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    USA is home to over 190 biotechnology universities offering over 300 courses. These universities provide various types of degrees, starting from a certificate program to a Ph.D. program. Universities in USA offer specializations in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Management that are among the popular fields in biotechnology universities in USA.

    Biotechnology is the utilization of biological systems, living organisms, or other relevant parts to develop and create various products. In the modern stage of development, biotechnology also focuses on parts of genetic, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc. to stand out as a profession of advanced science in today’s age.

    Pursuing higher education from biotechnology universities in USA will allow you to work in over 83,000 upcoming job opportunities, as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The jobs in USA for biotechnology graduates are expected to rise by 7% in the upcoming ten years. Hence, USA can be a decent country for aspirants looking for higher education in biotechnology.

    • More than 60% of the biotechnology professionals in USA are offered an annual salary of more than 90,000 USD.
    • Annual salaries of biotechnology graduates in cities like Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, and Los Angeles are higher than the other cities of USA.
    • The average salary for biotechnology in the USA is 7% more than that of all jobs.
    • As per the U.S. Department of Labor, 29% of biotechnology professionals are employed in the research and development field.
    Employment for Biotechnologist in USA

    Top Biotechnology Universities in USA

    Presented below is a list of top universities of the USA ranked worldwide for biotechnology by Academic Ranking of World Universities (2019). 

    University/College Popular Biotechnology Programs ARWU Subject Rank (2019)
    Harvard University Master of Science[M.Sc.]/ Master liberal Arts-Biotechnology; Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics;
    Certificate Bioinformatics and Biotechnology management 
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Bachelor of Science [B.SC] Biological Engineering 2
    Stanford University Ph.D. in Biochemistry 3
    University of California, Berkeley Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Comparative Biochemistry  5
    Johns Hopkins University Masters of Science [M.Sc.] Bioinformatics and Biotechnology; Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular;
    Postgraduate Certificate Biotechnology Enterprise & Biotechnology Education

    Universities in USA for Biotechnology: Specialization & Degree Types

    Biotechnology as a developing subject has several specializations, starting from biochemistry to molecular biotechnology that one can take up when planning to pursue it from the USA. These subjects in the USA are available in the forms of undergraduate, graduate, doctorate degree and few certificate degrees.

    Among the many specializations that biotechnology has, here are some of the popular ones that you can study in USA:

    • Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
    • Bioinformatics
    • Biochemistry
    • Food Biotechnology
    • Bioinformatics
    • Genomics
    • Biotechnology Management

    Biotechnology in the USA is offered as the following degree types:

    • Undergraduate- Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and certificate programs.
    • Graduate- Master of Science, Postgraduate Certificate, Master of Business Administration and Master Liberal arts.
    • Doctoral- Doctoral of Philosophy/ Ph.D.

    Top certificate programs offered in universities of USA for biotechnology:

    • Certificate Bioinformatics- Harvard University
    • Certificate Biotechnology Management- Harvard University
    • Postgraduate Certificate Biotechnology Enterprise- Johns Hopkins University
    • Postgraduate Certificate Biotechnology Education- Johns Hopkins University
    • Certificate Cellular Biotechnology- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    • Postgraduate Certificate Bioinformatics- New York University

    Bachelors from Biotechnology Universities in USA

    An undergraduate degree in biotechnology can be considered as one of the most important degrees when it comes to employment in the USA. As per the data observed from the U.S. Department of Labor, around 28% of the biotechnology undergraduates are employed, which is more than other degree holders of the same field.

    Compiled below are some popular bachelor biotechnology programs to keep a track of, along with the universities and the average course fee-

    Popular Programs Universities offering the Program Average annual fee (USD)
    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Biochemistry University of Pennsylvania 50,538
    University of California (Los Angeles) 45,951
    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Molecular Biophysics Yale University 55,500
    Duke University 31,949
    Washington University 53,308
    Boston University 53,885
    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Biochemistry & Cell Biology University of California (SanDiego) 30,093
    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Brown University 49,816
    Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Bioinformatics University of California (San Diego) 30,093

    Bachelors from Biotechnology University in USA: Eligibility

    In order to apply for an undergraduate program from a university in USA for biotechnology, individuals may check the below gathered criteria and documents essentials:

    • International students must provide their qualifying certificate of 12th grade having more than 80% from any registered body of education (science background is preferred)
    • ACT (35 or more) and SAT (800 to 1550), scores can be required by the universities.
    • International students will have to give the proof of English Language proficiency (IELTS- 7 or more & TOEFL- 85 or more)
    • Students may need to go through entrance tests and interviews conducted by the universities.
    • Students may require providing their medical history.

    Bachelors from Biotechnology University in USA: Documents Required

    • Academic Documents ( Mandatory)
    • Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation may be needed (Depends on the university applying
    • A valid passport and an F-1 visa.

    Fees & Funding for Bachelors in Biotechnology in USA

    The average annual cost to study an undergraduate biotechnological degree from the USA may range from 31,000 to 55,000 USD including tuition, application and other study-related costs. However, the range may depend on the university chosen. Numbers of scholarship facilities are there for undergraduate degrees in the USA.

    Masters from Biotechnology Universities in USA

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are 10% of biotechnology professionals employed in the USA with a graduate degree. As per salary explorer, a skilled graduate experiences a hike in salary by 29% more than the undergraduates.

    Considering the above-stated facts, one can check out the following universities of the USA offering some prevalent biotechnology graduate programs-

    Popular Program Universities offering the Program Average Annual Fee (USD)
    Master Liberal Arts (Biotechnology)/ Master of Science [M.Sc.] Biotechnology Harvard University 17,040
    Columbia University 33,320
    Northwestern University 54,559
    New York University 49,109
    Master of Business Administration [M.B.A] (Biotechnology - Life Sciences) Harvard University 73,440
    Master of Science [M.Sc.] (Biochemistry - Molecular and Structural Biology) University of California (Los Angeles),  31,949
    University of Michigan 21,389
    Master of Science [M.Sc.] (Bioinformatics) Johns Hopkins University 4,495
    University of California (Los Angeles) 31,949
    New York University 49,109
    Master of Science [M.Sc.]Biometry University of Wisconsin (Madison) 26,536

    MS in Biotechnology in USA: Eligibility for Admission

    The applications of the students willing to pursue MS in Biotechnology in USA shall be accepted on the satisfaction of a few basic criteria as mentioned below:

    • Students must have an undergraduate certificate in a related field of study with a decent grade or percentage.
    • GRE scores are essential for maximum universities (score may vary as per university chosen)
    • All the International students will have to give proof of English language proficiency (IELTS- 7 or more & TOEFL- 85 or more)
    • Students may have to fulfill all the rules and regulations set by respective universities and departments.

    Documents Required for MS in Biotechnology in USA Admission

    • Official Academic Transcripts
    • Letter of Intent
    • Current CV
    • A valid passport and an appropriate visa are mandatory.
    • Academic Reference letters

    Fees & Funding for MS in Biotechnology in USA

    Annual fees to pursue a graduate degree in Biotechnology from the USA may differ on the grounds of specific graduate programs and university one chooses but on average annually, it may cost between the ranges from 17,100 to 74,000 USD. International students can check for different financial aid as help provided by a few universities and the government of the country.

    Doctorate from Biotechnology Universities in USA

    A biotechnology doctorate degree in the USA may generally take 3 to 5 years to complete. According to salary explorer, a Ph.D. holder from universities in USA for biotechnology can earn 23% more than any other degree holders of the same profession can. This shows how a doctorate degree in the same field can enhance the chance of having a career with high returns.

    Listed underneath are the core biotechnology doctorate programs obtainable from the globally ranked colleges of the USA-

    Popular Program Universities offering the Program Duration of the Program Average annual fee (USD)
    Doctor of Philosophy in Bioinformatics, Integrative Genomics  Harvard University  5 Years 24,004
    Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry Stanford University 4 Years 52,479
    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Comparative Biochemistry University of California, Berkeley 5 Years 32,374
    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Biochemistry- Cellular and Molecular Biology Johns Hopkins University 3 Years 42,006
    Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Biochemistry- Cell & Developmental Biology Emory University 5 Years 21,400

    PhD from Biotechnology University in USA: Eligibility

    The general criteria and the important documents are outlined below that one can have an eye on when eager to apply for doctoral biotechnological programs:

    • It is highly suggested to have a good academic record both in undergraduate and graduate degree (70% or B-)
    • It is recommended for international students to have GRE scores.
    • Students must get their research paper approved by the concerned universities.
    • Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS- 7 or more & TOEFL- 85 or more) is mandatory for all the international students.
    • Universities may conduct internet-based tests, revised paper-delivered tests, and paper-based tests.
    • International students strictly need to follow the guidelines set by the universities.

    PhD from Biotechnology University in USA: Documents Required

    • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
    • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
    • Resume/CV
    • Past Academic transcripts
    • Approved thesis.

    PhD from Biotechnology University in USA: Fees & Funding

    Funding aids are more when it comes to a doctoral degree and one may get the facility of stipend when doing research in Biotechnology from the USA, but the cost to study a doctoral program may range from 24,100 to 53,000 USD annually on an average. However, the government of the country and various universities of the USA have a number of scholarships available for doctoral programs.

    Scholarships Available in Universities in USA for Biotechnology

    Scholarships and financial aids offered by the various bodies can be helpful for those willing to pursue their education in biotechnology from the USA, as the cost to study and living may seem huge for an international student to make the dream of studying abroad true.

    Tabulated below are some of the popular scholarships that international students in USA pursuing biotechnology program can avail:

    Scholarship Name Offered To Amount Awarded (USD) Offered By
    BeArt Presets-Academic Scholarship Available for all the undergraduate and graduate programs 2,000 Corporate
    Robert S. McNamara Fellowship Program Available for all the Ph.D. programs 25,000 Corporate
    Debesh Kamal Scholarship Available for all the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs 1385 Trust
    JN Tata Endowment Scholarship Available for all the graduate and doctoral programs Variable Trust
    AAUW International Fellowships Available for all the graduate and doctoral programs Variable Trust

    Fundamentals to ensure when applying for scholarships

    Eager students who are willing to apply for scholarships must fulfill all the instructions and protocols set by the scholarship offering organization, but here are some basic points to keep a track of-

    • International students must have an acceptance letter from the respective universities or colleges.
    • High academic scores are required.
    • International students may have to sit for the tests and interviews conducted by the scholarship offering bodies.
    • Statement of purpose may be required.
    • Scores of GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS may be required by some universities.

    Scope of Biotechnology in USA: Jobs & Salary Prospects

    The average annual cost to pursue a biotechnology degree in the USA can range from a minimum of 18,000 USD to a maximum of 70,000 USD. Here are few day-to-day tasks of a biotechnology expert-

    • Collection of biological specimens
    • Interpretation and recording of operational data and research
    • Setting up of laboratory equipment
    • Examining characteristics of living organisms
    • Scrutinizing of chemical substances
    • Preparation of biological samples for testing

    Presenting under are some high-paid jobs in the Biotechnology sector of the USA that any aspirant can explore. The average annual salary may vary depending on the level of qualification one posses:

    Job Title Average Annual Salary (USD)
    Bioinformatics Scientist 124,000 USD
    Bioinformatics Technician 77,500 USD
    Biotechnologists 89,300 USD
    Biotechnology Lead Data Manager 80,100 USD
    Biostatisfaction 91,000 USD
    Biological technician 81,000 USD

    There is a high chance of biotechnology professionals finding the country work-friendly. According to salary explorer, an increment in the annual average salary has been observed by 9% every 15 months in the biotechnology sector of the USA. 51% of the biotechnology employees have been found to receive at least one form of monetary bonus annually by 3% to 5%.

    The USA has a vast scope for a biotechnology aspirant to explore and grow in terms of several globally ranked universities, like Harvard University, Stanford University, etc. along with a wide range of biotechnology programs offered by those universities. One may get help in terms of scholarships and financial aids to study at ease in the USA.


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    Top Colleges

    Sort ByPopularityAdmin RatingHighest FeesLowest Fees
    California, usa
    Pennsylvania, usa
    Illinois, usa
    New York, usa
    Texas, usa
    Illinois, usa
    Massachusetts, usa
    California, usa
    Rhode Island, usa
    Michigan, usa