortlisted candidates)

    Following are some of the top graduate programs offered by the University of Oxford and their respective admission requirements: 

    Requirement M.Sc in Engineering M.Sc in Computer Science M.B.A M.Sc in Biochemistry M.Sc in Mathematics
    GRE/GMAT Not Required Not Required Required Not Required Not Required
    Research Proposal Upto 1000-1500 words Not Required Not Required Not Required Not Required
    Letter of Recommendation Three (one must be academic) Three (one should be academic) Two Three Three
    Personal Statement Not Required Two pages Required Upto 1000 words Two pages
    Additional Requirement Not Required Not Required Two years experience, Upto 250 words essay, Online Assessment Test Not Required Not Required

    Interview of shortlisted candidates is conducted online by University of Oxford admission office. In some cases, the college offering the applied course might decide to interview a candidate over telephone. The interview is not mandatory but is highly recommended to increase your chances of acceptance. International graduate students applying for a visa should submit an application by the January deadline (if available).

    University of Oxford Admission Requirements for Indian Students

    Indian students must be XII qualification studied with either the CBSE (All-India SSC) or CISCE (ISC) boards. For the CBSE board as an indication, it is required to have 91 or above for A1 and 81 to 90 for A2.

    For courses requiring A*A*A

    Courses: : Chemistry, Engineering Science, Mathematics, Mathematics and Philosophy, Mathematics and Statistics

    • For CBSE board: Grades A1 A1 A1 A1 A2, with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for.
    • For CISCE board: Overall grade of at least 90%, with 95% or above in four subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for) and 85% or above in the fifth subject. 

    For courses requiring A*AA

    Courses: Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Earth Sciences (Geology), Economics and Management, Medicine, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics (PPL)

    • For CBSE board: Grades A1 A1 A1 A2 A2, with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for. 
    • For CISCE board: Overall grade of 90% or more, with grades of at least 95% or above in three subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for) and 85% or above in the other two subjects.

    For courses requiring AAA

    Courses: Archaeology and Anthropology, Classics, English Language and Literature, Fine Art, History, Human Sciences, Law (Jurisprudence), Modern Languages, Music, Oriental Studies, Philosophy and Theology

    • For CBSE board: Grades A1 A1 A2 A2 A2, with grade A1 in any subjects relevant to the course applied for.
    • For CISCE board: Overall grade of 90% or more, with grades of at least 95% or above in two subjects (including any relevant to the course applied for) and 85% or above in the other three subjects.

    Admission to University of Oxford is tough but achievable by meritorious applicants. Prospective students must prepare themselves to score outstanding marks from the beginning of their previous academic programs. Besides, as an international student, you need to prepare well for the standardized exams to study in UK. Furthermore, you need to develop leadership qualities and explain your plans in a clear perspective while attending the interview session to take University of Oxford admission. 

    University of Oxford Admission FAQs

    Ques: What is the minimum age at which Oxford accepts candidates?

    Ans: The University does not set any age requirement but applicants for all undergraduate courses will be expected to demonstrate a mature approach to the study of their subject. For Medicine, your application will not be shortlisted unless you will be at least 18 years old on the 1 November of your first term.

    Ques: When can I apply for graduate courses starting in the academic year 2021/22?

    Ans: The new admissions cycle for Oxford's graduate courses, for 2022/23 entry, opens on 1 September.  

    Ques: What is a visiting student in the University of Oxford?

    Ans: Visiting Student status is given to students from overseas (in most cases countries outside the EU) who apply to a college to spend up to one year in Oxford on a course related to a degree in their own country. Visiting Students are typically undergraduate students taking a year abroad.

    Ques: Can I submit my graduate application before I’ve received my English language test results?

    Ans: Yes, you can submit your graduate application without providing your English language test results.

    As long as your application has been submitted in time for the relevant deadline, along with all other required supporting documents, it will be assessed by the relevant academic department as normal. If you receive English language test results after you’ve applied, you should upload these to your application via Graduate Applicant Self-Service any time later.

    Ques: Is there a graduate application fee waiver?

    Ans: All applicants must pay the £75 application fee,  including those applying for or awarded scholarships, except: Readmission applicants, Those who received the maximum level of financial support for their UK undergraduate degree, Those resident in a country listed by the World Bank as being low-income

    Ques: How do I change my course on the online application form?

    Ans: Once you have selected a course from the keyword search on the online application form, it is not possible to change it for another. The only option available is to abandon the application, and start a new one for the correct course.

    To start a new application, select 'Save and close' in the current application, navigate to the ‘My Applications’ screen and click the ‘Start new application’ button. Much of the data you have already entered will be pre-populated into the new application form to prevent you having to re-enter it. 


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