Netherlands Student Visa: Requirements and Process

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    Netherlands is emerging as a popular destination among international students from the past decade. As per the statistics published by Immigration Department, their number increased from 76,606 in 2017 to 85,955 in 2018. One of the reasons for this rapid increase is the esay procedure of Netherlands student visa and high acceptance rate. Almost 99% of the applications were accepted by the Immigration Department in 2019. Maximum number of applicants coming to study in Netherlands are from students of India, China and USA.

    Netherlands Student Visa Acceptance Rate

    Student visa in the Netherlands is referred to as a residence permit (vrv) and required for admission to full-time masters and bachelors programs. Non-EU students also need an entry residence permit (mvv) to study in this country. It is the responsibility of Netherlands universities to apply for a visa on the student's behalf. hence, international students are required to pay 174 EUR visa processing fees at the time of enrollment. Afterwards, they just have to make an appointment and collect the douments on time. A Schengen visa is required for a study period of less than 90 days.

    Netherlands Student Visa: Highlights 

    Types For Short Period of Study: Schengen Visa;
    For Full-time Programs: Entry and Temporary Residence Permit
    Acceptance Rate 99% (in 2019)
    Application Fees 172 EUR
    Processing Duration 60 to 90 days
    Validity Entry Permit (mvv): 3 months;
    Temporary Residence Permit vrv): Study Period + 3 months

    Netherlands Student Visa Requirements

    Although universities apply for student visas in Netherlands, international students must fulfill certain basic requirements to make sure that their visa is accepted. These include acceptance letters from the university, sufficient funding, proof of Dutch or English language proficiency by submitting test scores required to study in Netherlands and maintenance of standard academic performance throughout the study period. All the submitted documents should be legalized and translated in Dutch, English, French or German.

    Details about the requirements for student visa to Netherlands are discussed as follows:

    Acceptance from University for Netherlands Student Visa

    International students applying for residence permit must have a provisionally acceptance letter from a Netherlands university or university of applied sciences.

    • Acceptance must be in a full-time program bachelors or masters program at Netherlands universities accredited by NVAO or any other foreign accreditation agency.
    • The university must be registered in the list of Public Register of Recognised Sponsors.

    Financial Stability for Student Visa to Netherlands

    International students are also required to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds for tuition fees and accommodation in the Netherlands. The Immigration Department revises the minimum required amount every year. Hence, proof of sufficient funding must be submitted every year for the entire duration of the study period.

    Universities of Netherlands provides a declaration form that students have to submit with complete information and sign. Two types of funds required are:

    • Tuition Fees: Varies according to the university
    • Study Norms: Equals the amount required for living expenses such as accommodation, meals, etc.

    Minimum required amount of study norm for residence permit are tabulated below:

    Application Type Monthly Amount (in EUR) for Higher Education Monthly Amount (in EUR) for Vocational Education
    Self Financed 900 740
    Financed by a Sponsor staying in Netherlands By Couples: 2,712;
    By Single Person: 2,170
    By Couples: 2,551;
    By Single Person: 2,007

    Note: Amount mentioned above is valid from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

    Students can demonstrate the availability of sufficient funds for living and studying in the Netherlands by submitting one of the following documents.

    Money in a student's own bank account

    Account should be in the name of the student with guarantee that they can freely withdraw money from it. It could be a current or savings account with another person (joint account) or single nominee account. A bank statement, copy of account statement or printout of the internet copy of bank details with following information is required:

    • Date of issue,
    • Personal details,
    • Bank account number,
    • Total balance,
    • Contact details of the bank.

    If account is a joint bank account, then a statement is also required with following information:

    • Original bank statement,
    • Copy of an statement,
    • Printout of the internet copy of bank account

    Note: No document should be older than 3 months.

    Deposit money in the student’s account at Netherlands university

    Students have the option of depositing the total annual amount of study norm in their personal account at the enrolled university. The university sends the account statement to Immigration Department of the Netherlands while submitting the visa application. Following information must be included in the account statement:

    • Date,
    • Name of educational institution and bank account number
    • Total amount paid by the student

    Funding through scholarships

    International students getting scholarships in the Netherlands from government, university or any other third party organizations can submit it as a proof of financial stability. A scholarship declaration with following information is required:

    • Date of issue,
    • Institution granting scholarships,
    • Personal details of student,
    • Start and finish date of the scholarship
    • Amount offered
    • Name of scholarship program (optional)

    Funding from an organization

    If an international student is receiving funding from an organization, he/she is required to submit a form or with following information:

    • Name, date and place of birth, nationality and passport number of signatory
    • Name and contact details of organization
    • Name, date and place of birth, nationality and passport number of student
    • Total transferred amount

    Original bank statement of the company showing following details is also required:

    • Name of company
    • Bank account number and total balance amount
    • Contact details of bank

    Note: The funding organization must have an amount equal to one year of study norm and the statement should not be older than 3 months.

    Funding from a Person Abroad

    Students getting funding from a sponsor living outside the Netherlands must submit a statement not older than 3 months. Other requirements are:

    • Copy of passport or any other identity document of sponsor
    • One of the following as a proof of bank account of sponsor
    • Original bank statement,
    • Copy of account statement
    • Printout of the internet copy of bank account

    Above documents must clearly show the issue date, total balance, name and contact details of the sponsor.

    Funding from a Citizen of Netherlands

    International students can demonstrate proof of financial stability with the help of funding from a person living in the Netherlands. Following documents, not older than 3 months, are required for the same:

    • A Financial Statement of Support
    • Original extract from Municipal Personal Records Database showing family composition of sponsor from municipality
    • Proof of income of sponsor

    Maintaining the Academic Performance for Netherlands Student Visa

    International students must keep in mind that their residence permit will not be renewed if they fail to obtain the 50% of the total credits required for the program. This is also known as study progress monitoring. Performance is reviewed every year in November by the Immigration Department of Netherlands. Universities also have the right to send a report to Immigration Department if they feel that a student won’t be able to achieve the required credits before the end of the year.

    Special consideration is given to international students having a valid reason such as one of the following:

    • Illness,
    • Any functional disorder like physical or sensory impairment,
    • Pregnancy,
    • Family circumstances

    Proof of Language Proficiency for Student Visa in Netherlands

    International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the Dutch or English language depending upon the language of instruction of the program they wish to study in the Netherlands. Proficiency in English language can be demonstrated by submission of IELTS test with following minimum score:

    • Minimum score of 6.0: Direct admission
    • Score between 5.5 to 6.0: Preparatory program of 6 months is required
    • Score between 5.0 to 5.5: Preparatory program of 1 year is required

    Process of Applying for Netherlands Student Visa

    Application for student visa to the Netherlands must be submitted by a university recognized as a sponsor by Immigration Department. The whole process takes approximately 60 to 90 days. Each step is discussed in detail in this section.

    Applying for the Netherlands Student Visa

    It is the responsibility of university of Netherlands to apply for both mvv and resident permit (vrv) on student’s behalf. Immigration department takes approximately 60 days and 90 days for processing of mvv and residence permits respectively. Concerned education institutions are informed about the final decision.

    Getting the Entry Student Visa to Netherlands (mvv)

    • Study abroad aspirants can collect mvv immediately from the nearest Dutch embassy.
    • Passport with validity of at least 6 months and biometric information is required to be submitted while collecting the mvv.
    • Deadline for collecting mvv is 3 months from the date of issue. However, it is valid for 90 days from the date of collecting it from the embassy.
    • With this provisional residence permit, an international student can travel to the Netherlands.

    Getting the Netherlands Student Visa (Temporary Residence Permit)

    Residence permit or vrv takes 2 weeks to get ready after a positive decision. A letter is sent to university indicating that letter is ready. International students are required to book an appointment with Immigration Department at the desk stated in the letter to collect residence permit. Any anomaly or incorrect information can also be corrected at that time

    Register with the Municipality

    Upon arrival in the Netherlands, international students must register in the Municipal Personal Records Database of the municipality where they are going to live. A legalized and translated birth certificate and some other documents are required for registration. Students should check with the municipality and carry all these documents with them in the Netherlands.

    Health Insurance and Proof of Negative TB Test

    Basic health insurance with a Dutch insurer is required to stay in the Netherlands. Students are required to make an appointment with the Area Health Authority (GGD) within 3 months after receiving residence permit. They must carry a TB test referral form with them.

    Conditions Associated with Netherlands Student Visa

    International students should note that following are the terms and conditions associated with Netherlands student visa. Failure in obeying them can lead to cancellation anytime.

    • Maximum period of residence permit is 5 years.
    • Validity of visa is duration of the study period with additional 3 months.
    • Students get one additional year of preparatory education if they are accepted via provisional admission.
    • International students are only allowed to work for an employer having a TMV.
    • A part-time paid employment is allowed for maximum 16 hours a week during the time of active classes
    • Full-time employment is allowed during summer holidays
    • Students can work on self-employed basis after registering with Dutch Chamber of Commerce.
    • Internships relevant to study programs are allowed even without a TWV.
    • Study-exchange programs with institutions outside the Netherlands are allowed for less than 12 months.

    Student visas in Netherlands have a 99% acceptance rate. Immigration department does not reject the visa as long as all conditions are satisfactorily fulfilled. International students should provide only correct information and refrain from using any malpractices to speed up the process.


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