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BA (Hons.) Journalism is a 3-year full-time undergraduate journalism course. Minimum Eligibility for which is 10+2 or an equivalent examination in a science stream with  55% of marks from a recognized board. Most of the colleges offer BA (Hons.) Journalism course in various states of India. Every college has their own eligibility criteria, admission procedure, syllabus, fees structure, and placement training.

Top colleges and universities offering this course include:

The average fee for this course ranges from INR 1,000 to 2 Lacs.

This course helps to study investigation and reporting of issues, events, and trends to a broad audience. In this course, students also learn variations of journalism. This course also covers cultural aspects of society such as entertainment and arts.

Admission to BA (Hons.) Journalism course is based on Merit-list or an Entrance-exam. Most of the colleges conduct counseling and select students based on the merit list prepared by the state-wise universities. Some of the reputed colleges conduct entrance exams to select students for this course admission. Entrance exams may vary from state to state. Few colleges conduct the personal interview followed by the entrance exam. Those colleges select students based on their performances in an entrance exam and the personal interview.

After completing this course, graduates may get opportunities in areas such as Journals, Advertising Agencies, TV Channels, Newspapers, Photography Companies, New Agencies, etc. These professionals may work in major positions like Journalist, Editor, Community Reformer, Article Writer, Tour Operator, etc. The average salary for these professionals ranges between INR 2 to 6 Lacs as per their experience and expertise in this field.

Top Colleges for Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Journalism)

BA (Hons.) Journalism: Course Highlights Table

Written below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Undergraduate
Duration 3 years
Examination Type Semester type
Eligibility 10+2
Admission Process Merit-based or Entrance-based
Top recruiting organizations AIR, TV channels like Zee TV, STAR TV, Doordarshan
Top recruiting areas Journals, Advertising Agencies, TV Channels, Newspapers, Photography Companies, New Agencies
Top job profiles Journalist, Editor, Community Reformer, Article Writer, Tour Operator
Course Fee INR 1,000 to 2 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 2 to 6 Lacs

BA (Hons.) Journalism: What is it About?

BA (Hons.) Journalism course presents a study of journalism feature, news, and sports writing. This course also emphasizes on basic news writing techniques and on related ethical and legal issues. In this course, students learn how to write, feature, gather, edit news, and writing sports articles. This course also introduces to news writing for print media and newspapers including the techniques of reporting, news gathering, and interviewing.

In this course, students study the basic methods of conducting interviews, gathering information, writing clear, organizing a story, concise copy, writing leads, and develop research skills. After completing this course, students should be able to write, accurate, concise, clear, balanced, complete, and readable news stories according to the news guidelines created by the company’s standards. This course also emphasizes on features, writing, reviews, and editorials including appropriate language, audience analysis, and accuracy.

BA (Hons.) Journalism: Top Institutes 

Given below are the college names, location and the average structure of the fees which will be taken by the college for this course

Banaras Hindu University Varanasi INR 50,000
CMR University Bangalore INR 86,000
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce Delhi INR 10,015
Kalindi College Delhi INR 25,665
Kamala Nehru College Delhi INR 90,000
Kamala Nehru Post Graduate College Uttar Pradesh INR 10,000
Khudiram Bose Central College Kolkata INR 60,000
Lady Shri Ram College for Women Delhi INR 21,000
Magadh University Bodh Gaya INR 8,500
Maharaja Agrasen College Delhi INR 1,30,000
Seth Anandaram Jaipuria College Kolkata INR 1,600
Siliguri College Siliguri INR 3,800
VPGR Institute of Technology Chennai INR 73,100
Christ University Bangalore INR 2,00,000

BA (Hons.) Journalism: Eligibility 

Candidates who have completed 10+2 or an equivalent examination in a science stream from a recognized board are eligible for BA Hons. Journalism course. Candidates should obtain 55% of marks in their 10+2 examination for BA Hons Journalism course eligibility. The percentage may vary from one college to another. Eligible candidates may apply for this course through online or offline.

BA (Hons.) Journalism: Admission Process

Admission to BA (Hons.) Journalism course is based on Merit-list or an Entrance-exam. Most of the colleges conduct counseling and select students based on the merit list prepared by the state-wise universities. Some of the reputed colleges conduct entrance exams to select students for this course admission.

Entrance exams may vary from state to state. Few colleges conduct the personal interview followed by the entrance exam. Those colleges select students based on their performances in an entrance exam and the personal interview.

BA (Hons.) Journalism: Syllabus and Course Description

A semester-wise syllabus for BA {Hons} (Journalism) is given below. The syllabus may vary from one college to other.

Communication and Mass Communication Indian Business and Economics
History of Communication Media Media and Cultural Studies
Introduction to Journalism IT and Online Journalism
Indian State and Democratic Policy Reporting and Editing for Print
Broadcast Journalism Development Journalism and Rural Journalism
International Politics International Media Scenario
Media Laws and Ethics Advertising and Public Relations
Print Journalism and Production Reporting and Editing for Broadcast Media
New Media Technologies Human Rights, Gender, and Environment
Media Industry and Management Seminar on Current Issues
Communication Research Methods Research Dissertation
Radio and TV Production -

BA (Hons.) Journalism: Who should opt?

  • Candidates who have interest in journalism and its related areas are suitable for this course.
  • Candidates who have the ability to accept criticism and willingness to writing are suitable for this course.
  • Candidates who are confident and organized while interviewing people are suitable for this course.

BA (Hons.) Journalism: Career Prospects

Candidates have lots of opportunities in journalism and its related areas. Most of the professionals may work in areas like journals, photography companies, All India radio, broadcasting corporations, press information bureau, new agencies, advertising agents, newspapers, periodicals, TV channels, radio telecasting companies, colleges, institutes, etc. Professionals may get jobs in both private and public sectors.

These professionals may work in positions offered by top companies and industries such as journalist, reporter, community reformer, editor, travel agent, tour operator, customer service executive, PCS officer, team leader, management manager, columnist, article writer, etc. Some professionals may work as teacher and lecturer in top universities or colleges. Few professionals may start their own TV channels, News channels, etc.

Graduates who would like to continue their studies in Journalism can further study MA Journalism. In this course, candidates may get more knowledge and skills in journalism and its applications. 

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Given below are the major job positions, their descriptions, and the Average annual salary for each position:

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Journalism ANNUAL SALARY
Journalist Journalists are responsible for reading the press release, researching articles, interviewing sources, and establishing and maintaining contacts. They also write, edit, submit copy, proofread, and verify statements and facts. They also attend events, liaising with editors, designers, sub-editors, photographers, and staying up to date with contempt, privacy, and defamation law. INR 3 to 4 Lacs
Community Reformer Community Reformers are responsible for providing program design and training progression. They inform new and current members to ensure effective and safe workouts. They provide supervision, explain, exercise instruction, and demonstrate reformers equipment. They also schedule market programs through lectures to maximize reforms utilization. INR 4 to 5 Lacs
Travel Agent Travel Agents are responsible for cooperating with clients to determine their needs, modes of transportations, cost, and accommodations travel dates, and advising them an appropriate destination. They plan and sell insurance, accommodations, transportations, and other travel services. They also provide brochures, information, and publications to travellers. INR 2 to 3 Lacs
Article Writer Article Writers are responsible for writing, editing, and proofreading text. They market and distribute work, develop contacts, and research on a particular or specified topic. They also liaise with other professionals like artist, printers, and photographers. They generally administrate, seek to publish contracts, and conditions of contracts. INR 3 to 4 Lacs
Customer Service Executive Customer Service Executives are responsible for maintaining customer records account information. They open customer accounts by recording account information, suggesting information about products and services, and attracting potential customers by answering product and service questions. They also determine the cause of the problem and resolve product and service problems by clarifying the customer complaints. INR 2 to 3 Lacs

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Journalism) : 9 answered questions


Ques. How is a bachelor's degree in journalism from DAV University Jalandhar?

● Top Answer By Kiran Chugh on 17 Jul 21

Ans. I have a few friends from DAV University in Jalandhar and they were able to give some insight regarding the Bachelor’s degree in journalism. The teachers are excellent and are very well versed in this field who will impart their best experience to the students. The Head of Department (HOD) Mr. K.K Rattu is a very experienced professional who has served more than 30 years at the Doordarshan network. The department has 3 DSLR cameras for still photography, a professional video camera, microphones, sound systems, and all other equipment required. So yes it is a pretty good institute to study Journalism.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is good about pursuing BAJ&MC at Amity University Gwalior?

● Top Answer By Admin on 13 Jul 21

Ans. If you are looking for an open and journalistic environment, Amity University Gwalior is the right place for you. The courses here help students understand journalism right from the starting stages. The faculty is also quite helpful and it encourages students to explore all the different areas in the field and find their expertise in it. You will also get to go on several industrial visits where more exposure is given to practical work by the faculty. It also has many other perks like a fully functioning media studio, a good classroom environment without many restrictions and rules. The residential facilities are also worth it and you can expect decent placements once your degree is over. You will get good support from the placement cell too. The college also runs its own newspaper, magazine as well as radio in which there is massive participation by the students. In my opinion, if you are looking to build a career in mass communications and journalism, Amity University Gwalior would be a great fit for you.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Do Amity B.A Journalism and mass communication have a scope? Which campus is the best in terms of both the fees and education?

● Top Answer By Anil Tigga on 07 Jul 21

Ans. Nowadays, B.A. Journalism and Mass Communication is on a boom and it has a good scope. According to some of my friends studying at the Gwalior, Amity is the best one in terms of both the fees as well as the education. The Amity School of Communication (ASCO) is one the most prominent institutes of Media education in the Gwalior region of Madhya Pradesh. Firstly, the main focus of ASCO is to make people aware of high-quality media education in the region of Madhya Pradesh (Gwalior). Secondly, to produce highly qualified media professionals – print and electronic journalists, anchors, creative designers, producers, presenters, etc. With a Journalism degree, you can also work as Advertising professionals, public relations professionals, photojournalists, and academicians in the field of media studies. Moreover, the program thus consists of six semesters over three years. Students study 11 different subjects per semester with a perfect blend of practical and theoretical knowledge. Scope: The growth of social media and online platforms has opened many more opportunities, other than print and television. It has gradually become a competitive field. But due to the constant demand, they will require a lot of professionals. Thus the scope will increase each day. If you choose to pursue BJMC, then it’s a win. You can look forward to working in the fields such as public relations, television, films, publishing, journalism, editing, direction, etc. Furthermore, the talented and trained individuals in India and abroad are given lucrative and attractive positions as journalists, actor, editor, screenwriters, RJ, producers, and VJ.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is Amity Gwalior good for journalism?

● Top Answer By Sabeer Chalana on 11 Jun 21

Ans. Amity University located in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh is considered the top private university in Madhya Pradesh. One of my cousins is pursuing a BA in Journalism. So, let me share his experiences, which might help you answer the question. About the course: They offer a 3 years course with six semesters. You will learn eleven subjects per semester. It provides students with both theoretical and practical knowledge. Facilities: They have the latest equipment for print, electronic, and new media. You get a VFX-Chrome-designed newsroom with MCR, voice-room, updated software, radio-room where students broadcast their radio show on online radio “am radio”, Macintosh, etc. Students also get experience with musical instruments in its art audio-visual studio. They also have a photography lab, printing room, advertising room, digital lab, and more. Course Fee 3.18 lakh Placement Percentage 100% Highest CTC 4.5 - 7 LPA Average CTC 2.4 LPA Top Recruiters Times of India, Aaj Tak, Star TV, My FM, Jost Talks, Prime Focus, Wittyfeed, Zee News, Tehelka, Dainik Jagran. Therefore, Amity University’s Gwalior is good for pursuing journalism. The communication department provides good opportunities to students by giving them practical and theoretical knowledge, and by offering good placement.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is the BA (J&MC) course at Amity Gwalior?

● Top Answer By Supriya Sarkar on 04 May 21

Ans. Amity School of Communication (ASCO) under the Amity University Gwalior is a media education institute in the state of Madhya Pradesh giving a Bachelor’s as well as Master’s degree in Journalism and Mass Media. It produces many print and electronics journalists, advertising professionals, public relations professionals, photojournalists, and academicians in the field.  The details of the course are discussed below – Course Structure – It is a 3-year course spread across 6 semesters. It is a very good blend of traditional value systems and ethics along with modern practical and theoretical knowledge in sync with the industry demands. Facilities – The school has a multi-storied studio with cutting-edge acoustics and audio-visual settings equipped with all important musical instruments, a modern photography lab, print, advertising, and digital as well as an editing lab. It also has a VFX-Chroma-enabled newsroom with a voice room and dedicated MCR to get a practical exposure to the real-life working of studios.  Career Options – Media consumption has only increased over the years and will continue to grow as well in the foreseeable future. With the rapid growth of online advertising, newspapers and news agencies will offer careers as actors, editors, VJ, RJ, screenwriters, producers, etc. Overall, a career in Journalism and Mass Communication is very lucrative with ample opportunities given that you have passion for the field and you are willing to work in the space.Read more
1 Answer

Bachelor of Arts [BA] {Hons.} (Journalism) Fee Structure in India

6.19 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.04 L  (Maximum Fee)
37.77 K (Average Fee)
1.77 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES6.75 L (Maximum Fee)
4.18 L (Average Fee)


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Course Curriculum Overview :

Christ University is in top 10 in terms of media studies. In journalism we get fair share of practical as well as theory subjects. Practical subjects allows hands on experience for students such as photography in the 1st semester gives you detailed insights how to handle camera and technicalities and all the tricks associated with it. Mr. Ajay Kumar, the departmental head teaches this subject and he is a champion in this. Candidates are often taken for outdoor photography class where they are allowed to execute shots that the faculty has taught. The time to time assignments also tests your skills. Other theory subjects allows good crisp discussions and intense debate sessions in class. The faculties does not follow a particular book and that is the most amazing part of the course. The faculty helps broadens the knowledge beyond the books. The Writing for Print Media subject in 2nd semester is another practical subject teaches how to write proper news articles for newspapers and also how to conduct interviews, and even editing, the assignments of which gives you proper field experience. Students in 1st year are asked to come together and launch their own class blog where their handwritten news articles are put up. 2nd year focuses totally on broadcasting part of journalism so it's all about practical learning. Sound and video production is taught with proper hands on experience. Even the assignments are fun to do as one can experiment with different softwares. The faculties are much advanced, they provides the space for students to speak up when faced with any issue or problem and they try their level best to solve it. Their advanced teaching technics beyond books is what makes it amazing, where they just bring interesting memes, pics or videos to decide and have discussions in the class. The faculties are always there to guide you and help you. Especially Pradeep Thomas Sir, if you go to him with any problem he is always there to help you out. He most fun to work with and can chat over a hot cup of coffee, and it's all the faculties for that matter.

Campus Life :

Our campus has innumerous clubs, student groups and theatre groups which helps students explore their creative side. One can participate in the fests held in our campus. For example the CSA wing(Centre for Social Action) allows you to go for amazing excursions and adventurous trekkings, timely city clean ups and many more. There are several sports team as well which allows participation in inter- college compitions and even inter-state competitions, the wi-fi speed is pretty amazing and to use it you just need to get your laptop configured from the computer department. There are respective labs for every course, be it physchology or media, and the students are allowed to enjoy the lab facilities, like in media lab there are proper professional cameras, lighting setup, a recording studio and computers. Even the NCC wing of the college allows both girl as well as boy participation and helps in self growth. Other than these the campus is quite nature friendly and it is full of greenery.

College Events :

Christ gives you amazing campus life as one not only goes there for knowledge purpose but self growth and improvement as well. One can continuously explore one's creative side. There are different student wings or clubs or groups or theatre groups that allows you to have an amazing life apart from the academic life. There are several fests in which you can show your talents, there fests where you work together with your class and groove to bolly numbers, the best part of Christ is ethnic day, where the students and faculty come dressed in their ethnic costumes or any traditional costume of their choice and enjoy the day fullest. On ethnic day the college goes in a different vibrant mood with all the music and colours and dancing.

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