Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Agricultural Engineering)

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Through this course, the students will be able to understand and learn technical knowledge and skills to excel in the field of agriculture. Combined with the disciplines of Chemical, electrical engineering, plant biology this course helps in applying science and technology to agricultural process and production.

The course delivery methods include lectures, lab work, practical on- field training, assignments, workshops etc.

During this course, students are also encouraged to take a research project and internship/training.

In the final assessment, the students are graded on Theory paper, Term work (assignments), Lab work and Research Project.


It is possible that syllabus might vary from institution to institution. However, the common topics covered in the course are as follows:

Name of the Course



Engineering Mathematics


Three Dimensional Analytical Geometry

Geometrical Applications of Differential Calculus

Functions of Several Variables

Multiple Integrals

Vector Calculus

Laplace Transform

This is a core course on Mathematics applied in Engineering.

Computer Technology

Introduction to Computers and Operating Systems

Office Automation

Programming in C

Array Handling and String Handling

Functions, Structures, Pointers and File Management in C

Programming in C++

This course is on the use of computer applications and computer

Engineering Physics



Dielectric properties

Electrical properties of metals

Atomic physics

This is a core course on Physics applied in Engineering.

Engineering Chemistry

General principles of analytical chemistry

Volumetric analysis

Gravimetric analysis

Instrumental analysis

Radiation chemistry

This is a core course on Chemistry applied in Engineering.

Production  Technology of Field Crops

Principles of agronomy

Agronomic inputs, cropping system

Agronomy of field crops

This course is based on the principles of Agronomy.

Manufacturing Processes

Properties of metals

Forming and welding process

Moulding and casting process

Machining process

Advanced Manufacturing process

This course is focused on the study of manufacturing process in agriculture.

Geology and Soil Mechanics


Engineering properties of soil


Strength of soils

Here, the focus is on soil and its properties

Principles of Agricultural Economics

Nature and Scope of Economics

Theory of Consumption

Theory of Production

Theory of Distribution

Macroeconomic Concepts

This course is about economic principles in agriculture.

Basic Horticulture

Fundamentals of horticulture

Propagation techniques

Systems of production

Crop management practices

Harvest operations

This course is about principles of Horticulture

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Machines

AC Fundamentals

Induction motor

Electrical illumination and instruments

This course focuses on introductory topics of Electrical Engineering

Engineering Mechanics

Force systems

Support Reactions




This course focuses on introductory topics of Mechanical Engineering

Surveying and Levelling

Principles of Surveying

Chain Surveying

Computation of Area and Volume

Compass Traversing

Levelling and Contouring

This course teaches the surveying and levelling practices in agriculture

Fundamentals of Soil Science

Weathering of rocks & minerals

Phases of soil

Bulk density, particle density and porosity

Soil colloids

Soil organic matter

Here, the focus is on the scientific principles of types of soils

Principles of Food Science

Introduction to Food Science

Methods of cooking and sensory evaluation of foods

Cooking qualities of foods

Properties of foods

Food additives

This course introduces students to principles in food science

Unit Operations in Food Process Engineering

Evaporation and concentration

Size reduction

Contact equilibrium separation

Crystallization and Distillation

This course in the study of food processing

Fundamentals of Agri-business management


Management Functions

This course teaches management of agricultural business

Forest Resource Management

Forestry and Forest Regeneration

Silvicultural Techniques for Tree Species

Forest Utilization

Agro forestry

Here, the focus is on Forests and forest management

Post-harvest engineering of agricultural crops

Psychometric and Drying

Cleaning and grading

Shelling and handling

Paddy and crop processing

This course is about the engineering of crops after harvesting

Farm Tractors


Engine systems

Transmission systems

Hydraulic systems

Power tiller and Tractor Testing

Here, the focus is on farm Tractors

Tillage and Sowing Equipment

Farm Mechanization

Primary Tillage Implements

Sowing Equipment

Fertilizer Application

Here the students learn the tillage and sowing equipments


Hydrologic cycle and initial losses

Runoff and hydrograph


Hydraulics of wells

This course focuses on importance of hydrology in agriculture

Soil Conservation and water harvesting

Soil erosion

Erosion control

Gully Control Structures

Watershed management

Water harvesting

Here the students learn about the importance of soil conservation and water harvesting in agriculture

Process Engineering of Spices and Plantation Crops

Importance and processing of spices

Packaging, grading and quality analysis of spices

Processing of coffee, tea and cocoa

Processing of coconut, oil palm and cashew

Processing of medicinal crops

This course is about agriculture of spices and plantation crops

Food and Dairy Engineering

Properties of foods and methods of food concentration

Thermal processing of foods

Drying and Dehydration

Milk Processing

Dairy equipment and products

Here, the focus is on the food and dairy

Field Crop Machinery

Weeding equipment




Threshers and other machineries

This course teaches the application of different field crop machinery

Irrigation Equipment, Drip and Sprinkler Technology

Water Lifts

Pumps and their types

Drip Irrigation

Sprinkler Irrigation

Special types of Irrigation

This course is on the different types of irrigation equipment

Storage and Package Technology

Spoilage and storage

Storage methods

Functions of packaging materials

Food Packaging Materials and Testing

Special Packaging Techniques

This course is on the storage and packaging of food products.

Application of GIS in water resource management

Aerial Photography

Remote sensing

Image processing

Geographical Information System

GIS applications

This course teaches the use and importance of GIS


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