TMU Moradabad Scholarships:

TMU, Moradabad provides Scholarship Programs under various categories such as described below:

Scholarship for Jain Students-

  • 40% relaxation in tuition fee in the first year
  • 20% of the tuition fee in each remaining year of the program
  • No scholarship is available for admission to MBBS, MD and MDS programs
  • Jain students can avail scholarship under either Jain Category or Non- Jain Category, whichever is higher

Scholarship for Non-Jain students-

  • It depends upon their merit results.
  • Students receive a scholarship at entry level, according to the rank holder in competitive exams and staff scholarships.


All the students are advised to visit the official website of the university or visit the university’s premises in person before applying to any of the above-mentioned Scholarship Programs.