Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) Environmental Engineering Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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B. Tech. Environmental Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate program that enables the aspiring students to work for the betterment o the environment and develop new techniques to improve the use of renewable and non-renewable sources available. The basic eligibility for admission to the program is a pass in 10+2 with Maths, Physics, and Chemistry as main subjects.

The fees of the course vary from INR 30,000 to 80,000 per semester in different colleges.

The course is structured in a way that teaches about the applied science of engineering principles in accordance with environmental studies, that initiates healthy water, better land reformations for humans and other organisms.

Environmental Engineers get placed with governmental and non-governmental organizations where they are required to bring out schemes that help in waste management and put rules and regulations for judicious use of resources. A person holding a degree of B. Tech. Environment Engineering has a variety of Career Options and JobsChemical, Petroleum, Mining and Biological disciplines are some of the main work areas for Environmental Engineers.

What is B. Tech. Environmental Engineering about?

B. Tech. Environmental Engineering is a well-recognized academic program which as the name suggests, deals with Environmental Sciences that includes a list of topics, some of which are air pollution control, hazardous waste management, public health, land management etc.

B. Tech. Environmental Engineering syllabus is designed as such that the course involves a study of biological, physical and chemical components of an environment which accelerates the understanding of principles of conservation, climate change, biodiversity, groundwater and soil contamination.

B. Tech Environmental Engineering is a vast course which helps students get a deeper knowledge of the use of natural resources and conserving them. The course offers a visionary detail of high-quality researchers and technologies for environment-related issues.

Who should opt for B. Tech Environmental Engineering?

Students who are intrigued by Environmental Sciences and have a concerned attitude towards environmental issues may opt for this course.

Those who wish to study renewable energy, preservation of nature and topics of sustainable development are also suitable for B. Tech Environmental Engineering.

What do you learn in B.Tech. Environmental Engineering?

B. Tech Environmental Engineering program makes student acquainted with the environmental issues, for which topics like waste and water management, air pollution, noise pollution, sewage disposal are carried out.

Students learn to develop strategies for global warming, disaster management, and climate change. All these topics taught in this program build problem-solving skills in the students which makes them qualified and successful Environmental Engineers.

Students learn to make reports on their research work and mold them into ideas and proposals that can be highly beneficial for Environmental studies. They are taught to develop leadership qualities for handling teamwork as Environmental Engineers as they are often required to work in a team of professionals during internships and jobs.

Academic Options after B. Tech Environmental Engineering

After completing B. Tech Environmental Engineering successfully, a student can opt for a post-graduation course in Environmental Engineering i.e. M. Tech/M.E. in Environmental Engineering, which is offered by many M.Tech. offering Colleges in India.

Some other courses that one can opt for after B. Tech Environmental Engineering are Masters of Engineering in Environment Management, Master of Science, Master of Engineering in Geomaticetc.

Where to study B.Tech. Environmental Engineering?

Many Engineering colleges in India offer B. Tech in Environmental Engineering that has great infrastructure and expert faculty. Some of the top colleges are:

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Environmental Engineering) Fee Structure in India

6 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES8.88 L  (Maximum Fee)
2.86 L (Average Fee)
1.80 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES5.46 L (Maximum Fee)
3.48 L (Average Fee)

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Environmental Engineering) Fee Structure By state


6 K
2.84 LPrivate COLLEGES4 L
3.42 L

Uttar Pradesh

2.20 L
1.80 LPrivate COLLEGES5.46 L
3.43 L


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College Events :

Our College celebrates sports week, Cultural Festival, technical festival, republic and independence day etc. The best of all and students love is the sports week. There is a feeling of joy and enthusiasm in every student. Each day of the week tends to have a different drama. Cultural festival is the second most loved event of the college ; where students seems to show there talents. In Technical festival, students shows there creativity by showing there projects which they work for a whole year. A parade is organized by students of the college during republic and independence day.

Admission :

There was a merit list calculated by taking marks of Gujcet and 12th board. My rank was perfect to take admission in this field. Thus by applying to the college, I got admission. I applied for the first trial for the college during 22 -27 June, 2018. I got admission directly and by verifying in college I got the admission.

Faculty :

The faculty of the college are too good as they treat every student of the college as their child and provide proper guidance as well as opportunity to prove individual in front of others. The teaching method of the faculty is excellent. There is good bonding between students and faculties during and after classes.

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2.28 L first year fees
1.17 L first year fees
1.66 L first year fees
12.5 K first year fees
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Trivandrum, Kerala
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CMJ University
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