Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Electronics)

Course Structure

B.Sc. Electronics is a three year course, generally divided in 6 semesters. The course delivery methods in the program include classroom lectures, discussions, presentations and industry visits.  

Scheme of Assessment

In B.Sc. Electronics Practical exam hold equal importance as do theoretical exams. In addition to the examinations held at the end of each semester, students are also assessed on certain parameters such as attendance, presentation, assignment and class participation for internal assessment marks.


An overview of the syllabus for B.Sc. Electronics is given below:

Name of the Paper



Electricity and Basic Electronics

Electrostatistics ,

Capacitors unit of capacity ,

Magnetic effects of current ,

Diode circuits and power supplies ,

Transistor circuits ,

The paper aims at understanding of the electric intensity, electric potential, capacity of spherical, parallel plate and cylindrical capacitors, magnetic effects, junction diode characteristics, and characteristics of transistor in CB, CE, and CC modes.

Electromagnetism and AC circuits

Electromagnetic induction ,

Alternating current,

AC circuits ,

Electromagnetic machines ,

Maxwell’s equation ,

The paper focuses on the topics of expression for induced EMF self induction of a solenoid, measurement of intense magnetic field using search coil, alternating current, construction and working of transformers, advantages of AC and DC, electromagnetic theories of Maxwell’s equation.

Physics of materials

Types of bonds in crystals ,

Bragg’s law ,

Crystal structure ,

Crystal system ,

Free electron Fermi gas ,

Lorentz free electron theory of metals ,

Kronig-Penney model ,

Semiconductor crystals. ,

The paper aims at the bonding in solids, symmetry elements in crystals, electrical and thermal conductivity, energy bonds in solids, law of mass action.

Numerical methods

Newton’s forward and backward formulae ,

Numerical integration ,

Solutions of transcendental and polynomial equations in one variable ,

Newton-Raphson method ,

Solutions of differential equations ,

Methods of curve fitting ,

Gauss elimination method ,

The paper focuses on the interpolation, numerical integration, numerical solution of ordinary differential equation.

Amplifiers and Oscillators

General principles of small signal amplifiers ,

Classifications ,

Multistage amplifies ,

Transformer coupled amplifiers ,

Feedback amplifiers ,

Feedback requirement of oscillations ,

Operational amplifiers ,

Anti-log amplifiers ,

The paper aims at the basic concepts and classifications of amplifiers and oscillators.

Basic physics-1

Moment of inertia ,

Circular disc ,

Kinetic energy of a rolling subject ,

Acceleration of a body rolling down an inclined plane ,

Gravitation ,

Newton’s law ,

Elasticity ,

Viscosity ,

Thermal physics ,

Intensity and loudness ,

The paper aims at the fundamentals of physics and its laws.

Semiconductor devices and integrated circuits

Junction diode ,

Junction transistor ,

Field effect transistors ,

Charge transfer devices ,

Charge coupled devices ,

Integrated circuit classification ,

The paper aims at teaching about the characteristics, and working of  diodes and integrated circuits.

Programming in ‘C’

Character ,

Keywords ,

Identifiers ,

Data types ,

Operators ,

Decision making statements ,

Arrays ,

Processing arrays ,

Structures and unions ,

Programs ,

Gauss-Seidal method ,

Newton-Raphson method ,

The paper aims at the fundamentals of keywords, array definition, passing array to a function, processing a structure, and programs.

Digital Electronics

Number systems and codes decimals ,

Binary ,

Octal ,

Hex numbers ,

Conversion from one to another ,

Boolean Algebra and Theorems ,

Basic, Universal logic gates ,

Combinational digital circuits ,

Arithematic building blocks ,

Basic adders and subtractors ,

DAC and ADC ,

Comparison of various types of DAC and ADC ,

The paper aims at the fundamentals of digital electronics.

Basic Physics-II

Method of minimizing spherical aberration ,

Chromatic aberration ,

Achromatic combination of lenses in contact ,

Newton’s rings ,

Positive rays analysis ,

Photoelectric emission ,

Relativity : frame of reference ,

Gallilean transformation ,

Michelson- Morley experiment ,

Quantum mechanics ,

Wave functions and its interpretation ,

Nuclear and particle physics ,

The paper aims at the fundamentals of physics such as optics, positive rays, relativity, quantum mechanics, and general properties of nuclei.


Architecture of 8085 microprocessor ,

Instruction set of 8085 ,

Arithmetic ,

Assembly language and machine language ,

Memory interface ,

RAM, ROM, EPROM, EEPROM functional explanation ,

Explanation of timing diagram for 8085 instructions ,

The paper aims at the functional operations of microprocessor.

Antennas and wave propagation

Antenna action ,

Radiation and electric doublet ,

Total effective resistance of antenna ,

Types of antennas ,

Wave propagation ,

Wave guides ,

Basic concepts of waves ,

Maxwell’s equation guided waves between parallel planes ,

The paper aims at the fundamentals and characteristics of antenna. Also wave guide in communication.

Communication electronics

Amplitude modulation and Demodulation ,

Generation and detection of amplitude ,

Frequency modulation and demodulation ,

Analog pulse modulation ,

Sampling theorem ,

Basic principles of pulse amplitude modulation ,

Data transmission ,

TDM in PCM ,

Amplitude shift keying ,

Frequency shift keying ,

Phase shift keying ,

The paper focuses on the definition of amplitude modulation and demodulation, definition of frequency modulation, generation and demodulation of PCM.

Data processing and personal computers

Storage media types of data processing ,

Data processing cycle ,

Data processing operations ,

Communicating with the computer ,

Types of personal computers ,

Theory of personal computer development ,

The disk operating system ,

Overview of MS-DOS ,

An overview of UNIX file systems ,

PC Applications ,

Spreadsheets ,

Word processing ,


Information technology ,

Internet ,

Intranet ,

E-mail ,

This course focuses on various topics related to data processing and development of personal computers.


IN and OUT instructions ,

IN and OUT interface ,

Hardware and software interrupts ,

SIM and Mlvi instructions ,

Interfacing peripheral devices ,

Interfacing hex keywords using 8255 ,

Microprocessor applications ,

Stepper motor interface ,

Data acquisition system ,

The paper aims at the applications and using of a microprocessor.

Television and engineering

Picture transmission and reception ,

Sound transmission ,

Synchronization ,

Television broadcasting ,

Camera tubes ,

Television receivers ,

Colour television ,

Video systems ,

Transverse and Helical scanning ,

The paper aims at the elements of a TV system.

Opto electronics

Absorption in semiconductors ,

Semiconductor junctions ,

Photodetectors ,

Switching devices and opto electronics ,

Fiber communication optical fibre. ,

The paper aims at the optical processes in semiconductors, its and characteristics and fundamentals.

Electrical and electronic instrumentation

DC indicating instruments ,

Galvanometer : principle, construction, and working ,

DC bridges ,

Oscilloscopes ,

Deflection sensitivity ,

Electrostatic sensitivity ,

Instrumentation amplifiers and signal analyser ,

Electronic voltmeter ,

Electronic multimeter ,

Digital voltmeter ,

Fundamentals of spectrum analyser ,

Transducers and display devices ,

The paper focuses on the topics of electronic instrumentation : advantages and disadvantages, determination of resistance, oscilloscope, instrumentation amplifiers.

Some application oriented subjects are:

  • Medical electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Power electronics
  • Computer networks


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