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DU LLB 2022 Practice Papers, Sample Papers, Question Papers, and Mock Tests

DU LLB 2022 Application Form is likely to be tentatively released in the 1st week of June, 2022. Eligible candidates will be able to register for the exams on the official website of Delhi University. DU LLB Exam Dates is expected to be released in the 3rd week of May, 2022 with the exam notification. 

  • However, candidates need to start preparing for DU LLB in advance due to the highly competitive nature of the exams.
  • As part of practicing for the exam, candidates should go through sample papers and try solving them. Hence, collegedunia provides you with a set of previous year papers that will help you get an idea of the paper. 

Check DU LLB 2022 Exam Pattern to get an idea about the layout of the test.

What makes DU LLB different?

  • This exam can be distinguished from other law entrance exams by Legal Awareness and Aptitude content in its pattern.
  • Though the section is complicated and has tricky questions which can be solved only if one has gone through previous years question papers. 

Check DU LLB 2022 Syllabus to get an idea about the kind of questions asked in DU LLB Entrance Exam. 

  • DU LLB sections like English, Analytical Ability and General knowledge will have been studied before by the candidates, however, Legal Awareness may be alien to the candidates and it must be familiarized with the help of DU LLB sample papers and practice papers.
  • To prepare for Legal Awareness section, candidates should go through legal books and practice using a lot of previous years’ question paper

Download links for the papers have been provided below. Candidates are advised to practice the papers on a repeated basis.

DU LLB Practise Papers

Paper Number Year Link
DU LLB 1 2018 Check Here
DU LLB 2 2017 Check Here
DU LLB 3 2016 Check Here
DU LLB 4 2015 Check Here

DU LLB 2022 Sample Papers FAQs

Q1. Is it necessary to solve sample papers for DU LLB?

It is absolutely necessary to solve sample papers for DU LLB. Solving papers while timing yourself will not only improve your timing but it will help improve your accuracy and confidence as well. 

Q2. How difficult were past papers of DU LLB?

DU LLB past papers were moderately difficult, with the questions from Legal Aptitude being the most difficult in comparison to other papers. Candidates are advised to practice a lot for the legal section

Q3. What is the fastest way to solve the DU LLB Entrance Exam?

The fastest way to solve the paper is through ample practise. Once you have enough practise, you have to solve easy questions first followed by difficult questions. 

Q4. How to quickly finish Reading Comprehension for DU LLB?

To quickly finish reading comprehension for DU LLB you have to improve your reading skills. Candidates should read the questions before reading the passage. 

Q5. How to build up legal awareness for DU LLB? 

The fastest way to improve legal awareness is by watching news from reputed channels and reading articles from reliable papers. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

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