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Write Review and Win Monthly Prizes Upto 30000*

Every Review Will Bring Upto ₹500 & ₹30000 monthly via Referrals, Extra Cash for Selected Colleges
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April Contest Ends In:


Monthly Cash Rewards


Minimum 90 referrals and 1st position on Leaderboard


Minimum 70 referrals and 2nd position on Leaderboard


Minimum 50 referrals and 3rd position on Leaderboard


Minimum 30 referrals and 4th-10th position on Leaderboard

How To Win the rewards?

  • Submit Your College ReviewEvery reviews gets guaranteed Rs 200 - Rs 300 extra for selected colleges Check List
  • Collect Your Referral CodeEvery approved review via referral Gets Guaranteed Rs ₹40 - ₹100. Earn ₹200 by successfully referring someone for an MBA course review.
  • Reach in Top 10 of the leaderboardEvery month top three referees get Rs 15000, Rs 12000, and Rs 7000. Next 7 Refers Get Rs 2000

Do's & Dont's - Points to Consider While Writing a Review

  • Be Factual -

    Read the instructions provided along with the questions carefully, and try to include mentioned facts to the best of your knowledge

  • Be Decent -

    Talking about your alma mater should always have decency, even when criticizing it. No Rash Words Should be Used in the content, it will be edited during the moderation process.

  • Be Original -

    Don't Copy and write your own experience. Most elaborate reviews might bring extra rewards. Write your review on your own, don't let anyone else use your identity.

  • Be Patient -

    The review has 8 steps, each step covering one aspect of your college life, so answer them with patience so they add value to the user. You can always complete the review form in phases.

  • Be Social -

    Once you are done with your review, share the review form with as many students from your college as possible. More the review more the rewards. Reviews for the courses with lesser reviews on collegedunia have extra rewards added to them.


  • Monthly Winners will be announced at the start of each month. Winners of July 2023 will be announced on 1st August 2023.

  • Top 3 monthly winners will each receive a bonus cash reward of ₹15,000, ₹12,000, ₹7,000 respectively. Candidates in positions 4 to 10 on the leaderboard at the end of the month will get a ₹2,000 bonus cash prize. This is separate from the amount earned through individual referrals.

  • To be eligible for the bonus cash reward, the 1st prize winner should have at least 90 successful referrals; the 2nd prize winner should have at least 70 successful referrals; the 3rd prize winner should have at least 50 successful referrals; and the remaining 4th–10th position holders must have at least 30 referrals.

  • There are two ways to earn reward points:

    1. Write a college review to get up to 1000 points (₹500). Minimum of 200 points (₹100)

    2. Share your referral code with your friends to encourage them to write college reviews. Upon approval of such reviews, you will earn up to 200 points(₹100). When the review submitted using your referral code is approved, you will be rewarded in cash.

  • For each successfully approved MBA review obtained through a referral, the referring user will receive a reward of ₹200.

  • A successful referral is when the review submitted using your referral code is approved. 1 point = ₹0.5

Frequently Asked Question

Why fill out the College Review Form on Collegedunia?

The reviews submitted by you will help prospective students in making an informed decision about the right career path for themselves. By sharing your experience, you will be helping others in deciding the right college.

You will also get an exciting reward between Rs.40 to Rs.500 (for India Reviews) and 10 USD (for Abroad Reviews) within 48 working hours if your review is approved.

How to fill out the review form on Collegedunia?

Steps to follow to submit the review on Collegedunia:

    1. Login into the Collegedunia portal by clicking on this URL: https://collegedunia.com/login
    2. Click on “JOIN US”, if you are a new member else login via your registered mobile number.
    3. Once logged in, click on https://collegedunia.com/write-review
    4. Search your college and the course name you want to write a review.
    5. Fill in the step-wise details of your college experience.
    6. Read Terms and Conditions carefully and submit the review.

My college and course is not listed in the review form?

You can submit your college and course name manually in the sections provided. We will add it to our website and will tag them in your review respectively.

How long does it take to get the review approved?

Any submitted review can get approved within 15 minutes to 48 hours of submission depending upon the volume of the reviews collected at that time. Reviewers can check their Collegedunia account for updates.

How to write an anonymous review?

In order to protect your identity, you can make your review anonymous. This option is available in the User Profile.

How will I get the reward?

Once your review is approved, you will get your reward within 48 working hours. Your UPI ID should be linked to the phone number mentioned in the step-1 of review form for succesful reward transfer.

I have filled out the review form but didn’t receive the reward yet?

The release of reward may take 15 mins to 2 working days depending upon volume of the reviews being collected in a given period.

How to edit an approved review?

Go to the User Dashboard if you wish to edit your review that has been approved before. You must mention the reason first to edit the review. Once submitted, the team will review the case and approve the edited review.

What happens once I fill the review form?

Any submitted review is assessed for quality, relevance, intricacy and rarity by the team. After quality checking, the review will be verified on the basis of data submitted and details shared. The rewards are released on the ability of the review to satisfy the query of the prospective students with factual data.

How to report a Bad or Incorrect review?

To report any published review, you need to click on the ‘Report’ option below the review. You will be required to submit details like - Name, Email ID, Contact Number and Comments. Further action will be taken by Collegedunia.

Reward Transaction Failed - What are the alternatives?

If in any case your transaction fails, Collegedunia team will contact you on your registered email ID. You will be given an google form where you can submit your alternate UPI id. Fill in the details carefully and the reward will be credited to your account.

Someone else used my details to fill the review?

You can report the issue on contact@collegedunia.com along with the published review link. We will do a thorough cross-examination and verify student details accordingly.

Is my data secure with Collegedunia?

Your details are absolutely safe with us. We have adopted appropriate data collection and processing methods to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration of your personal information.

How to get my referral code?

Login through your registered mobile number and go to the Dashboard. Click on ‘Your Reviews’ and you will find your referral code at the bottom of the page.

I didn’t get my referral reward yet?

The rewards are released only for the approved reviews. You can check the status of your review reward by clicking on the link: https://collegedunia.com/dashboard/your-reviews

If your friend's review is approved on the Dashboard then check your bank account linked with your upi id provided to Collegedunia. The reward will be credited to your account.

How to edit a disapproved review?

You can easily edit the review on the User's Dashboard. Go to ‘Your Reviews’ and choose the ‘Edit’ option available below the submitted review.

How to delete a review?

You can delete your review by yourself and no delegation is allowed to exercise this request. A request to delete the review can be made and it will be done within 14 working days. Also, you can request us at contact@collegedunia.com

I am not able to upload my documents?

Login using your registered Mobile number and go to the Dashboard. You can upload the documents and images in the ‘Your Reviews’ section.

I am not getting mails from collegedunia, regarding the review approval

Please check the registered email ID and the spam section of your mail as well.

How to Connect with the Collegedunia Team?

You can reach us at contact@collegedunia.com