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The city of Bangalore has been famous for Top Engineering Colleges in India whether it is B.Tech colleges or Top M.Tech colleges in India. There are a total of 174 M.Tech colleges in Karnataka out of which 78 M.Tech colleges are in Bangalore only. Of these 78 M.Tech colleges, 63 are private and 15 are public M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore. 

  • All the colleges offer full-time courses and 1 college Amrita School of Engineering offers part-time courses as well.
  • Entrance exams such as Karnataka PGCET, GATE, GAT PGT, etc. are accepted by many of the colleges for admission into M.Tech colleges.
  • The average fee per year of all the colleges lies between INR 1 to 3 lakhs
  • Colleges such as MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, RV College of Engineering, Oxford College of Engineering are some of the top M.Tech colleges in Bangalore with rankings in NIRF, The Outlook India, The Week, etc.
  • Companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, Texas Instrument, Microsoft, etc come to the colleges for placement.
  • The average placement package received by students lies between INR 3 to 5 lakhs.

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Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: Ranking

Rankings are used to categorize the top best colleges based on different criteria followed by different agencies such as perception, academics, faculty, courses, performance, placements etc. Agencies such as The Week, Outlook India, NIRF, Times Engineering, Jagran Josh, etc. release these rankings every year based on the disciplines and overall performances. Given below are some of the rankings of top M.Tech colleges in Bangalore.

Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: NIRF

National Institutional Ranking Framework or commonly known as NIRF is a government-run ranking agency by MHRD, Govt. of India. It releases the ranking report of the top colleges in India on the basis of various parameters. Given below is a chart of the parameters NIRF takes into consideration when ranking universities and colleges:

NIRF Parameters and their weightage

nirf ranking
Name of College All India Rank 2019 All India Rank 2018 Change Annual Fee
R.V College of Engineering 63 58 -5 INR 37,700
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology 64 60 -4 INR1,28,780
International Institute of Information Technology 65 - - INR 2,68,000
B.M.S. College of Engineering 69 67 -2 INR 64,390
New Horizon College of Engineering 106 99 -7 INR 64,390
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering 127 101-150 - INR 2,92,720
NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology 142 100 -42 INR 95,390
PES University 149 87 -62 INR 1,70,000
BNM Institute of Technology 156 151-200 - INR 95,390
BMS Institute of Technology and Management 157 101-150 - -

According to the released rankings, there is a drop in the rankings of all the colleges stated.

  • R V College of Engineering is at the topmost colleges in Bangalore with a rank of 63 in India. However, it has seen a drop since 2018 by 5 places
  • M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology follows at the rank of 64 after R V College of Engineering.

Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: Outlook India

The outlook is an Indian news magazine published weekly in the country. It releases a ranking report in partnership with Drshti Strategic Research Services to help the candidates make an informed choice. The following table shows the ranking of the top M.Tech colleges in India as per Outlook India Rankings: 

Name of College All India Rank 2019 All India Rank 2018 Change Annual Fee
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology 25 20 -5 INR1,28,780
B.M.S. College of Engineering 40 46 +6 INR 64,390
BMS Institute of Technology and Management 51 43 -8 -
Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology 58 60 +2 INR 78,490
Oxford College of Engineering 66 67 +1 INR 75,000
MVJ College of Engineering 73 65 -8 INR 1,24,360
MS Engineering College 82 90 +8 INR 1,70,000
HKBK College of Engineering 91 - - INR 1,85,000
RajaRajeswari college of engineering 142 - - INR 64,390
NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology 150 151 +1 INR 95,390
  • M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology is the top college of Bangalore with a rank of 25 all over India
  • According to the Outlook India rankings, 5 colleges have seen a rise in rankings while 3 have seen a drop in their ranking
  • BMS College of Engineering has increased rank by 6 positions while Oxford College of Engineering has raised a rank by 1 position
  • BMS Institute of Technology and Management and MVJ College of Engineering have seen a drop in the ranking by 8 positions each.

Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: The Week

Every year, the Week releases a comprehensive list of Top M.Tech Colleges in India and the subsection of it contains state wise ranking as well. This is a collective survey of colleges, and the ranking is based upon the various facets of a globally appealing Business School. 

The survey is evaluated by 175 academic experts, 410 current students, 460 aspiring students and 75 recruiters from 23 Indian cities. 

Name of College All India Rank 2019 All India Rank 2018 Change Annual Fee
B.M.S. College of Engineering 33 46 +13 INR 64,390
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology 43 58 +15 INR 1,28,780
Bangalore Institute of Technology 52 73 +21 INR 64,390
Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology 70 82 +12 INR 78,490
Sambhram Institute of Technology 117 - - -
NITTE Meenakshi Institute of Technology 150 151 +1 INR 95,390

Six M.Tech colleges of Bangalore have made it to the rankings in the Week.

  • According to the rankings, all the colleges have increased in their rankings.
  • Bangalore Institute of Technology has moved up by 21 positions and now holds the rank of 52

Top Private M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: Return on Investment (ROI)

Return of Investment states the ratio of the placement packages offered by the colleges to the fees the students who have to pay. This, in turn, shows whether the course in that college is useful and a safe investment for better placement opportunities.

Name of College Annual Fee Placement Package Rank
R.V College of Engineering INR 37,700 INR 8,63,000 1
MVJ College of Engineering INR 1,24,360 INR 8,40,000 2
M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology INR 1,28,780 INR 7,66,000 3
Sir M Visvesvaraya Institute Of Technology INR 78,490 INR 4,60,000 4
Cambridge Institute of Technology INR 1,00,000 INR 5,50,000 5
School of Engineering and Technology INR 85,000 INR 4,24,000 6
Jyothy Institute of Technology INR 64,000 INR 3,00,000 7
HKBK College of Engineering INR 1,85,000 INR 4,20,000 8
Alliance College of Engineering and Design INR 1,50,000 INR 3,40,000 9
Global Academy of Technology INR 2,00,000 INR 4,53,000 10

Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: Admission Process

There are a total of 78 colleges in Bangalore out of which 63 are of the private sector and 13 belong to the public sector.

public/private colleges in bangalore

Given below is a list of entrance exams which are accepted by the top M.Tech colleges in Bangalore

Name of Entrance exam Number of colleges
Karnataka PGCET 49
Jain Entrance Test 1

Given below are some of the colleges in Bangalore that offer admissions into M.Tech courses

There are a number of Colleges in Bangalore offering the M.Tech course. Here we are describing the list of some of the Best Colleges in Bangalore.

List of Top 5 M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore are:

  • IISc Bangalore
  • RV College of Engineering
  • PESU Bangalore
  • BIT Bangalore
  • Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • Jain University

R V College of Engineering

RV College of Engineering was established in 1963 and is a self- financing institute. Rashtriya Sikshana Samithi Trust (RSST) is a not for profit trust which runs the institute along over 25 other institutes

  • According to NIRF Ranking RV College of Engineering ranks 63 all over India as one of the top colleges.
  • For entrance exams, the college accepts GATE as well as PGCET. However, for those who do not give either of the tests, the college holds a separate entrance test.
  • RV College of Engineering has an average placement of INR 8.63 lakhs and its annual fee is INR 37,700. This makes it one of the best colleges in terms if the placement.

IISc Bangalore

The Indian Institute of Science was set up by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata in the late 1800s. The institute has over 40 departments in 6 divisions; chemical sciences, biological sciences, mathematical sciences, etc.

  • According to Times Higher Education, the college has been ranked 95 out of the participating 800.
  • IISc Bangalore accepts GATE scores for entrance into M.Tech courses
  • The average placement package of the institute is INR 14 lakhs while the highest packages go as much as INR 40 lakhs
  • Companies such as Broadcom, Texas Instrument, Flipkart, Xerox, etc. come to the institute for placement.

Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: Entrance Exam wise

Entrance exams are accepted by colleges and institutes in order to give admission into the M.Tech courses. Without the entrance exam results, students are not considered eligible for admissions in most colleges. Entrance exams such as Karnataka PGCET, GATE, DSAT, etc. are accepted by the colleges.

Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: accepting GATE score

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination for students applying to undergraduate and postgraduate studies in science and M.Tech.

  • GATE is conducted by IISc Bangalore and 7 Indian Institutes of Technology.
  • It is required for admission into masters and doctoral programs in engineering/ technology.
  • It is conducted in a computer-based mode
  • The GATE exam is conducted for 25 subjects.
  • The GATE result is valid for three years from the time of result
  • 38 institutes of M.Tech in Bangalore accept the GATE score.

Some of the colleges accepting GATE in Bangalore are 

  • Indian Institute of Science
  • RV College of Engineering
  • PES University
  • Ramaiah Institute of Technology

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Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: Placement wise

The placements offered by companies are a major factor in deciding which college is the best one. The companies, the package offered, the interview and many other things are what ultimately decided the package a student might receive during the placement.

  • RV College of Engineering and Ramaiah Institute of Technology both have the highest pay packages at 50 lakhs INR each.
  • Indian Institute of Science offers an average placement package of INR 15 lakhs and highest placement package of INR 40 lakhs.
  • Companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, texas instrument, Microsoft, etc. come to the campuses for placement

Below graph represents the average placement CTC of Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore

Average CTC of Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore

Source: Official Survey

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Top M.Tech Colleges in Bangalore: FAQs

Ques. How do you get admissions into IIT Bangalore?

Ans. To get admissions into IIT Bangalore you must check the eligibility criteria; the basic requirement would be to have cleared GATE and made the cut- off, the entrance exam to be considered for the admission.

Ques. Which are the top M.Tech colleges in Bangalore?

Ans. Given is a list of the top M.Tech colleges in Bangalore

  • MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • RV College of Engineering
  • New Horizon College of Engineering
  • Alpha College of Engineering

Ques. Is RV College of Engineering a government or private college?

Ans. Rashtriya Vidyalaya College of Engineering is a private technical co-educational college.

Ques. Which is the best college for M.Tech in terms of placement?

Ans. Indian Institute of Science is one of the best colleges in terms of placement with an average placement package of INR 15 lakhs.


6.0 /10

Campus Life :

Cultura is the annual fest that takes place in the college every year. this year it was grand it had a lot of sponsorship so this year it was fantastic , it is usually conducted in march library is only one in basic science branch which is bad every branch should have there own library and at a time only two books is allowed which is also less classrooms are good sports and extra curricular activities are there only if you have prior knowledge in that field no body is going to tech you . many clubs are there but u may not know for example rise club, dsc club, well being club

Course Curriculum Overview :

I choose this course BECAUSE of my personal interest in coding. Faculty to teacher ratio is up to the mark. But yes some very worst teacher including hod is also there.Many faculty having high qualification are there but only some knows to teach properly. And you will be having 3 Iat as per vtu Syllabus and it is from what is taught so its easy.but you might find question difference in main exam.

Placement Experience :

from third year you can get job if you are eligible many companies visit the campus and every year they change also some companies who visits are capgemini sap lab concentrix Pwc ac whitehat jr. tata sometimes dell and other famous companies also come about 70% get placement before lockdown but after the corona lockdown we can't say. my plan is to go for a job right now.

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9.0 /10

Campus Life :

It's an awesome place to unit with friends and other students. They conduct fest which is a platform to celebrate the cultural and learn the skills to organize, interact with others and enjoy with friends. There is sports day conducted between inter level.

Course Curriculum Overview :

I have an wonderful teaching staff, who are having diverse knowledge to teach students. Who are always enthusiastic and ready to teach the students, and reach out in each way possible and support the students in the best way.

Placement Experience :

Students become eligible once they clear all the exams from 5th sem and related TYL training. They would provide internship opportunities turn into employment, and they try their best to get the best IT companies in campus.

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8.0 /10

Campus Life :

The life at the campus is pretty cool, they provide a lot of facilities like a library which is opened from 7am to 9pm, students get the opportunity to play both indoor and outdoor games. There is a huge cafeteria where students prefer to hang out most of their time. The college conducts a lot of cultural and circular activities including an annual fest "CULTURA" which brings the whole campus together.

Placement Experience :

A separate Training and placement wing exists for outgoing students for placements and higher education, along with soft skills training & entrepreneur development training. The first batch of outgoing students has already been placed in organizations such as Koch, EY, Whitehatjr, etc and the college has a decent placement record with a good package.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It was great being a part of CMRIT, the course really helped in improving presentation skills, communication, and analytical skill, etc. Also, the faculty members have a good amount of knowledge which helped us to grow as an individual.

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