What After Study in the U.S.A: Post Degree Courses, Job Opportunities, Top Companies, Applying for Green Card

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    After completing their degree in the U.S.A, students are startled with a lot of questions. One can pursue higher education, look for training to improve their skills, search for jobs and might even decide to go back to their home country. Whatever a student chooses, depends on many factors. Students searching for options after their completion of study in the U.S.A have a lot at hand. 

    Higher Education in the U.S.A 

    Attaining higher education in the USA after completing your degree can be one of the many options. There are a lot of factors to be considered before making such a decision. Availability of enough funds to finance study in the U.S.A is one important factor. Also, the need to pursue higher education should also be evaluated properly.

    Top graduate courses in the USA

    Out of all the courses available to study in the U.S.A the ones mentioned below are in high demand: 

    • Business Management
    • Medicine
    • Engineering
    • Law
    • Nursing

    Study in the U.S.A: Optional Practical Training

    Optional practical training is an immigration option for students who have just completed their degree. Only F-1 visa students are entitled to stay in the USA for 12 months after the completion of their course. The training must be in the field mentioned in the F-1 visa. If an applicant has studied in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, he/she can apply for a 2-year extension of OPT making it a 3-year affair. Students are recommended to go through the application process to study in U.S.A thoroughly before applying for the course. 

    Job Opportunities for International Students in the USA

    Looking for a job as an International student can be a difficult task in the USA. Most of the employees are unwilling to hire international students due to cultural differences and visa complexities.

    How to get a Job in the USA?

    International students need to be well prepared before beginning their job hunt in the USA. Here are a few tips that might help.

    • Start early as it takes a longer time to find a company that sponsors H1 B Visas for its employees.
    • Research the visa options to study in U.S.A  and collect information regarding the application process and deadlines.
    • Take career sessions with your school’s career coach as they have more experience with international students and can help you out with all the different cases.
    • Stay connected to your classmates and teachers. 70% of jobs are found through solid connections in the USA.

    Post Study in the U.S.A: Top Companies Hiring International Students 

    Although hiring international students brings a lot of complexities for US companies but still, there are a few companies that hire international students in particular job titles. 

    Job Titles Companies No. of International employees
    Accountants and Auditors Ernst & Young 2,760
    Deloitte 1,318
    Price Waterhouse Cooper 547
    KPMG 538
    Grant Thornton 92
    Marketing Managers Amazon 56
    Google 27
    Genentech 18
    VM Ware 17
    Sears Holdings Management 17
    General and Operations managers Adobe Systems 36
    Walmart 16
    Horizon reality Advisors 10
    EPAM systems 10
    Apple 9

    Top Universities in the USA with High Graduate Employability

    According to Times Higher Education Ranking, 35 US universities made it to the Global University Employability Ranking in 2017. The top Universities in the USA that have the highest Graduate Employability rate are the following:

    • California Institute of Technology
    • Harvard University
    • Columbia University
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Boston University
    • Stanford University
    • Yale University
    • Princeton University

    Study in the U.S.A: How to Apply for a Green Card? 

    Many International students pursue study in the USA with the long-term aim to achieve permanent residency in the USA. Only a green card holder or a lawful permanent resident is allowed to work and reside in the USA permanently.

    There are 4 major categories under which it is possible to get a Green card in the USA. Having family ties with a US resident, Employment sponsorship, Diversity immigrants and Refugees and asylees.

    After completing your degree in the USA, you can apply for permanent residency under employment sponsorship category. For that one first need to have an H-1 B visa which is a permit to work in the USA after degree completion. The most preferred candidates for the green card are the following:

    • People with extraordinary ability in the field of Art, Science, Education, Business or Athletics.
    • Outstanding Professors and teachers
    • Multinational Executives and managers
    • Professional with Labor Certification

    Living in the United States after degree completion can be a tricky task. But if a student performs exceptionally there are chances that he may land up in a job in the States. 


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