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BE Information Technology is a 4 year Under Graduate course in the domain of computer science with a specialization in the area of Information Technology and its related aspects. The minimum eligibility criterion which most of the institutes ask for is a score of at least 55% (relaxable for reserved category candidates) at 10+2 or equivalent level.

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Some of the popular colleges offering the course are:

The fee for the course varies between INR 55,000 to 4, 25,000 in India. The variation in fee is based on the location and nature of university (that is government, state/private/deemed etc.).

BE Information Technology course admissions involve a mix of Common Entrance Test (CET) based selection method as well as merit-based selection criteria that is the percentage of marks obtained by the candidate at 10+2 or equivalent level. Colleges/Universities offering admissions through CET mechanism rely on the score of National level common entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advance etc while some of them go for a separate entrance exam of their own (like BITSAT).

The course is a specialized engineering program in the domain of computer and Information Technology. The motive of the course is to provide students sufficient knowledge and skills that they would be requiring to channelize their learning in a practical sense when they enter the job market.

IT Engineers have a wide range of opportunities to choose from in terms of job opportunities. One can choose to work with firms such as Flipkart, TCS, Google, Syntel, etc. After completion of graduation, one may pursue further studies like M.E. and M.Phil in the said subject or may take up job opportunities associated. The average salary ranges between INR 15,000 to 20,000 a month for a fresh graduate in the discipline.

BE Information Technology: Course Highlights

Course Level Under Graduate
Duration of the Course 4 years
Examination Type Semester-Wise
Eligibility Minimum score of 55% (Relaxable for reserved category students) marks at 10+2 or equivalent level.
Admission Process Entrance exam based/Merit-based
Course Fee Between INR 55,000 to 4.25 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 15,000 to 20,000 a month
Top Recruiting Companies Flipkart, TCS, Google, Syntel, Amazon
Job Position Database Administrator, IT System Manager, System administrator, Technical Trainer, Software developer, Project lead etc.

BE Information Technology: What is it about?

Information technology as a specialized sub-domain of computers science focuses on the application of the acquired computer science concepts. It mainly deals with the application of computer systems for storing, studying, transmitting, and manipulating available data or information.

Today where data is like gold and the domain of computer science application is spreading to a vast extent, none of the sectors of the economy has left untouched form the effect of IT. With a healthy contribution to country’s service sector GDP, IT industry is seen as one of the carriers of the economy.

What this booming IT sector has fueled is the demand for qualified technical professionals who can take various roles in the industry. Over the years this has resulted in IT becoming the most sought after branch of engineering among aspirants.

BE Information Technology course is aimed at transforming engineering aspirants into qualified professionals who are capable of meeting the demands of the industry both technically and academically. The course achieves this aim through a carefully crafted and structured academic curriculum.

BE Information Technology: Top Institutes

Bachelor’s course in Information Technology is offered by many reputed colleges and universities across the country. Colleges are offering this course to candidates who have passed their 10+2 or equivalent level examination from a recognized state or central board.

For your reference, we have tabled down a list of various colleges/universities that are offering this course in India.

Institute City Average Fee
Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology Chandigarh INR 55,850
ADIT Vidyanagar INR 76,500
BITS Ranchi INR 1,80,095
Aditya Engineering College Beed INR 55,500
Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology Delhi INR 61,750
IIT Howrah INR 70,000
Jadavpur University Jadavpur INR 2,745
RV College of Engineering Bangalore INR 76,750
BMS College of Engineering Bangalore INR 85, 000
PES University Bangalore INR 2,80,000

BE Information Technology: Eligibility

Candidate must have passed the 10+2 or equivalent examination from a recognized state or central board with at least 55% (relaxable for reserved category candidates) marks with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the major subjects of study.

  • For candidates who are looking for Lateral entry admissions into the 2nd year of the course, it is mandatory to have passed all the respective examination in the respective domain.
  • He/She shall not be having any supplementary or compartment in any of the subject/subjects at 10+2/Diploma level that is yet to be cleared at the time of taking admissions.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned eligibility criteria’s various colleges and institutes may have their own additional criteria’s which the students would have to satisfy in order to take admission.
  • In case of reserved category students, they would have to present their reservation certificates issued by the competent authorities in order to avail the benefits applicable to them.
  • Most of the Institute give admissions through Common Entrance Test (CET) (like JEE Main). To get admissions in these institutes candidates would have to qualify the respective entrance exam by securing minimum qualifying marks.

The eligibility criteria’s mentioned above are common to most of the universities and colleges across the country that are offering this course to the students.

BE Information Technology: Admission Process

Admission to the course involves a common entrance test based admission process (as seen across various Universities and colleges in the country) as well as a merit-based selection process (in select few institutes/colleges). 

  • Students who have passed their 10+2 or equivalent level examinations with a minimum of 55% marks (relaxable for reserved category students) can make application in colleges offering the course.
  • Most of the Universities/Colleges conduct a common entrance test for admission into B.E courses (like BITS) or take admissions through commonly held entrance exam like JEE Main. Hence students would have to make an application for such exams.
  • Students have to qualify these exams (for which they should be eligible to appear) in order to get admission in the course.
  • After the conduct of the test, a merit list of finally qualified candidates is prepared and candidates are invited for admission process by the respective university or college.
  • After admission process final allotment of seats to the candidate takes place and the candidate is asked to deposit the fee for the course and register for the respective academic year.
  • The new academic year begins after the completion of all the above processes.

Admission process would more or less be same across all the colleges and universities that are offering this course.

BE Information Technology: Syllabus and Course description

The syllabus of the course is divided into eight semesters spread over a span of four years with end semester examination being held at the end of each semester. The syllabus of the course is divided into various subjects and technical skills that students are taught during the course of their B.E.

The details regarding the syllabus of the course are mentioned below so, as to provide a reference to the candidates.

Semester I Semester II
Introduction to Programming Mathematics- 2
Physics-1 Data structure and algorithm
Basic Electronics Digital logic and Circuits
Mathematics-1 Physics-2
Engineering Mechanics Communicative English
Electrical Circuits Electrical measurements
Practical Lab Practical Lab
Semester III Semester IV
Mathematics-3 Mathematics-4
Object-oriented Programming Object-oriented Systems
DBMS Software engineering
Principles of Communication Microprocessors
Computer graphics Computer Networks
Computer architecture Numerical methods and Optimization Techniques
Practical Lab Practical Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Multimedia coding and communications Design and analysis algorithms
Wireless networks Cryptography and network security
Graph Theory Distributed system algorithms
Web Technologies-1 Web Technologies-2
Principles of Computer Design Formal language and automata
Operating Systems Elective-1
Practical Lab Practical Lab
Semester VII Semester VIII
Elective-2 Distributed system and applications
Elective-3 Management
Image processing Elective-4
Seminar Digital Signal Processing
Minor Project Project and Viva-Voce
Practical Lab Practical Lab

BE Information Technology: Who Should Opt for?

  • Students who have interest in Information technology studies.

  • Those who have interest in software testing.
  • Those who are looking for a career in IT domain.
  • Those aiming at higher studies in the domain can opt for the course.

BE Information Technology: Career Prospects

Information Technology engineering undergraduates have plenty of options to choose from in terms of their career. One can choose to work as Database Administrator, IT System Manager, System administrator, Technical Trainer, Software developer, Project lead etc.

To provide you a holistic view of the career prospects of the course we have tabled certain areas and the respective roles attached to the same where IT undergraduates can look for in terms of their career.

Bachelor of Engineering (BE) (Information Technology annual salary
Area/Domain Role Average Salary for Fresher’s
Database Administrator The job involves one to store and organize data through the use of specialized ICT tools and software. INR 1.80-2.22 Lacs
IT System Manager The job involves management and coordination of the officials along with supervision and oversight of hardware and software installations in the firm. INR 2.40-2.90 Lacs
Project Leader A project leader is synonyms to the captain of the ship. He/she holds, manages and leads the team involved in any project towards its completion. INR 2.55-2.95 Lacs
Technical Trainer A Technical trainer is involved in the training and skilling of new recruits into the firm.  INR 2.45-2.73 Lacs
Software developer This job involves coding and structuring of software programs for various devices and interface. INR 2.28-2.92 Lacs

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Information Technology) : 166 answered questions


Ques. What should I choose between history hons from Vivekananda college DU or Information technology from Amity Noida?

● Top Answer By Debdeep Majumder on 01 Nov 21

Ans. Both Vivekananda College and Amity University are very different and each of them offers a different outcome for your career. Focus on your career goal and choose the one that fulfills it. Do not make a rash decision by just the demand and popularity of the subject. Contact a career counselor or take personality assessment tests to find where your interests lie. This personality test gives you the opportunity to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, which you can work on. After this, you will have clarity on choosing your career path and what course or program will help you achieve it.Read more
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Ques. Which college is better for a B.Tech in CS or IT, YMCAUST, Faridabad and Deen Bandu Chotu Ram (DCRUST) Murthal?

● Top Answer By Sakshi Gupta on 21 Oct 21

Ans. It is a tough decision to make as both colleges fall in the same tier. There are not many differences between the two. Let me share some facts about both I read online, which might help you make a decision. YMCA has a bit of an upper hand when it comes to placements than DCRUST. The location could be one of the factors and also notable IT firms participate in their placement program. YMCA also provides better technical exposure, which DCRUST lacks. The faculty of YMCA is also better, having years of educational experience. The placements of CS and IT are the best in YMCA, though the salary packages offered are less but enough companies participate which opens up a lot of opportunities for the students. Categories CS/IT at YMCAUST CS/IT at DCRUST Course Fee 1.39 lakh 2.36 lakh Placement Percentage 80% 70-80% Highest CTC 28 LPA 8.21 LPA Average CTC 12 LPA 4-5 LPA Recruiting Companies Accenture, Wipro, Cognizant, TCS, etc. Tech Mahindra, Bosch, Fidelity, Jindal Iron and Steel, etc. The only thing you should know, be it any college YMCA or DCRUST, you should not depend blindly on their curriculum. Learning new things will require dedication and effort on your end. So work on yourself no matter what college you opt for.Read more
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Ques. How is the placement for IT in LNCT Bhopal? What is its highest package for IT?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 28 Sept 21

Ans. Since I am a part of LNCT Group of Technologies, Bhopal, the insights I provide can be helpful for a few.  The IT sector placements, by the organization, apparently offer a variety of opportunities.  A really good amount of recruiters visit the campus, especially from the IT sector, and hire a large number of candidates.  VMware, back in 2019, offered the highest salary package of almost around INR 18 LPA and hired 4 students side by side.  The best advice to secure a position at the top companies is to put as much effort as required into brushing your skills from the scratch.  It is better to stay updated with the latest technological trends of the industry and keep up with their demands, as and when required. You should invest a reasonable amount of time into working upon aptitude, and logical reasoning, alongside keeping a good hold on your communication skills as well.  These are aspects that play a pivotal role in determining whether or not you are the best fit for a firm. It is suggested that you keep on polishing your skills more than wondering about aspects otherwise. Read more
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Ques. What should I take, IT in IEM or CSE in Heritage Institute of Technology?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 27 Sept 21

Ans. In terms of college, IEM and HIT both provide similar career opportunities in the IT sector. Major recruiters like TCS, Infosys, CTS, Capgemini from the IT sector visit both the institutes.  If you had to pick between the two engineering fields, you should always go with CS. If you select CS, you will be able to apply for a variety of government/public sector positions (ISRO, BARC, IOCL) after completing your Only CS guys are qualified to apply for the majority of these government jobs.  Parameters  IEM Heritage Institute of Technology in Kolkata Tuition fees (B.Tech) 5.88 lakhs 3.93 lakhs  Average CTC  INR 5-6 LPA INR 3.75 LPA Highest CTC  72 LPA  16 LPA  As you will get similar opportunities you can choose either. Also, outside of WB, no one cares if you're from IEM or HIT. Unless you're from JU, everything is the same.Read more
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Ques. How is LNCT Bhopal for IT?

● Top Answer By Vidya Bhatt on 23 Sept 21

Ans. LNCT is considered as one of the best private colleges in Middle India that is Madhya Pradesh. The college is known for offering useful and versatile activities. Here are some things I got to know from the reviews. Although the faculty is reliable there is a certain amount of pressure given on students regarding attendance.  The environment in the campus is very competitive.  The students lay emphasis on enhancing their skills for acquiring best of placement opportunities.  Even the impossible tasks are fulfilled under the pressure of strict professors and competitive classmates. It is essential that you secure admission in the main college as there are several other colleges linked with the same name.  The environment and facilities are all the same over these colleges but the placement opportunities are better in the main campus. Categories IT at LNCT Bhopal Course Fee 4.7 lakh Highest CTC 18-19 LPA Average CTC 6-7 LPA Lowest CTC 4 LPA Recruiting Companies Wipro, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, etc. It is your hard work that will get you through college life but it will be worthwhile. You should opt for the college without any further hesitation.Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Information Technology) Fee Structure in India

9.52 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES5.87 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.94 L (Average Fee)
96 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES22 L (Maximum Fee)
3.29 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Engineering [BE] (Information Technology) Fee Structure By state


3.65 L
96 KPrivate COLLEGES7.16 L
3.95 L

Madhya Pradesh

2.06 L
1.40 LPrivate COLLEGES5.76 L
2.20 L


17.09 K
1.98 LPrivate COLLEGES5.36 L
2.89 L

Tamil Nadu

1.25 L
1.17 LPrivate COLLEGES4 L
2.23 L


1.03 L
1.50 LPrivate COLLEGES3.08 L
2.56 L


1.50 L
3.12 LPrivate COLLEGES22 L
6.65 L


3.62 L
6.40 LPrivate COLLEGES6.40 L
6.40 L


3.67 L
2.58 LPrivate COLLEGES6.40 L
5.13 L


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10.0 /10

Campus Life :

The campus of ISL Engineering College have auditorium, canteen, and separate room for girls to offer prayers etc.All students, staffs,faculties maintain cleanliness.Also there is a library for students to learn separately without any disturbance.The laboratories for different branches available without any shortage of materials or equipments.Also they conduct sport fest every year including games like running, volleyball, table tennis, kabaddi, chess, carrom etc

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose Information Technology because i'm interested in programming or coding.The faculty do their best to ease or clear doubts also they assist us choosing our further course for better career.They behave very good or friendly with each and every student.They teach slowly,good and very clearly.They take slip test once in a week for practice of students.We face no difficulty in externals because of this preparations.

Placement Experience :

There are placements also available in this college.About 2-3rd year of course students are eligible for getting placements.Different countries gives offer to students for placements.For better placements student must score good marks in a particular course.Placements offers are for the students who score Above 70-80% in respective course.

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10.0 /10

Placement Experience :

Islamiya Engineering college is well known for its placements.In the fourth year or 7 semester the companies will visit the college for the placements.They check the profiles and abilities, technical skills of the student and select them for the job.The MNCS which visits the college are INFOSES,JANPACK, etc.After the complition of the fourth year the companies again visit the college for final decision of the jobs.The package of the salary is also good that no one can reject it.The company trains the students for 2-3 months and when they are trained then they will focus on their achievements.Every year 70-80% of students gets placements in every stream of engineering.The company also offers the students that who wanted to work in other countries like America,Canada etc can also go there and work with the company.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Islamiya Engineering college is famous for engineering.It offers Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineer, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering etc for the students who wanted to do something in their future by selecting any of the engineering stream.The engineering course is of 4 years,in each year it have 2 semesters. If we talk about the exams,in every stream it have two theory internals,one lab internal and one theory external and one lab external.In every semester the number of subjects will increase.And in each subject it have 5 units.The faculties of the college is so best that they will help us in preparing for the exams in very short period of time.Every year and in every semester the students scores the best and the highest marks in every stream.

Campus Life :

If we talk about the festivals,there are lots of festivals for engineers in whole year.Islamiya Engineering college is well known for its engineering and its engineering festivals.The college organises the various festivals for evey engineering stream where the students participate in large numbers.Prizes are also distributed to the winning students.The college also organises various sports competitions with other colleges.It also organises with in the college also.It have a big sports room and the best sports teachers.In the sports room it have carrom board,chess, badminton,snookers etc.The college organises the competition which offers judo,weight lifting,running etc.

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10.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Talking about the faculty you are going to explore your ideas and converting them to invention with the help of them . Faculty of ISL college is always ready to help you and make you better person. Rather than just focusing on subjects and education here the students are also given training on communication skills. The way of faculty teaches is only practical and in a skilled way . You can clarify your doubts at any time of a day . You are allowed to express a new and good ideas in front of your teacher . Here faculty also takes the quality circles to help the students with their revisions during examinations . Mid terms and internal exams are also taken timely to improve students mindset about examinations and also there will be better experience while board exams . Here you have different faculty for different branches . We have different branches as information technology , computer and science engineering , electronical Engineering , mechanical engineering and many more ..

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Talking about fees the fees is actually in good structure and also with limited time . You will be given a Time to pay it as per your convenience and you have different fee structures for different branches . You may find some what difference between the fees of you and any other branch student. If you have qualified your entrance exam (EAMCET) than you need not to pay any fee to college because government will be allowing you the free seat and you also get scholarship yearly. You are allowed to write your stipend exams where if you pass this exam then you will be given a experience certificate and also some stipend . Campus placements play a very important role in students life so hear in ISL college you need not be worry about this thing . Various companies will come hear every year and select the students . But the condition is you should hard working and with communication skills which will be given to you by your faculty and your mentors.

Campus Life :

Evert year we are having a great occasion called ESPRIT where you are motivated by you are faculty and seniors as well also there will be great personalities coming here to motivate and explain the importance of education in one's life . Talking about books you are having a great infrastructural and sophisticated Library where you can find thousands of book which are related to your academics and also to your personal life . You can also have the books of history , future , technology and science . There are thousands of opportunities that you get every year to explore your ideas and good thoughts . If you join this college than you will be getting a chance to fulfill your needs and desires and dreams and also you can make your parents feel proud and respectful .

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7.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

landing into this course of Information technology was not one of my rashed decisions. In fact, I was clear about taking this field and choosing IT as a profession since I was in 8th grade and it now proves to be an advantage because as of current scenario everything across the globe is getting digitalized rapidly and the need for this field are increasing with each day. The faculties involved in teaching this course are well experienced with expertise in their subjects. They are very helpful, kind, and ready to solve your queries whenever needed. The faculties monitor and mentor students and are very concern about the growth of students. They put in all the efforts to their best and make the subjects interesting even the deadliest one. They show us the practical use of the subjects and focuses more on the practicality of the subject. The terms exams are held at an interval of 4 months followed by 2 unit test in between with an interval of 1 month and it is really easy to pass the exam

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

This is a 4-year degree course and the yearly fee for this course is approximately 120000 and goes even up to 140000 depending on the college in which the student gets admitted. There are many government scholarships like minority scholarships, EBC, and even TFWS (tuition fee waiver scheme) which can be availed by the students whose information is provided by the college at the start of the academic year. Students can also try to avail of some private scholarships in order to afford the fees for the course. The campus placements in this field are greater in number. Many established and reputed MNC's like LTI, TCS, Infosys, Teradata, Endurance International visits our campus for recruitment drives, and hire students on an average decent salary package of 3.5 LPA to 5 LPA or even more. Some off-campus recruitment drives are also conducted whose information is given by training and placement cell to the student to increase the employment opportunity.

Campus Life :

The campus life in this college is quite a fine one. Discipline is a factor that is to be followed strictly when one is on the campus. The classrooms and the labs are spacious to accommodate a strength of 80 to 90 students and are well equipped. There are seven departments offered by the degree course and each department is having its own student committee and there is one college committee that includes students from all the departments. There one annual fest which is held in the month of March and it includes 2 parts. The first part is a sports fest where different sport competitions are held and the second part is a cultural fest and includes fun events. The pre-fest days like traditional day, gang day is also celebrated. Apart from this even days like independence day, teachers day, engineers day is also celebrated by the different committees by organizing technical events, fun events, etc.

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5.8 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I want to study, the faculties are very good ,the qualifications of faculty are there are maters and there study,the passing is demand upon your study the faculty will help as the not any difficulty in study.

Campus Life :

It's quite good the campus is college, the library is available and books is there but related to course only , the sports are not there very much and management are not helping you can do with your own.

Placement Experience :

Placement are there in this college, and many A grade companies are coming so not much issue of jobs are there estimate is 40% students get placed

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6.3 /10

Campus Life :

Annual fest on October...all types of books are available.classrooms are big and in good is played in big times.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Nice qualified was very difficult to pass..faculty student ratio 30/ is good course as engineering aspect

Placement Experience :

From 3rd year campus started to take place...huwayo tcs tech Mahindra visited...nearly 40 percent of student get placement

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8.6 /10

Placement Experience :

Placements start from 7th sem . Number of offers there 205. Around 90 % students get placed in the required and dream companies. My plans are to get a good job after my degree.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Faculty student ratio is 1:25 The teaching methods are moderate like easy understanding . Thrice in each semester the exams were there .2 seasonal and 1 major.

Campus Life :

Annual fest were goonj and jhankar The books are available as there are two library's. There are many state and college level clubs like osmium rotract etc

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10.0 /10

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The fees of my college is 74,000 per year and also provides a scholarships to the students.The transportation facility also provided by my college and that is why all the students can come in the college. In Scholarship, my college also provide this facility. 100% scholarships provided to the students which will get the ACPC rank between 1 to 15,000 and according to that 15.001-20,0000 get 50% scholarship.

Placement Experience :

Every Year the students of each branch get good placement. The students are satisfied because they know that they will get good placement with good study packages. My college also organised workshops and seminars on how to crack the interviews and the etiquette which are required to get a good job. Every Year good companies are coming in my college like Panasonic,TATA, McAfee, etc.

Campus Life :

The campus of my college is very beautiful and lovely. The infrastructure of my college is also very nice and well developed. The college is well managed and the discipline is maintained by all the students. We can see the small plants, trees and butterflies around us. There is also an playgrounds and well managed canteen.

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6.6 /10

Placement Experience :

They will support you, but it's on you after all, see they train you well so that u get a good job for least from outside campus, but ya a bit less placements, but ya 5 to 10 lakh packages are there too. If u do great.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Best, facilities really want everyone to score best, so they put so much efforts, and no much extra burden than other colleges. Lots of motivation and help to move on the career line which you really want too.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

Travelling and all take it as. Max 128827 for open category. All scholarship are available and faculties support. For open Category take it as 50000 cashback if u apply for scholarship.

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8.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Faculty members are well qualified professionals having good knowledge and experience.They posses good knowledge and have a great experience in teaching. They are polite and helpful in nature. Apart from regular teaching they take extra effort for the campus placement.Exams were held on time and give sufficient time to preparation.

Placement Experience :

From semester 7 students become eligible for the campus placement. Many well known companies have been visiting for placements like Infosys,LTI, Capgemini.. Training and placement cell is helpful in nature and provide good pre placement training which very useful for all students. The recruitment percentage is upto 60%.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

My fees for four years of course was 1 lakh 30 thousand per year. In my opinion fees of the my course is a bit costly as compared to other institute offering the same course. EBC Scholarship:- 60000 Many well known companies comes for recruitment.

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7.4 /10

Placement Experience :

There are many campus opportunities and it is increasing year by year. We started our placements from 7 th semester. Many multi national companies like Infosys, tcs, lti visited the campus and offered good packages.

Campus Life :

I really enjoyed my college life. Met good people and made many good friends. Along with academics, there were many extra curricular activities like sports, events,etc. The amenities provided are bit poor.

Internships Opportunities :

Our college has done tie ups with many small scale and upcoming industries so that students can do internship and know about corporate experience.

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7.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

I have chosen Information Technology as i am very much interested in computer and security online. Faculty are good but the labs and infrastructure is not up to the mark.. Everything is good with theoretical, but not satisfied with the practical coding experience Exams were conducted once in a fortnight.

Placement Experience :

Around 80-90% are placed every year with an average package of 4-6lakhs in our branch i.e. Information Technology.. Some of the well known tech giants like TCS,TECH MAHINDRA, WIPRO visit our college for recruitment.

Campus Life :

Yeah the campus is very good and the clubs are so active but the infrastructure is somewhat old fashioned. Library is very good with great diversity in content. Ground is more than enough for sports enthusiasts.

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7.7 /10

Faculty :

Faculties are okay. I will not say we have best teachers. You have to manage your studies sometime by yourself also maybe some teacher might teach wrong in some subjects.Also some students are always prasing teachers for internals and will show some fake love and respect for marks. But its totally upon you study hard and show everyone u can achieve anything. Lectures are completely based on curriculum and teacher run behind completing course before sem exam.But its you who has to keep studying extra for your knowledge because after 4 year, you will keep your leg in corporate world

Admission :

One of my friend told me about this college. I filled the form and then i give entrance test of this college, my name came into merit list and then i selected for information technology in 2nd round counselling.CS seats were over till 700 rank. But information technology was still left so i opted for it. Then the submission of fees and class 10 and 12 certificate started.The procedure is quite simple here

Placement Experience :

Placements are pretty good. And as said assured by principal the placements will be joint for off campus and main campus so you imagine, that everyone will have equal opportunity. College website also tells about no. Companies visiting colleges.still some of them are TCS Mahindra amazon vipro HCL whirlpool cognizant imphosis etc. Internship keep on visiting and you can do if you have skills

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7.0 /10

Placement Experience :

The placement of the college is very excellent which is also a selling point of the college.The college is well known for its placement all over the university.College is creating records in the percentage of the placements every year.There are many opportunities for internship as well from the 3rd year of course itself providing the internship in some well known MNC's.

Campus Life :

The gender ratio was quiet balanced with a slight increase in the number of boys.The extracurricular activities were very much organised with various events being organised every alternate months.The labs and workshops are pretty decent as well.Just one problem i found here was that the college still maintains the culture of wearing Uniforms.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It is more research driven wherein you have to do a fine research for the final year projects.More of the practical hands on done with some workshops organised by the professionals from the industry.All the latest technologies already included in the course which helped in getting prepared for the outer world.

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9.3 /10

Campus Life :

Campus Life is one of the key points. As our college situated in Konkan. College is surrounded by the mountains and you can witness various waterfall in the rainy season. College has a big cafeteria and a big playground where you can chill and enjoy some coffee. Sports day and tech fest is also organised by college every year which is a big attraction.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

There are different fee structure according to your program which you are join. And also there are many fee structure according to your caste. if you are open category like me then you have to pay all the amount. And if you belongs to minority like sc, st, obc then there is huge difference in the fee. Ebc is also available for weaker economic section.

Faculty :

All the faculty members are well educated and experienced in the same time. You can ask any query as you want. There are 5 lectures and practical happens according to the schedule which is provided by the college. Many proffessor are already PhD holder and some are pursuing thier PhD. Over all great learning experience is provided by the college.

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8.2 /10

Placement Experience :

From the 7th semester, students are eligible for placement. One separate department for placement regarding activities like training of speaking, presentation, good discussion and etc. Companies like TCS 10, Amazon 5, LG, Paytm, Byjus visited our college for recruitment. The highest package of 11 lacks an average package is 4 to 5 lacks per annum. From the last 2 years, 70% of students are placed in various compony.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum is fully updated for 21's century new technology is added with respect to future demand. 1:8 faculty-student ratio with 800 qualified faculty from various departments overall experiences above 5 to 10 years. teaching methods are based on project-based learning with real-life applications. The exam is conducted by a separate department for examination by the semester.

Campus Life :

MUfest is an extremely big annual fest by the end of March. Over 10000 plus books are available in one central library with genesis book of world record. Classroom with fully air circulation AC facilities and Projector with the speaker for digital learning aspects One separate department for sports that conducted various sports for carriers options.

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9.6 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

1. IT is an evergreen field in the future with various technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Higher education only I was much interested in IT field and that's why I choose IT in other fields. 2. The faculty in LDCE for IT department was around 15 teachers for 60 students so faculty: student ratio will come at 1:4 which was quite good in comparison to other colleges. 3. All the faculty was having at least a Master in computer science and our HOD were having PhD in Computer science, We were very lucky that they have deep knowledge of what they are teaching to us. 4. Usually, in a particular semester, we have 3 exams, Mid-term exam, Viva exam, and final theory exams.

Placement Experience :

1. College have multiple companies on boarded when we were in 6th semester. All the candidates should have a minimum 60% in their all semester to be eligible to appear in Placements. 2. Name of the companies in 2015 which were visited our college:- Accenture, Musigma, HSBC, Searce 3. The highest package was provided by HSBC to one candidate was 14 Lakh/annum 4. And Accenture has highers 200 candidates from 440 appeared, Which was highest in LDCE's history.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

This was the most important part for every student as they just completed their High school and they can't afford more money for Self-finance college like 1 lakh rupees for 1 semester, And for our college Yearly fee was 3000 rs. As fee was very low still college was providing free schooling for the top 6 students who have top merit in college and hopefully I was in the First 6 student so My college education cost was 0 rs. for 4 years.

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8.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Because I want to make my future in the IT field so I decided to go to the information technology branch .and I choose this one. Faculty for IT is too good and the student ratio is around 60-70 and also exams are conducted too strictly.

Campus Life :

At the end of the year annual events are also organized by faculty they are a little bit interesting and sports activities are also be held under the campus and For social activities, you also join groups like NSS.

Placement Experience :

From the end of 3rd-year students are eligible for placement s and students also get higher package and companies like Amazon, TCS, Infosys, Bajaj, tata and many more are visiting our campus every year.

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