Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has maintained an excellent placement record over the years. The institute witnessed a breakthrough in terms of placements as a total of 1300 students participated in the recruitment drive.

The institute offers seven different degree programs along with an MBA program offered by the Department of Management Studies.

The department of Computer Science and Engineering bagged the highest salary package of INR 133.05 LPA followed by the Department of Electrical Engineering. The Department of Management Studies at IIT-M witnessed a 100% placement record where the highest CTC offered was of INR. 29.1 LPA.

The highest number of students were recruited by the IT sector followed by the Analytics/Consulting/Finance sector.

The MBA Batch of 2020 at DoMS consisted of 65 students from across India. 63 students participated in the placement drive while 2 opted out. The batch had students coming from diverse backgrounds like engineering, commerce, hotel management, arts and pharmaceutical science. The average work experience of the batch is 19.5 months in diverse sectors like Banking, IT, Finance, Education, FMCG, etc\

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IIT Madras Placement 2020 Highlights

Total No. of Companies 246
No. of Students Placed 872
Total No. of Offers Made 1015
Total No. of PPOs 136
No. of PPOs Accepted 99

Towards the end of the IITM Final Placement session, the students witnessed an overwhelming surge of placement offers as more than 246 companies visited the campus. The highest CTC offered was 1.33 Cr. Per annum whereas the average annual CTC was around INR. 16.1 LPA.

The students received offers from over 13 international companies. Some of the major international recruiters in IIT Madras placements were- Microsoft, Uber (US), Rubrik Inc (US), and Micron Tech (Singapore).

A total of 102 job offers were made by 20 companies during the first session of Phase I placements of the IIT Madras, the offers include four international offers.The first slot of Day 1 of IIT Madras placements commenced on December 1, 2019 Sunday at 7 am and concluded at 2 pm with the participation of 20 companies, covering 34 job profiles.

In the second slot of day one placements was held between 4 pm and 11 pm where 30 companies put forth over 42 job profiles. Some of these companies included Samsung Semiconductor, Jaguar and Bajaj Auto.

The flagship MBA program at DoMS constituted the major proportion of the placement drive. The average CTC stood at 12.44 lakhs per annum (INR) for the MBA 2017-19 batch. The M.S. (by Research) and Ph.D programs also witnessed an impressive placement season with an average CTC of INR 12.79 lakh per annum for the M.S. (by Research) programme.

IIT Madras Placement 2020 Course-wise

The following table represents the number of placement offers made under different degree courses-

Course Placements (%)
B.Tech. 85.38
Dual Degree 85.52
M.Tech. 66.10
M.A. 81.82
M.Sc. 41.67
MS 73.55
Ph.D. 28.57

The B.Tech. program under the department of CSE bagged the highest CTC of INR. 113 LPA followed by the Dual Degree program with the maximum CTC of INR. 92.94 LPA.

IIT Madras Placement

As per the data presented above, it is evident that the institute witnessed an outstanding placement session with some delightful salary packages. Although, In comparison to the rest of the degree courses, the M.Sc. program secured the lowest CTC of 9 LPA.

IIT Madras Placement 2020 MBA

In terms of the salary packages offered to the students at DoMS, IIT Madras the following table represents the different salary packages offered to the students of MBA, M.S. by Research and Ph.D. programs-

Course Highest CTC Average CTC Median CTC
MBA 29.06 LPA 12.44 LPA 12 LPA
MS by Research 15.96 LPA 12.79 LPA -
Ph.D. 23 LPA 18.68 LPA -

In comparison to all courses offered at DoMS IITM, MBA bagged the highest salary offer, while MS by Research bagged the lowest salary package of 15.96 LPA.

IIT Madras Placement

IIT Madras Placement 2020 Sector-wise

A total of 61 companies from the Analytics/Consulting/Finance sector visited the campus and recruited more than 204 students. The highest number of students (234) were hired by the IT sector.

Sectors No. of Students Placed
Analytics/Consulting/Finance 204
Core 170
Education 38
IT 234
R&D 122
Others 98

27% of the total placements were made by the IT sector followed by the Analytics/Consulting/Finance sector with 23% placements.

19% of the placements were done under the Core sector, No recruits were hired by the R&D sector.

The following graph represents the number of companies under different sectors that appeared for the campus recruitment-

IIT Madras Placement

IIT Madras MBA Placement 2020

For the Management programs at DoMS IITM, the following statistics were observed:

Different industries recruited candidates as per their work experience, The Analytics sector came up with 33% of the total placement offers. The highest CTC offered by it was of INR. 15 LPA. The key recruiters were- Accenture, Ford, and Wipro.

Domain 0-1 year of work experience 1-3 years of work experience +3 years of work experience
Analytics 26% 52% 9%
Consulting 33% 16% 28%
Finance 26% 12% 9%
HR 3% - -
IT 4% 4% 27%
Marketing 4% 4% 18%
Operations 4% 12% 9%

The Consulting sector came up with 26% of the total placement offers. The highest CTC offered by it was of INR. 16.8 LPA. The key recruiters were- CISCO, IBM, Micron Tech.

The Marketing and the Operations Sector recruited over 8% and 6% of the batch respectively and offered the highest CTC of INR. 29.1 LPA each. The key recruiters were- AG Facilities, VIP, Zycus, Amazon, and McKinsey.

17% of the students were placed in the Finance sector, 2% in the HR Sector, and 8% in the IT industries, where the highest CTC revolved around 14.0 LPA, 8.0 LPA, and 12 LPA respectively.

IIT Madras B.Tech Placement 2020

The branch wise percentage of placement for the year 2018-19 is given below:

Branch No. of Placement Offers (%)
Aerospace  70
Applied Mechanics 69
Biotechnology 67
Civil 65
Chemical 74
Chemistry 48
Computer Science & Engineering 90
Electrical Engineering  86
Engineering design 83
Humanities & Social Sciences  82
Mathematics  59
Mechanical  75
Metallurgical  55
Ocean  64
Physics 18

The highest number of placement offers were made to the CSE branch followed by the Electrical Engineering branch. The least number of offers were made under the branch of Physics.Below given is the range of salaries that are offered to students in various engineering branches during placement 2018-19-

Branch Range of Salary Offered (INR)
Aerospace Engineering 6.3 Lakhs to 29 LPA
Applied Mechanics 6.25 Lakhs to 18.9 LPA
Bio technology 6.5 Lakhs to 17.5 LPA
Civil Engineering 5.25 Lakhs to 17.5 LPA
Chemical Engineering 4.8 Lakhs to 32 LPA
Chemistry 3 Lakhs to 11 LPA
Computer Science and Engineering 9.1 Lakhs to 133.05 LPA
Electrical Engineering 7 Lakhs to 39 LPA
Engineering Design 7 Lakhs to 26 LPA
Engineering Physics 9.3 Lakhs to 24 LPA
Humanities & Social Sciences 3.6 Lakhs to 14 LPA
Mathematics 3.6 Lakhs to 18 LPA
Mechanical Engineering 5 Lakhs to 31 LPA
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 7 Lakhs to 32 LPA
Ocean Engineering 6 Lakhs to 23 LPA
Physics 8.4 Lakhs to 10 LPA

IIT Madras Placement 2020 Top Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters during the 2018-2019 placement drive were-





EXL Analytics





American Express



CSS Corp










Bay Current




Futures First

World Quant



Microsoft put forth a total of 22 job offers whereas Intel brought out 26 job offers. 13 and 16 placement offers were provided by American Express and Flipkart respectively.

IIT Madras Internship 2020  Highlights

The institute offers some great internship opportunities to students so they can learn and understand the way of working in an organization. Recruiters incorporate core engineering firms, analytics companies, startups, FMCGs, leading banks etc.

  • In 2018-19, the total number of 376 internships were offered.
  • 537 students registered for internship and 345 were placed successfully.
  • Some companies that visit the campus to recruit interns include Google, Samsung, Siemens, IBM, Adobe, Sony, Microsoft and many more.