MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Travel and Tourism Syllabus Course Structure and Books

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What is the MBA in Travel and Tourism Syllabus?

The MBA in Travel and Tourism syllabus is not only designed to teach basic aspects of travel studies, but also ensures to deliver the managerial knowledge involved in travel and tourism.

Along with theoretical aspects, an individual is also given market experience throughout the course duration to be industrial worthy and fit for the jobs in the travel and tourism sector. 

Communication Skills, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Policy and Law, Fundamentals of Tourism, Travel Patterns and Tourist Behavior, Business Communication and Personality Development, Destinations and destinations Development, etc are some of the major subjects taught in the MBA in Travel and Tourism colleges in India.

MBA in Travel and Tourism offers you a platform to learn administrative aptitudes, critical thinking, productive communication, and standards & practices required in the travel and hospitality divisions. After the successful completion of this course, graduates can also start their own travel-related entrepreneurial ventures.

What are the MBA in Travel and Tourism Subjects? 

What are the MBA in Travel and Tourism Subjects? 

Starting from basics of Tourism to managing Accounts and Finance, various subjects are taught to the aspirants throughout the 2 years. The subjects might vary from one college to another. 

Check out the table drawn below to know some of the major subjects taught and the topics covered.

Subjects  Topics Covered
Tourism Concepts and Linkage Development of Tourism Through Ages
Tourism Industry & Its Linkages and Travel
Behaviour Motivations
Tourism and Its Theories
Tourism Organizations
Principles of Management Functions of Management
Organizing & Directing
Motivation and Controlling.
Basics of Accounting and Finance Financial Accounting
Accounting Information
Financial Statement Analysis and Interpretation
Cost Accounting and Financial Management
Global Tourism Geography Introduction to Geography
IATA Areas, Code and GMT Time
North & South America, Europe & Africa and Asia & Australia
Organization Behaviour & Human Resource Management Concepts of Human Resource Management
Functions of HRM
Compensation Management
Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics
Travel Agency and Tour Operation Business Introduction to Travel Trade
Travel Agency Business Network
Anatomy of Tour
Setting up Travel Agency & Tour Operation Unit
Roles of Travel Trade Organizations and Functions of Travel Agency
International Tourism Global Tourism:Past, Present andFuture Trends
Tourism places of Asia and Tourism places of Europe
Tourism places in North and South America
Tourism places of Africa and Australia
Managerial Economics for Tourism Circular Flow of Economy
Demand & Supply
Production & Cost
Macro-Economic Impacts and Economic Transition
Tourism Marketing  Origin of Marketing
Relationship between Market and Consumer
P’s of Tourism Marketing
Marketing of Tourism Products and Marketing Skills for Tourism Business
Cultural Tourism Resources of India Indian Cultural History
Religions of India
Non-Material Cultural Heritage
Architectural Heritage and Museums and Art Galleries
Tourism Transportation Fundamentals of Transport
Road Transport and Air Transport
Basic Airfares & Ticketing and Water Transport Services
Hospitality, Hotel and Hoteliering Evolution of Hospitality Services
Types of Accommodation
Functions of Front Office Management
Functions of Housekeeping
Food and Beverage Services and Administration and Finance
Destination Planning and Management Concept of Destination Development
Tourism Policy
History of Initiatives for Tourism Planning
Fundamentals of Tourism Planning
Destination Promotion and Publicity

An individual will also have to opt for general electives and open electives during the course duration, and below are some of the common general and open electives available in this program.

General Electives  Open Electives
Heritage Conservation & Management Special Interest Tourism 
Aqua-based Adventures Tour Operation Management
Business Law & CSR Event Management 
Foreign Languages Cargo Management
Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development Air fares & Ticketing
- Logistics Management
MBA in Travel and Tourism Books 

MBA in Travel and Tourism Books 

Following are the popular books for MBA in Travel and Tourism that will help the students to have a better understanding of the subjects offered during the course tenure.

Books Authors
Tourism Principles & Practices S.K. & Mishra
Essentials of Management Koontz H. and Weihrich
Management Accounting Sharma R.K & Gupta
Human Resource Management Mirza, S.
Travel Agency Management Chand, M.
Tourism and Economic Development Cornell, S.E.
International Tourism Reisinger, Y.
Tourism Economics Mukhopadhayay, S.
MBA in Travel and Tourism: FAQs 

MBA in Travel and Tourism: FAQs 

Ques. What are the general electives in the MBA in Travel and Tourism syllabus?

Ans. Some of the general electives of the MBA in Travel and Tourism are Heritage Conservation & Management, Aqua-based Adventures, Business Law & CSR, Foreign Languages, Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development etc.

Ques. What are the open electives offered in the MBA in Travel and Tourism syllabus?

Ans.Some of the popular MBA in Travel and Tourism open electives are Special Interest Tourism, Tour Operation Management, Event Management, Cargo Management, Air fares & Ticketing and Logistics Management.

Ques.What is the assessment procedure in MBAin Travel and Tourism curriculum?

Ans. Students are evaluated for each paper on the basis of written examination and continuous internal assessments where each paper carries a maximum of 100 marks. They are also assessed on the basis of their submitted projects reports, viva and semester exams.

Ques. What are the subjects students are taught about in the MBA in Travel and Tourism syllabus?

Ans. Students are taught and delivered knowledge on Global Tourism Geography, Organization Behaviour &  Human Resource Management, Travel Agency and Tour Operation Business, International Tourism, Managerial Economics for Tourism, Cultural Tourism Resources of India, Tourism Transportation, Hospitality, Hotel and Hoteliering, Destination Planning and Management, etc.


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