Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Print & Media Technology)

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The course of B. Tech. Print and Media Technology is based on providing students the knowledge of essential parts of publishing and transaction printing along with concepts of assembling of films for operating printing equipment.

The delivery method of the course is inclusive of classroom lectures, guest lectures from successful professionals, workshops, laboratory work and internships.

The marks of the students are based on their performances in theory, lab work and research project assigned to them.


The subjects included in the syllabus cover all aspects of printing and media technology and focusses on imparting precise study of the topics taught.

The scheme of assessment maintained is 40% weightage of practical exams and 60% weightage of theory exams.

Some of the subjects being taught to the students pursuing B. Tech. Print and Media Technology are as follows:




Introduction to printing processes

Brief history of printing in the western countries and in India, Brief introduction of printing industry in India, Basic operations in printing, Printing processes, Letter press printing, Rollers, Running defects, Screen printing, Screen printing machines, Screen printing substrates

The course will give insight about the brief history of printing process and screen printing.

Technology of typography & typesetting

Definition, concept and scope, Two-dimensional and three-dimensional concept, Dimensions of printing types,

Printers measurement and systems, Physical structures of printing types, Design features and design principles of printing types

Classification of printing types

Identification of printing types, principles of size and design identification

Suitability of different types for different processes and publications


Work and role of the type-setting department within a printing press.

House style, good and bad copy

Methods of casting off

Composing tools and equipment

Planning of composition department

This subject introduces a student to the different types of printing and various types of calculations involved in it.

Printer’s science

Colloids, Theory of electrodeposition, Introduction to organic compounds, Introduction of photo chemistry, Humidity

Surface characteristics in printing Ph, Photometry,

Optical instruments,

Light fasteness and print characteristics.

Introduction and brief study of process cameras

The objective of this subject is to gain knowledge about the science involved in printing processes and impact of various factors on it.

Computer application in printing



Mass storage technology

Display devices

Input /output devices

Introduction to DTP, trends in printing technology, usage of computers in printing

Story editing and formatting

This topic helps you understand the application of computer in print technology.

Theory of printing machines

Fluctuating loads and stress concentration, Cams and followers, Kinematics linkages and levers, Gears, Power transmission devices, Machine drawings, Introduction to computer aided design

In this you will learn about the working of various types of printing machines.

Graphic design

Introduction to graphic design, Fundamentals of Color theory,

Division of design, Methods of type arrangement, classification of typeface of font designing, Printing planning, Design management

Design with DTP

Perspective, Understanding of scale and sense of proportion

This subject will help students to learn about basics of graphic designs and its role in printing.


6 weeks training

This training is mandatory for the students pursuing this course.


Submission of research paper

The students pursuing this course have to submit a project on innovative working model of machine/equipments used in Printing Industry.

List of Electives

Operation Research

Book Publishing

Advertising Management

Image Processing

Total Quality Management

Continuous Stationary & Security Printing

Entrepreneurship Management

Scanners & Systems

Print Plant Layout and Facility Design

Students can chose themselves from the list of these elective exams.


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3.35 L first year fees