Mumbai University Students Face Technical Glitches on Day-1 of Online Exam

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On the first day of the online final exam of Mumbai University, staff were assisting students who faced technical glitches and were abruptly chucked out of the virtual exam hall.

University of Mumbai began the final year examinations which are to be held between October 1 to October 31, 2020. The examination will be held online due to the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the states. 

37 colleges affiliated to Mumbai University were having their exam on October 1, 2020 (Thursday). The attendance was reported to be 99% by the colleges on Day 1. 

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On the first day of the virtual exam, students were facing some technical issues when they got calls on their cellphones and they were abruptly removed from the virtual exam hall. Then they called up the cluster help centre and were allowed  to join the exam immediately with the new question paper.

The Principal of a lead college stated that the exam software got disconnected and threw the students out of the virtual exam hall when they received calls on their cell phone and tried to attend them. 

In some cases, the students who were looking somewhere else were warned and logged out automatically by the software after three warnings where the video supervision was used.

The Principal also added that the students were warned about the fact that they should not look somewhere else when the exam is going on and they should not minimize the exam software. 

Students who got logged out because of such incidents were asked to log in again. They were later provided a new set of multiple choice question papers in order to prevent them from cheating in the exam.

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In the review meeting held on Thursday evening, the colleges in the tribal and backward regions of Talasari, Wada, Mokhada, Jawahar and in the interior regions of Sindhudurg reported that the exams went smoothly without any issues.

Friday is a holiday and full fledged examinations will be held in all the colleges from October 5, 2020. All the 781 colleges affiliated to Mumbai University will be conducting exams and about 2.5 lakh students will be taking up the exam.

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