BTech (Bachelor of Technology) Biotechnology Jobs in India, Salary and Top Recruiters

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Looking for BTech Biotechnology Jobs in India?

There are a lot of BTech Biotechnology jobs available for the graduates  in chemical and textile industries, agricultural sectors, pharmaceutical firms and manufacturing industries. 

Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. However, that is not all, one can also work in research laboratories, which are run by government or private sector companies.

With the average BTech Biotechnology salary in India ranging from INR 5-8 LPA, Ranbaxy, Cipla,Dr. Reddy’s, Bharat Biotech, Biocon, Indian Immunologicals, Serum Institute of India Ltd, etc are some of the top BTech Biotechnology recruiters.

Mentioned below are some of the skills needed in every aspirant seeking BTech Biotechnology jobs:

  • Good industrial experience
  • Knowledge on basic protein purification
  • Characterization work via chromatography techniques
  • Basic immunohistochemistry
  • Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Clarity in speech and thoughts
  • Field marketing experience
  • Flexibility to work in shifts

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BTech Biotechnology Syllabus BTech Biotechnology Admission Process
Which are the top BTech  Biotechnology Industries? 

Which are the top BTech  Biotechnology Industries? 

There are plenty of sectors in which students with BTech  Biotechnology degree can get placed and some of them are:

Information Technology Genetic Engineering
Pharmaceutical firms Industrial Research and Development
Aquaculture and Agricultural companies Environment Conservation
Specialized Biotechnology Companies Institutes and Universities
Animal Husbandry Health Care
Medicine Food manufacturing companies

The below drawn chart shows the gender breakdown in BTech Biotechnology.


Source: Payscale

Which are the top BTech  Biotechnology Recruiters? 

Which are the top BTech  Biotechnology Recruiters? 

BTech Biotechnology Is a rewarding and promising career option. The compensation of a biotechnologist working in a research organization or a public sector industry is set according to the government standards.

People in corporate houses and industries can earn handsome salaries ranging more than INR 10 LPA. Some of the top BTech Biotechnology reciters are tabulated below

Ranbaxy Cipla 
Dr. Reddy’s Piramal Group
Ranbaxy Aurobindo
Lupin Abbott
Rasi Seeds GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Biocon Zydus
Glenmark Wockhardt 
InfoSys Limited Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp
Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL) Serum Institute of India Ltd
Venkateshwara Hatcheries Bharat Biotech
BrainWave Biotechnology Ltd  Indian Immunologicals
Accenture Technology Solutions Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Novo Nordisk Panacea Biotech
Aventis Mahyco Monsanto Biotech

Source: Payscale

The Following diagram shows the percentage of salary based on the level of experience in this domain.

Source: Payscale.

What are the BTech  Biotechnology Jobs in India?.

From the position of mainstream Biotechnologist,Microbiologists to  Medical writing executive, Medical representative and more, there are plenty of job roles available for these professionals. However, the average salary offered to them may depend on several factors like  job type, specialization, job position, location and lastly, whether it is government or private job.

For instance, a government research employee or CSIR employee  may get his/her starting average salary of INR 15,000-30,000 monthly, along with all the government allowances. Similarly, top pharmaceutical companies may start paying these officials from a range of INR  12,000- 20,000 per month and then can take the annual salary to even more than INR 10 LPA.

Some of the BTech Biotechnology jobs,their description, along with the average salary offered is provided below:

Job profiles Job Description Average Salary (INR)
Clinical researcher A Clinical researcher conducts on-site/ remote clinical monitoring visits which includes: document review, ensuring accurate data recording, source document verification, assess adherence to the protocol of a clinical trial in accordance with GCP guidelines 3.5 LPA
Pharmacist Checking prescriptions to ensure that there are no errors and that they are appropriate and safe for the individual patient. 2.6 LPA
Professional Lab Technician The job of a lab technician includes daily lab monitoring, analyses of samples, reporting, checking reports, records, water sampling, analysis & validation. 3 LPA
Medical writing executive They work with clinicians and researchers to help them communicate their science to the world. 8 LPA
Medical representative Their job includes Organizing appointments with community and hospital-based healthcare staff, demonstrating or presenting products to healthcare staff like doctors and Pharmacists. 2.05 LPA
Microbiologists The job of a Microbiologist includes Daily lab monitoring, Maintenance of Media preparation record, Media stock record, growth promotion test (GPT) records and Media Discard records etc. 3.11LPA
Production manager They are responsible for the granulations plant manufacturing activities and ensure products are manufactured according to quality & specifications. 7.9 LPA

Below is an estimation of the average salary earned by an engineering graduate in Biotechnology employed in various job roles.

Source: Payscale

What are the Placement Packages of Top BTech Biotechnology Colleges ? 

What are the Placement Packages of Top BTech Biotechnology Colleges ? 

Tabulated below are the average placement packages offered by some of the top BTech Biotechnology colleges:

Source: Payscale

What is the BTech Biotechnology Salary in Different Cities? 

What is the BTech Biotechnology Salary in Different Cities? 

Professionals based in cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi and Chennai with BTech Biotechnology jobs earn 25%, 17%, 10% and 7% more than the national average respectively.

Cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune offer 5%, 10% and 17% less than the national average to the BTech Biotechnology professionals.

Tabulated below are the city-wise break-ups of BTech Biotechnology.

City Minimum Salary (INR) Maximum Salary (INR)
Mumbai 6.8 LPA 15 LPA
Ahmedabad 6.5 LPA 12.56 LPA
New Delhi 6.2 LPA 12 LPA
Chennai 6 LPA 11.89 LPA
Bangalore 4.7 LPA 7.50 LPA
Hyderabad 4 LPA 6.54 LPA
Pune 3.98 LPA 6 LPA

Source: Payscale

If you are the one who does not want to get into the above job field after completing BTech Biotechnology, then you can go for higher studies and in such cases, pursuing  an MTech or MBA course can be considered as the best available options.


BTech Biotechnology: FAQs 

BTech Biotechnology: FAQs 

Ques. Which are the top sectors of BTech Biotechnology?

Ans.  Aquaculture and Agricultural companies,Genetic Engineering Specialized Biotechnology Companies, Medicine, Pharmaceutical firms, Animal Husbandry, Institutes and Universities, Food manufacturing companies,Health Care, Industrial Research and Development, Information Technology, etc are some of the top sectors of BTech Biotechnology.

Ques. Which are some of the popular BTech Biotechnology  recruiters in India?

Ans. Dr. Reddy’s, Cipla,Ranbaxy,Zydus, Biocon,Rasi Seeds, Bharat Biotech,Indian Immunologicals Ltd (IIL),Panacea Biotech, Mahyco Monsanto Biotech, Indian Immunologicals, Piramal Group, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd, BrainWave Biotechnology Ltd, etc  are some of the  popular BTech Biotechnology  recruiters in India.

Ques. What are some of the common BTech Biotechnology  jobs?

Ans. Clinical researcher, Pharmacist, Professional Lab Technician, Medical writing executive, Medical representative, Microbiologists, Production manager, etc are some of the common BTech Biotechnology  jobs.

Ques. What is the average BTech Biotechnology  salary in India?

Ans. The average salary offered to the BTech Biotechnology graduates in India ranges from INR 5-8 LPA.

Ques. Which cities offer high salaries to BTech Biotechnology jobs in India?

Ans. Cities offering high salary BTech Biotechnology jobs in India are Mumbai,  Ahmedabad, New Delhi, and Chennai.

Ques. Which cities offer lower than national average salary to BTech Biotechnology jobs in India?

Ans. Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune are the cities offer lower than national average salary to BTech Biotechnology jobs in India

Bachelor of Technology [B.Tech] (Biotechnology) : 30 answered questions


Ques. How is biotechnology at Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata?

● Top Answer By Sakshi Gupta on 22 Sept 21

Ans. Biotechnology is one of the oldest branches in Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata. The professors are really good and highly qualified and they will help you in conducting your research programs with great guidance from them. Many of the faculty at the department have good names in their area of specialization and if you can get guidance from them they will help you in getting good projects and recommendations from them. While doing PhDs or master’s from any university will help you a lot. In the recent placement drive, the average and highest CTC offered at Heritage was 4 LPA and 16 LPA. If you are self-motivated and want to study then this is a very good course. Life after this course will be really great if you are passionate about this degree.Read more
2 Answer

Ques. How is haldia institute of technology for biotechnology?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 21 Sept 21

Ans. For the purpose of academia, the Haldia Institute of Technology is extremely good for the department of Biotechnology. My friend is currently enrolled in one of the courses of Biotechnology at Haldia.  The lecturers and other members of the faculty of the department are experienced, skilled and helpful. They also offer a variety of hands-on practical experiences to help comprehend the subject in a better manner.  If you are serious about studying Biotechnology, the Haldia Institute can prove to be one of the greatest institutes to get enrolled in. It is obvious that your primary goal after successfully completing your B.Tech in Biotechnology would be to find work and get employed.  In general, you would have limited options and opportunities in the core industry of Biotech on this front. Around 1-2 companies like ITC and Parle from the core sector visit the campus of HIT for recruitment of suitable candidates for various job roles.  Many students have also been able to intern at some reputed companies from the sector before the completion of their course.  Categories Biotechnology at Haldia Institute of Technology Course Fee 3.95 lakh Highest CTC 8-9 LPA Average CTC 5 LPA Recruiting Companies ITC, Nestle, GlaxoSmithKline, Cipla, etc. In the end, all of this would depend upon you. If you study well and maintain a decent academic record throughout your course, then surely you would get a job via on-campus recruitment drives of the institute. Additionally, you can also apply to some core companies through off-campus recruitment drives.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is biotechnology department of Heritage Institution of Technology in terms of facilities quality management and placements compared to the other branches like CSE and ECE?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 17 Sept 21

Ans. The faculty and the labs are excellent at Biotechnology Department. Placements are also good. You will find many students in this department who are really very serious and good in studies ie. better than many students of ECE and CSE.  Most probably the all-department topper in our first semester was from the Biotech department. You may take it if you are interested in this subject.  Parameters Heritage Institute of Technology, Kolkata Tuition Fees 4.04 lakhs Placement Percentage 70-80 % Highest Package 12 LPA Average Package 5-6 LPA In Heritage, placement means getting placed in the IT sector doesn't matter of any branch. Other branches can't be compared with others, as every branch has its own requirements.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is Vignan University, Guntur a good college for a B.Tech in bioinformatics or a B.Tech in biotech? How good are the placements and scope for higher studies abroad?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 09 Sept 21

Ans. All the private universities in India, except maybe 2–3, are trying their level best to establish themselves and Vignan is no exception. If you are considering joining the university then you should know the following.  Fees are high so plan well before joining. For a 4-year long B.Tech, the total course fee is around 9 lakhs.  Second, the syllabus keeps getting updated each year. This makes covering the syllabus, a bit tricky.  The same faculty will set the question paper so I think getting through with good grades won't be an issue. Finally, you should join biotech only if you wish to study MS abroad. Otherwise, don’t join the institute. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Will it be wise to join a B.Tech program in biotechnology at Karunya University?

● Top Answer By Aaditya Hari Nair on 08 Sept 21

Ans. As one of my friends studied B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Karunya University, I might not be able to tell you much about biotechnology, but can provide a general overview of the institute. The university is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and is surrounded by a lush green environment.  The university gives an option of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) which is a very good system to bring out individual talents.  Also, you will get lots of free time which you can use for pursuing your interests and hobbies.  The infrastructure is also quite good and there are a few good professors who are highly experienced. Placements are also good. CSE students received good job roles. But the Biotechnology placements may differ.  If you choose to become a residential student, you will get even more time.  Categories B.Tech in Biotechnology at Karunya University Course Fee 7.24 lakh Placement Percentage 60% Highest CTC 17 LPA Average CTC 4.3 LPA Median CTC 3.5 LPA If you have the determination and the motivation with a clear goal, then you can succeed at any university and not just at Karunya University.Read more
1 Answer


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