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CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile analysis helps in getting an idea of the percentile equivalent of the scores obtained. CMAT Score refers to the total marks obtained in the exam. CMAT percentile shows a candidate’s relative score with respect to other qualified candidates.

CMAT 2022 Result has been released for the 51144 candidates who appeared for the exam. Unlike previous years, this year’s CMAT scorecard contains only the raw scores and AIR but not the percentile. So, it becomes crucial to understand CMAT score vs percentile vs rank to better interpret the result. CMAT score accepting colleges will soon start releasing their CMAT cut offs based on the scorecards. Check expected CMAT 2022 Cut off 

Based on CMAT rank, score, and percentile, candidates will be able to participate in CMAT 2022 Selection Process of more than 1000+ colleges for MBA/ PGDM admissions. As per trends, to get a 99+ percentile, you need a CMAT score around 340. Candidates must download their scorecards and then use CMAT 2022 College Predictor to predict the list of expected colleges. 

Read the complete article to know all about CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile vs Rank.

CMAT 2022: Rank vs Scores

As percentile has not been released this year, given below is the analysis of CMAT 2022 rank vs marks based on the data recieved from the test-takers:

CMAT Ranks Range of CMAT Score
1 to 100
100 to 1000
1001 to 5000
5000 and above
239 and below

What is CMAT Score?

What is CMAT Score?

The marks obtained by the candidates on the basis of the prescribed marking scheme are called CMAT scores. In other words, it is the sum total of marks obtained by the candidates in all four sections of CMAT 2022 exam. To calculate the CMAT score, candidates can follow the below-mentioned process:

  • CMAT Question Paper comprises 100 questions divided into 5 sections. The total time duration is 3 hours. 
  • Four marks are awarded for each question. 
  • For each wrong or incorrect answer, one mark is deducted
  • For unanswered questions, marks are neither awarded nor deducted
  • The total score is calculated by totaling the marks as per the number of questions answered.

Check CMAT Exam Pattern

CMAT Score Calculation

How to calculate CMAT Score?

Given below is a sample to calculate CMAT Score 2022:

Candidate Questions Answered Correct Answers Wrong Answers Marks for Correct Answers Marks for Wrong Answers CMAT Score
AA 100 75 25 75*4= 300 25*1= 25 300-25= 275
BB 88 80 8 80*4= 320 8*1= 8 320-8= 312

Any candidate can calculate his score as per this method. The sectional and overall score of the candidate is mentioned on CMAT 2022 Scorecard, which is available for download on the official website.

CMAT Percentile

What is CMAT Percentile?

The relative score which shows the percentage of candidates obtaining a lower score than a particular candidate is called the percentile in reference to CMAT. To put it differently, it is a measure of categorizing the candidates based on their performance. It shows the position obtained by candidates on the merit list.

Candidates must note that:

  • The percentile of the total score will not be the sum or average of the percentile of the individual subjects.
  • The percentile score will not be equal to the percentage of marks obtained.

Calculation of CMAT Percentile

The CMAT Percentile vs Score denotes the percentage of candidates that have scored equal to or below that particular CMAT percentile in the examination. Therefore the highest score taker of each session will get the same CMAT percentile of 100. The marks obtained in between the lowest and highest scores are also converted to appropriate CMAT percentiles.

Percentile scores are calculated up to 7 decimal places to avoid the bunching effect and reduce ties. The CMAT percentile score of a candidate is calculated on the basis of CMAT Score using the given formula:

Total Percentile (TP1) = 100 x (No. of candidates who appeared from the session with raw score EQUAL TO or LESS than T1 score/ Total No. of candidates who appeared in the session). However, The committee also has a proper formula to calculate the candidates’ percentile, which is: P=( 1 - All India rank( No. of candidates in that subject) x 100

An easy way for students to calculate their percentile on the basis of rank is by following the below-mentioned formula:

P= 100*{(Total number of candidates who appear for the exam – rank obtained)/Total number of candidates who appeared for the exam}. Perhaps, if there are around 10,000 candidates who appear for CMAT 2022 exam and one of the candidates secures 8th rank. Then his or her CMAT percentile will be

P = 10000-8/10000*100

The calculation brings us to 99.92. This means that his or her CMAT percentile of the exam will be 99.92. As you can see, percentiles of all the candidates will and are calculated in this way, using just this formula.

CMAT 2021 Score Vs Percentile

CMAT 2022 Score Vs Percentile

NTA may release CMAT merit list this year as the scorecard does not mention the percentile. The detailed analysis of CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile will be released after the release of CMAT Merit list. However, based on expert analysis of the past few years’ CMAT Score vs Percentile, given below is the expected CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile for your reference:

CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile(Expected)

CMAT 2022 Percentile CMAT 2022 Score 
100 345 – 359
90 – 99.99 296 – 344
80 – 89 230 – 295
71 – 79 181 – 229
61 – 70 131 – 175
51 – 60 115 – 129
50 and below Below 114

CMAT Score vs Percentile 2020

Find below the CMAT Score vs Percentile analysis for 2020. 

CMAT 2020 Percentile CMAT Score 
100 347
99.99 342
95 – 99.90 251 – 341
90 – 94.99 232 – 250
89.99 231
85 – 89.99 216 – 230
80 – 84.99 204 – 215
75 – 79.99 192 – 203
70 – 74.99 180 – 191
65 – 69.99 172 – 179
60 – 64.99 160 – 171
Rank Allocation Process

CMAT Rank Allocation Process

CMAT rank is decided on the basis of the candidate’s overall marks. But, there is a possibility that more than one candidate gets the same marks, then, In that case, the rank is allocated on the basis of the below-mentioned criteria:

  • In the case of a tie, ranking is based on the sectional scores as per the defined preference order.
  • The order of preference given to sections is:

                                       Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation > Logical Reasoning > Language Comprehension > General Awareness>Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

           So firstly, the scores in the section of Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation will be compared. Candidates with more marks in this section will be given preference. If the marks in this section are equal, then the candidate scoring more in the logical reasoning section will be preferred over other the candidate. This process will continue till the Innovation and Entrepreneurship section.

  • At last, if no conclusion can be drawn from the above method, then candidates with lesser negative marks or who are older in age will be given preference.

So, if one goes on to calculate the CMAT score, it is crucial to keep the above-mentioned points in mind. The All India Rank mentioned on the CMAT Merit List will be based on all these factors.

Know CMAT Toppers

Institutes accepting CMAT Scores

Institutes accepting CMAT 2022 Scores

Given below is the list of top colleges accepting CMAT 2022 Scores:

Read about CMAT 2022 Selection Process

CMAT Score Vs Percentile FAQs

CMAT 2022 Score Vs Percentile FAQs

Ques. What is the tie-breaking rule in CMAT 2022?

Ans. In case of 2 or more candidates having the same score, the tie-breaking rule will be applied for ranking. The ranking will then be done based on the sectional scores obtained in the following order of priority:

  • Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ques. How is CMAT Score Calculated?

Ans. CMAT score is calculated as per the marking scheme –

  • 4 marks are given for every correct answer
  • 1 mark is deducted for every incorrect answer

Ques. How is CMAT Rank allotted to the candidates?

Ans. NTA determines the national merit rank of the candidates based on the overall score of the candidates. In case of a tie, sectional scores are taken into account. CMAT 2022 rank obtained by the candidates is mentioned on their scorecard.

Ques. Is there any negative marking in CMAT?

Ans, The candidate will get -1 for every incorrect answer as defined by NTA. So, if you have attempted 80 questions and out of these 5 are incorrect, then your score will be 75x4 – (5x1), i.e 295.

Ques. Will NTA release sectional score and percentile of CMAT 2022?

Ans. NTA has released the sectional score of CMAT 2022 along with the ranks and overall scores in the scorecard. However, this year, the overall percentile is not mentioned in CMAT 2022 scorecard. NTA may release a separate national merit list containing the overall percentile, scores, and ranks of the candidates.

Ques. What is the validity of CMAT Score 2022 for MBA admission in colleges?

Ans. The validity of CMAT score is 1 year. CMAT 2022 Score is valid for MBA admission in the academic session 2022-23 only. If you are unable to take admission in this year, then you will have to retake CMAT exam in the coming years.

Ques. What score is required to get a 99+ percentile in CMAT exam?

Ans. Based on the analysis of previous year CMAT score vs percentile, you need to score above 320 to get a 99+ percentile in CMAT exam.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, please refer the official website of the exam.


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