Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Instrumentation & Control Engineering)

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In synchronization of latest trends and demands from the industry, the syllabus of course is designed and revised accordingly. It aims at boosting the knowledge and polishing the skills of the students that are applicable in Instrumentation & Control Engineering.

The course encompasses core courses, electives and practical. The delivery methods for this course involve theoretical classes, lab work, hands-on practical training, workshops etc.

Syllabus for this course may vary with institute to institute but it generally covers the following topics:





Introduction to Sensors, Thermal sensors, Electro analytical sensors, Different Transducers

To provide the basic understanding about operational characteristics and applications of various sensors and transducers.


Number Systems and Codes, Integrated circuits, Synchronous Sequential Circuits, Algorithmic State Machine

The objective of the paper is to facilitate the student with the knowledge of Logic Systems and

Circuits, thereby enabling the student to obtain the platform for studying Digital Systems and Computer



Introduction to signals, System modeling in terms of differential equations, Graph theory, Two port networks, Positive real function and synthesis

The purpose of this course is for each student to learn and further explore the techniques of advanced circuit analysis.


Introduction to programming methodologies and design of algorithms, Properties of Trees, Multi way trees, Sorting concept, order, stability

To understand the programming and the various techniques for enhancing the programming skills for

solving and getting efficient results


Introduction to Measurement, Testing & Calibration of measurement setup, Analysis of Errors, Displays and Recorders

The aim of this paper is to provide the basic understanding about the importance of measurement, information about different

types of instruments


Potentiometer and Bridges, Instrument Transformers, AC instruments and Meters, Electronic Measuring Instruments, Digital Instruments

To provide the basic understanding regarding ac measurements and instrumentation, working principles of associated meters and instrumentation schemes.


Control Systems- Basics & Components, Time – Domain Analysis, Frequency Domain Analysis, Stability & Compensation Techniques

This paper teaches the fundamental concepts of Control systems and mathematical modeling of the system.

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Instrumentation & Control Engineering) : 15 answered questions


Ques. What is the average package for ICE branch in NIT Trichy?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 09 Sept 21

Ans. One of my friends recently graduated from NIT Trichy and he was able to give me some information regarding the ICE branch placement at the institute.  Based on the information that I gathered, I will say don’t go for ICE if your aim is placement. Most ICE students from NIT Trichy get placed in software companies, with a similar package as that of a tier-2 CS student.  The problem with the ICE branch is that you won’t get to learn anything in-depth. The core companies that visit the campus look for students with strong technical skills. Which the ICE department does not offer.  Currently, the average package for the ICE branch in Nit Trichy is not good, it is nearly INR 6-7 LPA. Read more
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Ques. How is Instrumentation and Control engineering in NIT Trichy?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 06 Sept 21

Ans. For understanding the several factors relevant to the institute, you should know both the advantages and disadvantages that are in favor of you. Thus, here is a detailed breakdown of every aspect you should know about NIT Trichy.  Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE) at NIT Trichy -  The placement ratio of the branch is really high.  Students can have multiple opportunities in both circuital and non-circuital engineering fields.  The faculty of NIT Trichy is extremely cooperative and helpful for students pursuing their higher education. Moreover, there is a lesser number of credits, unlike many other departments, helping students have free time. Thus, it can lead students to pursue their hobbies, alongside education. Most essentially, it escalates students to acquire a good rank in GATE, leading them to secure positions in top PSUs.  Besides, it inculcates advanced interdisciplinary engineering, making it convenient for students to secure positions at top foreign universities.  Categories ICE at NIT Trichy Course Fee 6.65 lakhs Highest CTC 28 LPA Average CTC 12-16 LPA Recruiting Companies Qualcomm, Morgan Stanely, Accenture, Flipkart, etc. The major disadvantage to talk about is, It can degrade your performance if you lag behind, during study hours. There is no other significant drawback of neither the branch nor the institute. So opting for this course can be a good step.Read more
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Ques. What is the scope of instrumentation & control engineering in NIT Trichy placement-wise?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 04 Sept 21

Ans. I have a few friends who are NIT Trichy alumni. According to them, instrumentation and Control Engineering has a good placement record.  The scope is wide in terms of jobs as you will be offered diversified job roles. This is because Instrumentation and Control Engineering (ICE) is a diversified field. ICE branch is considered among the top five branches in terms of placements.  Here is a brief highlight of the recent placement drive at the institute.  Placement average  92% Average CTC  6 LPA Major recruiters  HP, HDFC Bank, HCL You can choose from software, electronics, core instrumentation, and management jobs. So, you will easily get placed in a top company if you maintain a decent CGPA.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which would be better to take from NIT Trichy: instrumentation and control or production?

● Top Answer By Zakia Parween on 04 Sept 21

Ans. I know a little bit about ISI Kolkata since I have a few friends from the institute. Here is what you should know about the internships between semesters.  The course curriculum specifies that in the summer after completing your first year of M.Tech, you have to do an internship either in the industry or academia. You will have 3 options.  Industry: Many companies that visit the Campus for placements of 2nd-year students also select interns for the same. Some of such companies are Samsung Research Labs, Google, General Electric, Reliance, Flipkart, De Shaw, JP Morgan Chase, etc. The average stipend offered last year was 65,000 rupees/month. Some companies offer more than 1 lakh/month. One of my friends interned at Samsung Research Labs. Academia: As per ISI guidelines, you need to pursue an internship at a different academic Institute or industry. A friend of mine went to NUS Singapore, while two others went to a university in Germany. You can also apply to other institutes in Japan, USA, and Europe. People also go to IITs, CMI, and other Tier-1 Institutes of India. Within ISI: If for some reason you could not get an internship in the above-mentioned ways, you can approach any of the 250+ faculty members across all 5 ISI‘s and can ask to work with them in their labs. You will have internships at the end of the first year. In the second year, you will have placements, dissertation, academics. So, the only time left to do an additional internship is the winter break after the first sem. Unless you are extremely enthusiastic, I will suggest that you take a break during this period. Because after the break you will be swamped with coursework for 1.5 years.Read more
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Ques. Which is better: NIT Trichy I.C.E. or S.S.N. EEE branch?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 03 Sept 21

Ans. Instrumentation & Control Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering are different branches. Although, both of these branches have some similarities. To choose between both of these is your choice. Here are some of the facts about NIT Trichy and SSN. Faculty: SSN has amazing teaching faculty. They have quality teachers, some better than in NIT Trichy.  Ranking: SSN is one of the premier institutes in Tamil Nadu and NIT Trichy is among the top-ranked NITs in the country. Extracurricular activities: SSN gives equal importance to academics and extra-curricular activities as well. They focus on overall development. In NIT Trichy, a lot of extracurricular activities are held. Fests are organized almost every week. They focus too much on extracurricular. Campus: SSN is lush green and has a scenic beauty. NIT Trichy has a rocky campus and does not have much greenery, although they do have a beautiful college avenue road. Placements: The placements of NIT Trichy are better than SSN, however, the Average CTC is almost the same. Here is the placement highlight of the year 2020. Particulars NIT Trichy SSN Average CTC offered INR 6 LPA INR 6.1 LPA Top recruiters Volvo, Wipro, Yahoo, HDFC Bank, HP, HNG, HCL, Godrej, Ford Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Uber, CITI, Dell, HSBC, Deloitte, Paypal NIT Trichy has a brand name higher than SSN. However, if you are planning to do higher education such as MS abroad, then regardless of the brand, you should choose SSN as it will help you to grow academically. Read more
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