Mohammad Ali Jauhar University is a private university established under University Act in the year 2006. University offers courses in Life Science, humanities, science, law, mass communication, engineering, agriculture, and technology.  University aims to provide multidisciplinary research and education on the level of excellence. University has facilities for various games like chess, badminton, table tennis, hockey, cricket, etc. The University System looks for creative and successful answers for its difficulties and creates ways to satisfy its mission.  University visions To make a friendly scholastic environment for attaining to magnificence, advancing creative considering, creating inventive bowed of the brain and instilling human qualities and to give the cutting edge and established training to Muslims specifically.

Fact and Figures about Mohammad Ali Jauhar University:

Founded In



Mohammad Ali Jauhar

Recognized by





Muslim Minority University


Rampur, Uttar Pradesh

Campus Area

300 acres

Current Strength



Merit scholarship, Memorial award, and Fee Waiver

Why Join Mohammad Ali Jauhar University:

  • University tries to expand access to its advanced education programs by underserved groups who wish to participate in their learning objectives for better prospects in life
  • It envisions and adjusts to changing environment in training and reacts to the needs of the groups in conduct both suitable and auspicious