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B. Tech Applied Mechanics is one of the most sort after 4-year undergraduate course. It is spread over 8 semesters and is meant for providing systematic understanding in fundamental of mechanics. It is a suitable choice for those who want to make a career in the field of mechanics.

For being eligible one must have studied physics, chemistry and mathematics in XII or equivalent with minimum 55% marks. Some universities provide lateral entry to the course in case the student is a diploma holder and marks scored in Diploma (Engg.) are 70% or above, then the respective entrance exam of the university is exempted and candidate may apply for admission.

The tuition fee may vary from INR 50,000- 1.5 lakh per semester from one institute to another.

B. Tech Applied Mechanics graduates can find job in various area like colleges and universities, production mechanic companies and costumer care companies as engineering technologist, technology manager to safety specialist with a salary package of 3-15 lakhs and more per annum. 

B.Tech in Applied Mechanics Highlights Table

Name of the course (both full name and short form) Bachelor of Technology in Applied Mechanics (B.Tech Applied Mechanics)
Duration of the course 4 years
Eligibility Passed 10+2 with minimum 55% marks in physics, chemistry and mathematics as main subjects.
Stream Engineering
Average course fee INR 50K to 1.5 lakh
Average entry-level salary INR 3 lakh per annum
Top entrance exams (if available) JEE Main and JEE Advanced

What is B. Tech Applied Mechanics?

The course is built to design high-level professionals who are experimental in their approach toward conducting creative scientific research by applying method of basic and theoretical analysis to resolve various engineering problems. It makes one indulge in application of various principles such as heat, force and the conservation of mass and energy to analyze static and dynamic physical systems.

Who should apply for B. Tech Applied Mechanics?

This course is meant for people who have are passionate about contributing in the development and designing of things like aircrafts, automobiles, household appliances, heating and cooling system or weapon system. Those who have an interest in building new things must opt for it. Their inclination toward creation of new machines and their functioning will make them excel in it.


The duration for Bachelor of Technology [B. Tech] (Applied Mechanics) is 4 years. The 4-year course is spread over 2 semesters per year, therefore 8 semesters in the entire course. All the semester give intensive training and knowledge to the students. They are systematically organized distributing the entire course.

Top Institutes offering B. Tech Applied Mechanics

B. Tech Applied Mechanics is provided by many universities. They comprise of private and government universities both. Some of the universities are given below: - 

Eligibility Criteria for B. Tech Applied Mechanics

To be eligible for the course one must have done his/her 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or equivalent with minimum 55% marks. The candidates appearing in the final exam of 10+2 are also eligible to apply for the course.

B. Tech Applied Mechanics Admission Process

For admission in IIT, The Joint Entrance Examination is conducted which is a common admission test for students seeking admission to undergraduate programmes of all IITs and ISM Dhanbad. To be eligible to write JEE (Advanced), the candidates have to first appear in the JEE (Main) which are conducted by JEE Apex Board, in the month of April.

For Modern Education Society’s Cusrow Wadia institute of technology one must score minimum of 35% marks in S.S.C. or equivalent. Thus, various institutes can conduct their own entrances examination for the admission.

B. Tech Applied Mechanics Course structure

The undergraduate programs have two components. The first component is the core program is common to all students and is carefully planned to give the students a firm and strong foundation of general education in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, Technical Arts, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

The courses are also at many times complemented by laboratory and project work. The course is structured in a manner that the core curriculum provides for large lecture classes with tutorial discussion hours and laboratory sessions in smaller groups which ensures attention being given to every individual.

In the last four semesters, students undertake some core mechanical engineering courses in Design of Machine Elements, Dynamics and Vibration of Machinery, Manufacturing Technology, Heat and Mass Transfer, Energy Systems, etc.

The course is divided in the following manner

Engineering Mechanics, a branch of Applied Mechanics, focuses on research and analysis of problems in the broad areas of Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics and Material Science. The major areas of expertise involve Linear and Nonlinear elasticity, Composite materials, Impact mechanics, Computational mechanics, Turbulence modeling, etc are some of them.

The course further teaches the students following areas of studies:

Areas of Study Description
Solid Mechanics It is the one which emphasis on Finite Element Analysis, Theory of Plates and Shells, Advanced Dynamics
Fluid Mechanics deals with Computational Fluid Dynamics Advanced Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence & its Modelling
Material Science Deals with Fracture Mechanics, Failure Analysis and Prevention, Mechanics of Composites

And then in the final two semesters of the program, students undertake an advanced design project, which involves the application of modern analysis and design techniques. Often the student projects translate in a development of new product and technology, leading to patent or other type of publications.

The projects are mandatory to be made by them in order to give them a practical insight of the course. Students also undergo compulsory summer training during the program, which helps them to visit and learn from the leading Indian and foreign industries/academia as per the university they study in.


Assessment in this course can vary from institute to institute one gets into studying which can include a combination of class work, tutorials, assignments, laboratory work, quizzes, project work and exams. These assessments combine to form the final result for the student. Once has to undertake all the activities and complete all the credits in order to complete the course.

B. Tech Applied Mechanics Syllabus

The syllabus of the course is a combination of subjects from the list given below. The syllabus may differ from college to college.

Engineering Mathematics I A Engineering Drawing
Engineering Mathematics I B Thermo-fluids
Electro-Techniques Applied Mechanics and Strength of Materials
Electrical Technology Basic Training I
Communicating Engineering Information Basic Training II
Basic Thermo-fluids Specific Training I (Mechanical)
Workshop Technology Engineering Mathematics II
Elementary Machine Design Materials Engineering
Microprocessors and Interfacing Specific Training II (Power)
Production Technology Applied Thermodynamics
Production Management Strength of Materials II
Automobile Technology Dynamics of Mechanical Systems
Automotive Electronics Industrial Engineering
Engineering Mathematics III Individual Project-Type B (Mechanical) or
Fluid Mechanics Group Project (Mechanical) or
Project Identification and Literature Survey (Mechanical) and Individual Project-Type A (Mechanical) Mechanics of Materials
Automobile Engineering Vehicle Dynamics and Design of Automotive Components
Advanced Manufacturing Technology -

B. Tech Applied Mechanics Career Prospects

A Bachelor of Technology [B. Tech] (Applied Mechanics) can expect to be placed in varied fields of opportunities like: -

Designation Description
Engineering Technologist  They specialized in the development, design, and implementation of engineering and technology
Technology Manager  They are integrated in planning, designing, optimizing, operation and control of technological products,
Business Head They are meant to head the business of developing new products at the accord of the company they are working for
Project Manager They manage their team and their project assigned to them.
Assistant professor They are experts in their fields who teach at university level.

B. Tech Applied Mechanics Salary

Bachelor of Technology [B. Tech] (Applied Mechanics) can expect to be paid from 3.5 lakhs to as much as 20 lakhs and more per annum as per their placements and prospects. With growing experience in this field a person can draw handsome salary with premium growth opportunities.

For the post of Engineering technologist one can expect to draw a salary around 8 to 11 lakhs per annum, technology manager can expect a salary between 2 to 6 lakhs per annum whereas business head and project manager can grow from 3 to 6 lakhs with experience.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Applied Mechanics) : 143 answered questions


Ques. How is Mechanical Engineering at Sastra University?

● Top Answer By Son Pal Sisodia on 30 Oct 21

Ans. One of my friends studied at SASTRA University. According to him, Mechanical engineering is pretty good when placements are considered.  The overall academics and curriculum are average.  The faculty are highly experienced but are very few in number. Students interested in Research are provided appropriate guidance and backup for it. Intra and Inter-departmental technical festivals also are conducted. Mechanical Engineering students have their labs dedicated to their department. Students take part in events conducted by SAE which make a real good addition to your resume. Categories Mechanical Engineering at SASTRA University Course Fee 6.20 lakh Placement Percentage 90% Highest CTC 15 LPA Average CTC 6 LPA Lowest CTC 3.5 LPA Recruiting Companies PayPal, Mu Sigma, TCS, L&T, etc. Though ECE is said to be the most sought after department in SASTRA University, when placements, faculty and course curriculum is considered. But Mechanical also does not lag behind.Read more
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Ques. Is NIT Puducherry for ECE better than IIITDM Kancheepuram for mechanical?

● Top Answer By Sakshi Gupta on 25 Oct 21

Ans. Opt for IIITDM Kancheepuram for Mechanical rather than ECE at NIT Puducherry. Here are some reasons as to why I feel so. Faculty: The faculty members at IIITDM Kancheepuram are highly experienced, some of them even have PhDs from the top IITs. At NIT Puducherry the faculty are not that experienced and are also few in number. Infrastructure: IIITDM Kancheepuram’s campus is excellent and appropriate for an educational institution. NIT Puducherry is still functioning from the temporary campus due to construction on the main site. Placements: NIT Puducherry is only known for its placement opportunities provided to its IT students. The rest of the department receives average placement offers. But IIITDM Kancheepuram provides great placements and maintains that record every year. Categories Mechanical Engineering at IIITDM Kancheepuram ECE at NIT Puducherry Course Fee 5.25 lakh 5.49 lakh Placement Percentage 75% 65% Highest CTC 10 LPA 15 LPA Average CTC 7 LPA 4 LPA Recruiting Companies Saint Gobain, L&T, Adobe, Zentrum Labs, etc. Emphasis, Capgemini, L&T, Mu Sigma, etc. Therefore, IIITDM Kancheepuram will be a better choice as here you can excel in your studies, get clear concepts about every topic. You will also receive industry-oriented and research-oriented teachings.Read more
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Ques. Is it worthy to join Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata for Mechanical Engineering?

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Ans. If you have any plan to choose mechanical engineering then avoid any of the colleges in West Bengal. JU, IIT KGP, IIEST, and NIT Durgapur these colleges are excluded.  Considering all provided facilities by the Heritage Institution which includes well-maintained labs and amazing faculties. Even then it is not recommended for Mechanical Engineering as the placement isn’t up to the expectations.  But if we look at other branches like CS, ECE, IT or Electrical these courses have comparatively better placements. Moreover, you may experience the same in other colleges as well, which include Techno, IEM, etc.  Thus, it is recommended to make a choice at other institutes like VIT or SRM for Mechanical Engineering. Read more
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Ques. What is the level of placement in a mechanical branch of LNCT Bhopal? Will it be better to do mechanical engineering from it?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 23 Sept 21

Ans. Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen branch and considering the placement rate of LNCT, which is 75-80%, it hardly provides any placements to the mechanical branch students. It means the mechanical branch students don't have the core placements.  In the year 2020, there were 3-4 companies that came to the campus for the core placements and took a very less number of students. Therefore, there are very few placement opportunities for a mechanical branch student in LNCT Bhopal. There are either no core placements or else the Institute will ask students to apply for the marketing companies and get a placement in that domain.  But then, if a student is good with the skill set and has good abilities, prepare for the exams like GATE, ONGC. It will help him/her in the future.Read more
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Ques. How good is Dayanand Sagar College of Engineering for a BE in mechanical engineering?

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Ans. Yes, Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering is good for Mechanical Engineering. Be it faculty, labs, department, infrastructure, branch, or any other aspect, the college is a perfect fit.  The only disadvantage of DSCE Bangalore is that it doesn't provide any offers from core companies. The students of the mechanical branch end up getting a job in the IT sector. If any core job offers are available, these companies will only hire students in single digit.  Companies like Accenture, Cognizant, Infosys, and Tech Mahindra hire students irrespective of the branches. If a job in the IT sector suits you after graduating from the mechanical branch, then you can opt for Dayanand Sagar College for Engineering as it is the best college. It will furnish a job but in the IT sector.Read more
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