Mumbai University Commences Final Year Exams 2020, Schedule for ATKT candidates postponed

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Mumbai University scheduled to start the final year exams from Friday, September 25, in an online mode. As some colleges began facing technical glitches, a suburban college postponed the schedule for ATKT candidates.

Meanwhile, Mumbai University commenced the exams in the online mode for the very first time in the form of MCQs. The online exams for some city colleges faced technical glitches that compelled some colleges to delay the exams. 

The second circular of MU stated, “The concept of a lead or cluster college is to bring together a group of affiliated colleges in a given geographical region offering similar programs (arts, commerce, science, engineering, pharmacy, etc) and facilitate the synchronisation and coordination with respect to the execution of various academic and examination work.” 

The circular further mentioned, “MCQ papers will comprise of 25-40 questions, to be chosen as per the requirement of the subject, and this one hour paper will carry a maximum 50 marks. 

Sample MCQs should be prepared and provided to develop the understanding of exam patterns for students and mock tests too should be conducted for the purpose of practice.”

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The Vice-Principal of a college stated that the software that was designed for the exams did not function as they wanted and were required to redesign the questions that further resulted in the postponement of the exam.

Teachers were to be made familiar with the online mode of exams techniques which further led the decision to delay the examinations..

Sobhana Vasudevan, Principal of R A Podar College, Matungaprincipal, R A Podar College, Matunga said that the college was preparing students for the exams by currently conducting mock tests in the MCQs format. 

Earlier, all the colleges coming under MU were divided into different groups according to geographical location. But MU didn’t specify the colleges about which software is to be used to conduct the exams smoothly. This led to a lack of uniformity and chaos.

Apart from some colleges, colleges like St. Xavier’s have managed to conduct the exams smoothly. They have structured google forms and take exam guidelines seriously via Zoom.

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