Mumbai University Conducts First Online Viva For Engineering Student Successfully.

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Exams Prep Master | Updated On - November 23rd, 2021 07:00 PM IST

Mumbai University conducted its first online viva successfully for an engineering student Rupali Patil, on May 27, 2020. The student was from the Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering branch and was registered at the resource center of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology.

The examiners from IIT Bombay and Jondhale College of Engineering took the online viva for Rupali's PhD thesis. Rupali has been titled as the first Mumbai university student to be conferred the doctorate degree in an online viva during the lockdown period.

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Rupali Patil is doing research under her guide Ramesh Karandikar from KJ Somaiya College of Engineering and her research is based on 'Documented Signal retrieval and Identification'..

The viva took place for a good one and a half hours. She was asked around 12-14 questions by the external examiners. Like others, Rupali had also not imagined that the viva could be conducted on an online platform.

To conduct the online viva for students, MU followed all the UGC guidelines. In the coming few days more such vivas will be conducted for 8 subjects in science and technology and 4 subjects in anthropology. As updated last, the MU would be promoting students on the basis of internal assessment, except the last semester students.