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DM [Neonatology] is a three year Doctorate that studies neonatal science. Neonatology is a subject that comes under the speciality of pediatrics. It studies with the medical care required for newborn infants especially in cases where they are born premature or ill born. DM in Neonatology is offered in various medical colleges in India and abroad. This is a course approved by Medical Council of India and all the universities and colleges are recognized by the MCAI.

A person studying DM in Neonatology is trained to handle complex and high-risk situations as infants are prone to catching diseases faster than adults. If an infant is born premature or has a serious illness, injury, or birth defect then a neonatologist is the one who can handle these cases. If a problem is identified before a baby is born then a neonatologist will be involved with the obstetrician in caring for the baby even during pregnancy. Students studying DM in Neonatology focus on the whole health of the newborns who are in need of ICU care.

The course fees ranges between INR 30,000 - 1 lac for the total duration. The probable salaries offered to successful postgraduates in this field are between 8-10 lacs per annum.

DM [Neonatology]: Course Highlights

Listed below are some of the major highlights of the course

Course Level Postgraduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester System
Eligibility MD/MS from a recognized University
Admission Process Direct admission to colleges. However, some colleges may check student's skills in through an entrance test.
Course Fee INR 30,000 - 1 lac
Average Starting Salary INR 8-10 lacs
Top Recruiting Organizations' Medanta Hospital, Apollo Super Speciality Hospital, AIIMS, GMC, etc
Top Recruiting Areas' Child Care Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, Research Centers, Academics, Maternity Homes, etc
Top Job Profiles Neonatologist, Neonatal Consultant, Neonatal Physician, Surgeon, etc.

DM [Neonatology]: What is it About?

Neonatology is the medical care of newborn infants, ill or premature newborn infant. Students pursuing DM Neonatology get to practice in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) to see the actual functioning of their profession.  The students get to learn about the newborn infants who are ill and require special medical care. The problems of newborns could be due to prematurity, low birth weight, intrauterine growth, retardation, birth defects or complex issues like sepsis, pulmonary hypoplasia or birth asphyxias.

The neonatologists may follow infants for their care for months or even years after hospital discharge. They try to better assess the long-term effects of health problems that they had early in life.

Babies are kept in the neonatal unit for several weeks especially when they are extremely preterm. Neonatology is a challenging specialty full of complexities and intricacies due the size of patients. This field requires teamwork and coordination among all health professionals working together in the care of babies.
During the course of study of DM Neonatology, the management of patients is always changing with emergence of new research findings. This means the students to keep up to date with latest advancements.

DM [Neonatology]: Top Institutes

Listed below are some of the top institutes offering the course DM [Neonatology] in the country with the corresponding locations and fees charged by them

DM [Neonatology]: Eligibility

Aspiring students who wish to study DM in Neonatology can opt for this course after completing the following trajectory:

  • The students must have completed their 10+2 level of schooling with subjects like biology, chemistry and physics
  • The student must have successfully completed their MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) from a reputed college or institution. MBBS is a 5½ years course and includes a one-year internship period as well.

DM [Neonatology]: Admission Process

Given below are some of the entrance exams for DM Neonatology:

  • All India D.M / M.Ch. Entrance Examination
  • All India Institute of Medical Science Entrance Exam (AIIMS)
  • Banaras Hindu University Entrance Exam
  • Delhi University Super Specialty Entrance Test – DUMET

DM [Neonatology]: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester wise breakup of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below:

Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3
Fetal and Neonatal Immunology Fetal and Neonatal Endocrine Physiology Intrapartum monitoring and procedures
Applied Anatomy and Embryology Research Methodology Diagnosis and Management of Fetal Diseases
Neonatal Adaptation Biostatistics Medical diseases affecting pregnancy and fetus
Fetal and Intrauterine Growth Perinatal and Neonatal Mortality, Morbidity and Epidemiology Psychological and ethical considerations
Semester 4 Semester 5 Semester 6
Neonatal Resuscitation Assessment of Gestation, Neonatal Behavior and Neonatal Reflexes Neonatal Ophthalmology
Neonatal Ventilation Immunization Neonatal Dermatology
Blood Gas and Acid Base disorders Development of Assessment, Detection of Neuromotor Delay Transport of Neonates
Neonatal Assessment and Follow up Neonatal Imaging Organization of Neonatal Care

DM [Neonatology]: Career Prospects

In the past few years due to several advancements in the neonatology sector of medicine, the demand of DM Neonatology degree holders has increased. Various advancements like heart transplants for infants, general surgery and cardiac surgery for infants has also fuelled the requirement of such graduates. The services provided by the skilled neonatologists has brought about a great reduction in the rate of newborn deaths.

A neonatologist will be caring for newborn babies who need extra support shortly after their birth. Babies may be admitted to the neonatal unit for a variety of reasons which makes the job of a Neonatologist challenging and stimulating. A Neonatologist will be required to handle the situation ranging from a baby born at full term with a complex cardiac abnormality to a baby born normally but extremely premature at mere 24 weeks.

Some of the popular avenues open to postgraduates of DM [Neonatology] are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

DM Neonatology annual salary
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary in INR
Neonatologist Neonatologist diagnose and treat newborns with conditions such as breathing disorders, infections and defects from birth. They coordinate and manage premature, critically ill, or in need of surgery babies. 12-24 lacs
Neonatal Surgeon Neonatal surgeons are those surgeons who perform operations on an infant or a newborn. This could be due to illness or to alleviate a defect. He can perform surgery on adults and children and have the advanced education and skills necessary to perform surgery on infants and very young children. 15-18 lacs

DM [Neonatology] Fee Structure in India

6.88 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES66 L  (Maximum Fee)
11.92 L (Average Fee)
6.14 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES66 L (Maximum Fee)
36.07 L (Average Fee)


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DM [Neonatology] Colleges IN INDIA

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1.78 L first year fees
18.6 K first year fees
67.23 K first year fees
St John's Medical College
Bangalore, Karnataka
9.1 L first year fees