IIT Guwahati Scholarships

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) provides the scholarship to its graduate and postgraduate students for their overall growth and development of meritorious students who have passed their respective qualifying examinations. IIT Guwahati offers various scholarships under different categories such as:

  • Institute Scholarships
  • Other Scholarships
  • Assistantships

Institute Scholarship

There are three scholarships under institute scholarship which is provided by IIT Guwahati to deserving candidates.

Scholarship Name

Criteria of Scholarship

Institute Merit Scholarship (IMS)

This scholarship is available for B.Tech/ B.Des/ M.Sc/ M.A students of the institute. IMS is awarded to year-wise class toppers of every stream. It involves tuition fee waiver and a fixed monthly stipend for eight months

Institute Merit-cum-Means Scholarships (McM)

McM is awarded to B.Des/ B.Tech/ MA/ M.Sc students on the basis of their Merit (Up to 25% of the non SC /ST). It covers tuition fee waiver and a fixed monthly stipend for eight months

SC/ ST Scholarship

It is awarded to all B.Tech/ B.Des/ MA/ M.Sc students of SC/ ST categories. It includes fixed monthly stipend for eight months, free messing (only for the basic menu) and hostel seat rent waiver. Tuition fee is waived for all SC/ST students by the statutes

Other Scholarships

The institute permit students to avail scholarships awarded by outer Govt. or non Govt. organizations such as scholarships form state Govts., scholarships from private trusts and central sector scholarship schemes etc.


Assistantships are given to all regular students (as defined by the ordinances on these programs) in M.Tech, M.Des and PhD programs as per norms laid down by the IIT council or MHRD Govt. of India.