Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Comparative Literature Top Colleges, Duration, Syllabus, Salary

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Ph.D. Comparative Literature is a 3 year doctorate programme in domain of comparative literature. The minimum eligibility for this course is qualified post graduate degree in English language or literature.

Some of the top institutes which provide admission to Ph.D. Comparative Literature in India are as follows:

  1. English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad
  2. Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  3. Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat

Candidates who hold a degree of MA in Comparative Literature, English literature, English Language or a related field can directly apply for admission to Ph.D. Comparative Literature course

The average tuition fees charged for Ph.D. Comparative Literature in India ranges from INR 2,000 to 5 Lacs. The program can also be studied on scholarships. On the completion of the course, a student earns the title of a Doctor and is entitled to various job profiles such as a Executive Assistant, English College Professor, Philosophical Journalist, Critic, Writer, Editor, and much more. A Ph.D in Comparative Literature can expect an average salary between INR 3 Lac/s to INR 8 Lac/s or even more after reaching a certain level of experience in this field.

Ph.D. Comparative Literature: Course Highlights

Course Level Doctorate Degree
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Both semester-wise and Annually
Eligibility Post-Graduation
Admission Process Entrance tests, Counselling and Personal interview
Average Course Fee INR 2,000 to INR 5 Lac/s
Average Starting Salary INR 3 Lac/s to INR 8 Lac/s
Top Recruiting Companies Renowned Colleges and Universities
Job Positions Executive Assistant, English College Professor, Philosophical Journalist, Critic, Writer, Editor, etc.

Ph.D. Comparative Literature: What is it About?

The sector of language is developing for the better of students every single day, and it needs efficient professionals who can change the system of learning and put forward tremendous efforts. Through Ph.D. Comparative Literature course, professionals will be to take forward the legacy of languages and facilitate their learning. Here are a few subjects of the syllabus which is undertaken during the period of this course:

  1. Literature review
  2. Translation and Transliteration
  3. Machine Translation
  4. Language acquisition and language learning
  5. Dissertation Writing

The course focuses on making the students competent in the field of literature through the detailed as well as the practical study of the same. Students are enabled to facilitate the legacy and essence of languages in the world. Doctorates also gain specialization of addressing the importance of Comparative Literature. Ph.D. Comparative Literature curriculum involves great instances from the real world making it an enriching experience for all studying the course.

Ph.D. Comparative Literature: Top Institutes

Name of Institute Location Average Annual Fees (in INR)
English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad, Telengana INR 22,665
Jadavpur University Kolkata, West Bengal INR 2,085
Veer Narmad South Gujrat University Surat, Gujarat INR 30,000
Visva- Bharati University Santiniketan, West Bengal INR 7,100

Ph.D. Comparative Literature: Eligibility

Students aspiring for Ph.D. Comparative Literature need to fulfil the below-mentioned eligibility criterion:

  1. Completed a Master’s Degree in English Language with 55% aggregate.
  2. An essential prerequisite is the successful completion of an M.Phil Degree in English (Commonwealth Literature/ English Lit./Comparative Lit.)

Ph.D. Comparative Literature: Admission Process

For admission to Ph.D. Comparative Literature in India, the candidates need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • If the candidate has already qualified an entrance examination for pursuing M.Phil., appearing for an entrance examination for the Ph.D. program is not required.
  • Candidates may also to clear the all-India level National Eligibility Test (NET) for Lectureship which is conducted by the University Grants Commission.
  • Candidates are then selected on the basis of performance in a round of interview after the qualification of the written test.

Ph.D. Comparative Literature: Syllabus and Course description

Below listed is the semester wise break of the course. It may vary from state to universities, however, the core subjects remain unchanged. 

Paper I: Research Methodology Paper III: Translation
Nature, functions and types of a Research Theory of translation
Vocations: Error, evidence, and truth Principles of correspondence
Problems of authorship Theories of Translation
Search for origins Sorts, process, issues and impediments of interpretation
Literature review: necessity, methods and utilization Time: tense, mood and aspect
Research design Concepts and notions
Making notes Idiom: from one culture to another
Data collection: process, sources, types and tools Transference, free rendering and transcreation
Data: classification, tabulation, presentation and analysis Translation and transliteration
Documentation Skills Machine Translation
Preparing a Research Proposal in first term. Translating literary, religious and scientific texts
Indian Literature in English Translation
Paper II: English Language and Literature Paper IV Dissertation
ELT: History, Place, Position, Problems, Prospects and Future Writing a Dissertation
Language acquisition and language learning Translating a book
Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Ghosh, Amitav: The Shadow Lines, Mariner Books, 2005
Communicative Language Teaching Literature Without Borders
Computer aided language learning Bhagat, Chetan: One Night at the Call Center, Rupa, 2005.
English for academic purposes Shakespeare, William: Hamlet, Penguin.
English for specific purposes Practical Work:
Business English Communication Computer orientation
Basic concepts of Language Testing Computer aided language learning and teaching.
Teaching literature Use of Language Learning Software to improve LSRW.

Ph.D. Comparative Literature: Career Prospectus

Such successful postgraduates of Ph.D. in Comparative Literature are eligible for several job profiles like- College Professor, Educator, etc. However, they may also work as novelists, technical writers, or literary critics. On successfully completing the Ph.D., Doctorates of Comparative Literature are capable of applying in the following employment areas-

  1. Colleges and Language Institutions
  2. Journalism
  3. Writing- Critics, Film Writing, Novels

Apart from stepping into the industry, some students might want to pursue a specialized course in Comparative Literature, this can be done by pursuing an M.Phil in Comparative Literature from a renowned university.

Ph.D. Comparative Literature annual salary
Job Position Job Description Average Salary (in INR)
Executive Assistant Executive Assistants are subject experts who work with administrators in different ventures. They are responsible for preparing travels, arranging gatherings, and overseeing resolution of staff and individual concerns in the department. INR 5,13,499
English Teacher From analysing and breaking down the course of literary writings, an English Teacher is responsible for teaching a language’s literature to students. A proper degree of teaching is required for them to teach at State-funded schools. INR 3,47,656
Philosophical Journalist The responsibilities of a Philosophical Journalist includes inquiring and then followed by recording of a news material. It then has to be composed in a categorical manner and displayed in an impartial way. INR 3.21 Lac/s
Critics Critics are responsible for assessing, previewing, and rating motion pictures and offer their analyses in print and broadcast media. However, they are required to complete a 4-year certification in majors like- film studies, news coverage, or cinematography. INR 4.8 Lac/s
Technical Writer A Technical Writers responsibilities consist of drafting pieces which are required in the sector of PC hardware and programming. The also create content for outlining, science and aeronautics, buyer-based contraptions, and even biotechnology. INR 4,66,967


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