Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Photography) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope, and Salary

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B.Sc. in Photography is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course. All the students who have passed their 10+2 / PUC or equivalent from any stream are eligible to apply for the course.

Some of the top Institutes offering B.Sc. Photography courses in India are-

The average course fee for B.Sc. in photography is INR 10,000 -7 Lacs for the period of 3 years.

The course does not require the candidates to pass any entrance examination; any student who has passed his 12th class can apply for the course. However, the colleges may have their individual entrance examinations, which a student has to qualify in order to pursue the course.

B.Sc. in Photography program plays an important role in sharpening your photography skills and teaches you the technicalities related to the field.

B.Sc. in Photography is becoming one of the popular choices in India and the course covers various areas and helps in shaping the photographic talents of the students. Some of the broad areas which the course covers are- Basics of Photography, Principles of Design and composition, Studio lighting, Fashion Photography, People and Portrait Photography, Photojournalism, wildlife and travel photography, Industrial and Architectural Photography and Food photography.

A candidate pursuing B.Sc. in Photography can be a wildlife photographer, fashion photographer, still photographer, photo journalist, travel photographer, sports photographer, etc. You can also start as assistant to senior photographers. All these profiles are now being highly paid in India and a photographer on an average can earn between INR 3- 5 Lacs per annum.

B.Sc. in Photography: Course Highlights

Course Level Graduate
Duration of the Course 3 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility 10+2 / PUC or equivalent
Admission Process Entrance exam based/ Merit-based
Course Fee INR 10,000-7 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 36,000 – 72,000 per year.
Top Recruiting Companies Sony, Canon, NVidia, photo India, etc.
Job Positions Wildlife photographer, fashion photographer, still photographer, photo journalist, travel photographer, sports photographer, Assistant photographer

B. Sc. in Photography: What is it all about?

B.Sc. in Photography will provide training, techniques, all theoretical and practical knowledge about the photography to the students. The course will help you in sharpening your skills and make you perfectly ready to start career as a professional photographer.

The course basically provides a path for all the students who love photography or want to learn every aspect of photography in order to be a successful photographer. B.Sc. in Photography program is designed to offer specialization in photography to the students and help them in attaining technical knowledge required to excel as a photographer.

The course covers various broad areas like basics of photography, know your camera, etc. that helps you in learning about all the features of a camera, how to operate it, lenses, techniques and much more. The subject areas included in B.Sc. in Photography course are- Media technology, history of photography, studio lighting, color theory, product photography, etc.

B.Sc. in Photography: Top Institutes

College Location Average Fees
Light and Life Academy Ooty INR 2,10,000
The Indian Institute of Digital Art and Animation Kolkata INR 1,00,000
College of Film Technology, Mahatama Jyoti Rao Phoole University Jaipur INR 1,00,000
Osmania University Hyderabad INR 10,000

B.Sc. in Photography: Eligibility

Any candidate, who has passed 12th class with minimum 50% marks, is eligible to apply for B.Sc. in Photography program. The percentage marks can vary according to different institutes.

B.Sc. in Photography: Admission Process

The admission process does not involve any common written test; it simply requires a candidate to be eligible to apply for B.Sc. in Photography course and to qualify the entrance exam conducted by individual institutes. The exam pattern, marking and cutoffs of these colleges may differ.

B.Sc. in Photography: Syllabus and Course Description

The B.Sc. in photography is divided into 6 semesters and each semester has different subjects. The complete break up of subject in each semester is as follows-

Semester I Semester II
Introduction of Media Idea & Concept Development
Media Technology Pre-Production Techniques
Media Aesthetics Media Technology II
History of Photography Framing and Composition
Basics of Photography Studio Lighting - I
Foundation Skills - I Foundation Skills – II
Semester III Semester IV
Media Production Ecosystem Business of Media
Media & Psychology Introduction to Fashion, People & Portrait
Media Technology II Introduction to Product Photography
Studio Lighting - II Media Laws & Ethics
Color Theory and Texture Indian Constitution & Environmental Studies
Introduction to still Life Disaster Management
Indian Society and Logic -
Semester V Semester VI
Introduction to Photo Journalism Advance Fashion, People & portrait Photography
Introduction to Sports Photography Advance Product Photography
Introduction to Landscape & Wildlife Photography Digital Marketing
Introduction to Travel Photography Careers & Portfolio Making
Introduction to Advertising photography Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethics & Sustainability
Introduction to Industrial, Interior & architecture photography -

B.Sc. in Photography: Career Prospects-

Photography as a career has reached to great heights; a student can be a fashion photographer, wildlife photographer, commercial photographer and much more.

The photographers can work in Magazine and newspaper publishers, Press & publishing houses, Food product industries, Ad agencies, etc. A photographer can start his own studio or do freelancing. These job roles not only bring them handsome salary but also great and prestigious positions.

Some of the job positions and job responsibilities of a photographer are mentioned below-

B.Sc in Photography annual salary
Job Role Job Responsibilities Average Salary (Annual)
Fashion Photographer To work for fashion and media houses, take pictures of models, portfolio shoots of models, fashion event coverage, etc. INR 3 – 5 Lacs
Sports photographer To take pictures related to different sports, working for sports magazines, INR 3 – 5 Lacs
Photojournalist Working for a news agency to cover stories INR 5 – 6 Lacs
Still photographer A still photographer is required to capture inanimate objects. INR 3– 5 Lacs

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Photography) : 12 answered questions


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Ans. Choose BITS Hyderabad over NIT Raipur or NIT Puducherry. Here are some of the reasons for choosing this institute: They offer a beautiful campus with an enthusiastic student crowd. BITS Hyderabad has updated modern machinery and lab facilities. The placements definitely differ between the BITS and NITs. NIT Raipur is very old-fashioned in its approach towards studying and learning. Their faculties teaching method is old and prefers their students mugging up notes rather than learning and understanding something. BITS, unlike NIT Raipur, their teaching method is industry-oriented. You might think that going for a dual degree is better as IT companies only prefer CSE graduates. But nowadays this notion has changed as with big data and analytics creating a boom, more and more such companies visiting campuses and hiring people from all branches. Therefore it is suggested that you go for BITS Hyderabad, where you will grow and learn in a much more competitive environment. Your vision will be broadened.Read more
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Ques. What happens when I fail all of the subjects in a B.Sc. Hons. at WBSU?

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Ans. No one has ever failed in honors in all the subjects. Most students tend to fail in chemistry, but this also varies a lot. Let me discuss some of the possible reasons, which may answer your question. Failed to Qualify for Honours: If you score below 40% in your honors subject, chances are you will lose it. In this situation, you can either try to repeat another year or proceed with B.Sc. General. Qualified for Honours but failed in any/both general subjects: This happens when you get a score lower than 25% in the general subjects. For this, the board conducts a supplementary exam, passing which you will be able to continue without any year loss. Failing in both Honours and General subjects: This scenario is not seen very often. But if you fail in every subject, you have to start again from the beginning, next year. If you fail consecutive years, then the college might give you a Termination Certificate. Finally, it is really important to know that a student has to complete his or her graduation within 5 years, failing which your registration will be canceled.Read more
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Ques. What are the cut off of Fergusson College for

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Ans. The cut-off at Fergusson College change every year depending on circumstance and rules. There are different categories including General, OBC, SCs, STs, etc. There is also categorization based on various boards such as State, CBSE, etc.  The recent cut-off for the Science students are as follows: 1st list - 84.56 % 2nd list - 83.43% 3rd list 82.78% 4th list 81.06% 5th list 79.56% The above-mentioned cut-off is for the Open category. As for Humanities students, the cut-off was approximately around 87-88%. A list of past years’ cut offs as well as the merit list might be available online. Information regarding registration, admissions for FY is anticipated to be available on the official website of Fergusson College.Read more
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Ques. Which is better for a B.Sc Allahabad University or ECC?

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Ans. Both Allahabad University and ECC are very good institutes and choosing one among these two can be a very difficult decision. If you are planning to pursue B.Sc, then there are some points which you should consider before choosing a college. ECC is an autonomous institute and the academic environment and course curriculum in B.Sc (Maths) are much better than Allahabad University.  AU has a lot of politics involved among the students throughout the year and this creates a lot of disturbance in the academic atmosphere.  If you are interested in studying in the Biology field, then choosing Allahabad University will be a better option. You will enjoy a lot of advantages including access to modern laboratories and central library, interaction with research students, and many other things.  If you are interested in taking admission in B.Sc (Maths), then choosing ECC will be the right option and if you are interested in taking admission in B.Sc (Biology), then choosing Allahabad University will be the right option. Read more
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Ques. What are the future prospects and scopes after completing BS MS from IISERs?

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Ans. After completing BS-MS from IISER, you will be having a degree from a well-reputed institution of India and that opens many doors. IISER, mainly trains its students for Ph.D. and research, apart from that you have plenty of options and they are as follows. Ph.D.: If you aim to make your career in academia or R&D then as a graduate from IISER, many well-renowned institutions will accept you. You can also plan to go abroad Science journalism: Writing and delivering content is one of the most important skills to thrive in today's era. If you are into writing and love to convert complex things into simple words then you are a perfect fit for this job. You can do a master’s in Science Communication after your MS.  MBA: If you wish to explore more apart from your specialized field then MBA could be the best option. You can positively get into IIMs, FMS, IMI, and so on. Many of the alumni have chosen this way. Placements: Lastly, you can always sit for placements both on & off-campus, many MNCs like Biocon, Deloitte, Mu Sigma, hire students from IISER.  These are some of the many career opportunities that you can have after you graduate from IISER. Read more
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Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Photography) Fee Structure in India

2.98 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.98 K  (Maximum Fee)
2.98 K (Average Fee)
3.42 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES11.40 L (Maximum Fee)
6.04 L (Average Fee)


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2.1 L first year fees
50 K first year fees
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1.14 L first year fees