Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Polymer Technology)

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Through this course, the students will be able to understand and learn technical knowledge in polymer materials like plastic, rubber, latex, their quality control, designing and production.

The course delivery methods include lectures, lab work, assignments, workshops etc. Students are also encouraged to take up summer internships and go for industrial training.

In the last semester, the students are encouraged to take a research project. Completion of these is important to obtain graduate degree in B.Tech PT. In the final assessment, the students are graded on Theory paper, Term work (assignments), Lab work and Research Project.


It is possible that syllabus might vary from institution to institution. The syllabus consists of both core and elective courses. The common topics covered in the course are as follows:

Name of course






Differential Calculus

Integral Calculus

Applications of Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus

Functions of several variables

Differential equations

Multiple integrals

Vector calculus

Three dimensional analytical geometry

Curve fitting and numerical solution of equations

Finite difference and interpolation

Numerical Differentiation and Integration

Numerical Solutions of ordinary differential equations

Numerical Solutions of Partial differential equations

This is a core course on Mathematics applied in Engineering.

Engineering Physics

Crystal Physics

Properties of matter and thermal physics

Quantum Physics

Acoustics and Ultrasonic

Photonics and fibre optics

Conducting Materials

Semi-conducting materials

Magnetic and superconducting materials

Dielectric Materials

Advanced engineering materials

This is a core course on physics and its role in engineering

Engineering Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

Chemical Thermodynamics

Photochemistry and Spectroscopy

Phase rule and alloys


Water Technology

Electrochemistry and corrosion

Energy sources

Engineering materials

Fuels and Combustion

This is a core course on chemistry and its use in engineering

Basic Electrical and electronics Engineering

Electrical circuits and measurements

Electrical mechanics

Semiconductor devices and applications

Digital electronics

Fundamentals of communication engineering

This course teaches the basics of electrical and electronics engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Basics and statics of particles

Equilibrium of rigid bodies

Properties of surfaces and solids

Dynamics of Particles

Friction and elements of rigid body dynamics

This is a course on the fundamentals of mechanical principles and engineering

Environmental science and engineering

Environment, ecosystems and biodiversity


Natural resources

Social issues and the environment

Human Populations and the environment

This is a course on the fundamentals of environmental principles and engineering

Materials engineering

Mechanical Behaviour of materials

Mechanical testing and fracture of materials

Phase diagram

Special diffusion process

Ceramics- Types

This is a core course on Materials and their uses in polymer engineering

Organic Chemistry and technology

Structure reactivity and mechanism

Types of bond breakage

Natural gas

Synthesis and Manufacturing

Synthesis, Properties and uses of Styrene

This course is on the fundamentals of organic chemistry and its role in polymer engineering

Strength of Materials

Energy principles

Intermediate beams

Columns and cylinder

State of stress in three dimensions

Advanced topics in bending of beams

Here, the focus is on the study of materials and their strength.

Polymer Chemistry

Basic concepts of macromolecules

Addition polymerization Mechanism and kinetics of free radical


Molecular weight

Chemical reactions of polymers

This course specialises in chemistry as used in polymer engineering

Mould manufacturing engineering

Mould Making

Copy milling, Pentograph, Profile grinding

Electroforming for mould manufacturing

Polishing technology in mould making

Metrology and inspection

This course is based on the study of mould making and its polishing and finishing.

Polymer Structure and property relationships

Structure and properties of polymers

Mechanical properties

Thermodynamic and transition properties

Electrical and optical properties

Chemical Properties

This course is on the structural study of polymer

Physical Chemistry of Polymers

Potential energy and conformational energy of molecules


Amorphous State

Chain orientation

Polymer solutions

This course is on the study of physical chemistry of a polymer

Polymeric Materials

Properties and applications of polyethylene

Properties and applications of poly(vinyl chloride)

properties and applications of Acrylates

Properties and applications of Fluoro polymers

Preparation, properties and applications of High performance Thermoplastic materials

This course is on the different types of Polymeric materials

Polymer rheology and fluid mechanics

Introduction and Basic concept of Rheology

Mechanical models

Viscosity of polymer melts

Fluid flow phenomena

Bernoulli‘s equation

This course is on the study of rheology and fluids in polymer

Polymer Compounding Technology


Mechanism of Mixing


Mixing Machinery and Devices

Here, the study is on compounding of polymer

Analysis and Characterisation of Polymers

Identification and analysis

Spectral analysis of polymers

Molecular characterization of polymers

Thermal analysis of polymers

Microscopy and surface properties

This is a course on the characterization and analysis of different types of polymers

Processing Technology

Introduction to polymer processing

Types Injection unit & Elements of plasticizing process

Non Conventional Injection

Blow moulding



Compression moulding

Rotational moulding


Special guidelines for machining of polymers LASER machining

This course is on the study of processing a polymer

Polymer reaction engineering

chemical kinetics

Reactor design

Reaction equilibrium

Polymerisation reactors

This course is on the study of chemical reactions in polymer engineering

Polymer testing methods

Standards and specimen preparation

Mechanical Properties

Thermal and Rheological Properties

Electrical, Optical and Other properties

Testing of Products

This course is based on the study of testing methods when testing polymer

Process Control and Instrumentation

General Concepts of Measurements

Temperature Measurement

Flow and Miscellaneous measurements

Control Systems

Process Control

This course is on the equal production and distribution in polymer engineering

Rubber Technology

Fundamentals of Rubber

Compounding and Vulcanization

Process of Rubber

Synthetic Elastomers

Quality Control and Processability

This is a course specializing in fundamentals of rubber

Polymer Blends and alloys

Definition of polymer blends and alloys

Mixing Theory

Principles and methods involved in preparation of Polymer blends

Characterization of Blends

Interpenetrating Polymer Network

This course is on different types of polymer blends and alloys and their properties

Polymer Product Design

Introduction to structure and physical properties of polymers, stress

Dynamic load response of polymers

Design procedure for plastic parts

Gear Design materials strength and durability

Elastomeric ring seals Basic configurations

This course goes into the study of designing a polymer product

Rubber Product Manufacturing Technology


Belting and Hoses

Footwear and Sports Goods


Latex Products

This course is on the study of processing and production of Rubber products

Speciality Polymers and Applications

High temperature and fire resistant polymers

Conducting polymers

Polymers with electrical and electronic properties

Ionic Polymers

Polymer concrete

Here, the focus is on the specialised polymers and their uses.


Name of course



Adhesives and surface coatings


Types of adhesives,

Joint design

Introduction to surface coatings

Surface preparation and paint application

This course is on the study of adhesives and its use in polymer

Biodegradable Polymers

Chemistry and Biochemistry of polymer degradation

Particulate Starch Based Products


Recycling technology for biodegradable plastics

Test Methods and standards for Biodegradable plastics

This is a course is on the basics of biodegradable polymers

Polyurethane Technology

Introduction to polyurethane

Polyurethane processing

Rigid polyurethane

Solid polyurethane materials

Determination of composition and testing of polyurethane

This is a course specialising in polyurethane technology and its uses

Speciality Elastomers

Introduction of speciality Rubbers

Chlorosulphonated polyethylene


Acrylic Rubber

Chlorinated Polyethylene

This is again a course on special Elastomers and their types

Fibre Technology

Development of synthetic

Polymer production for acrylic fibres

Stretching or drawing

Modified synthetic fibres

Quality control

This course is on study of fibres and production, modification and distribution.

Plastics Packaging Technology

Introduction to plastics packaging

Conversion process

Extrusion, film and flexible packaging

Testing of plastic packages

This course is on the study of packaging technology for plastics

Conducting Polymers

Introduction to conducting polymers

Synthesis of conducting polymers

Characterization methods

Applications tested

Recent trends in conducting polymers

This is a course on the conduction, synthesis, characterization and application of polymers

Fundamentals of Nanoscience


General methods of preparation


Characterization Techniques


This course is to study basis of nanomaterial science, preparation method, types andapplication.


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